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The multitude of fashion and music lovers who flocked to the Fredash International Annual Fashion Avenue (FIAFA) 2013 at Hotel Residence Carlos on April 13th were enthused with the trail of activities. The event which rallied a great number of  local and international fashion designers and models was glamorous , alluring, stylish and full of pageantry. Models from Fredash Modeling Agency thrilled the audience with catwalks on the run-way, exhibiting an avalanche of  classy designs while guest acts ; Steveslil, LOL, Askia, Melcube and Makon spiced it all with stunning performances.The organizer Nemfor Alfred (Fredash) remains positive and promises to create a remarkable impact in the fashion industry.

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/>Famed Cameroonian comedian Dave K. Moktoï known for speaking French with an American accent has announced a come-back show to take place on November 18,2012 at the Hilton Hotel in Yaounde. The comic made this known yesterday the 25th during his stopover on CRTV”s morning show Hello. After a decade long absence from Cameroon, the comedian promises a hilarious communion with his fans since he left for the U.S. Fans should be prepared for a stand-up kind of comedy instead of the short plays he was most famous for while in Cameroon. It”s a new look Dave K. as he dons a dread-like hairdo. Interested persons should know that his comedy isn”t cheap and should prepare FCFA 10,000 for an entry. Now that”s not funny, is it? lol

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Although Cameroonian comedy has not yet exploded, a few comedians have given it visibility and credibility. Below is a list of our top five comedians. Apart from their ability to draw laughs from crowds, their appeal to all Cameroonians, recognisability, consistency and overall repertoire are the criteria that have been used to come up with this list. So here we go.

5: Valery Ndongo. Since coming on to the scene, the young comic has been busy doing performances. His strength lies in stand-up comedy although he has recently branched into music releasing a hilarious parody-tone track titled “Touche pas mon manioc“. He has created an association called Africa Stand up and hosts with friend Major Assé a stand up comedy show on T.V. However his art just like him is still young so he is the Benjamin of the list.

4: Kouakam Narcisse can be rightly described as a veteran when Cameroonian comedy is concerned. From sketches to stand-up comedy, the man has done it all. In the early 90s, he was arguably the king but in recent times he seems to be in hibernation, doing little events and no major stage performances. However his body of work still makes him relevant today.

3: Tagne Kondom: The comic has been around for a while performing sketches and attempting stand-up comedy. Despite his talent he has grown to be known more as Fingon’s sidekick. It is very difficult to picture him as his own man but at least he can be pictured and glaringly. This leaves him in 3rd position right behind his constant associate.

ft size-full wp-image-11880″ title=”Fingon-Tralala” src=”” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”225″ />2: Fingon Tralala: Nobody can talk of Cameroonian comedy in recent years without mentioning his name. From sketches to musical parodies and T.V. shows, the guy has been there and done that. His repertoire is so impressive that nobody can laugh at it. Everybody knows his characters like Doctor Agus. However despite the immensity of his talent, the guy has in recent years not kept up the tempo. His most recent jokes are not as funny as before. He has equally disappeared from the comedy scene. However he was on Jambo T.V. recently to present his latest series of short comic films about the Lions. It is for this and only this that he is not at the top of the list.

1: Major Assé: It is true that the guy just burst unto the scene but what an entrance. His style is unique and he has been lining up shows and performances like none other. For the short time he has been around he has succeeded in making himself a fixture on the comedy scene. This impressive entrance, unique brand of comedy and consistency are what have put him at the top of the pile. In 2007 , he won an African award for comedy, in 2009, he won the award for best comedian at the Canal d'Or. With his colleague Valery Ndongo, he hosts the Stand up Night Show on Canal 2. Recent reports say he is about to start workshops to train up and coming talent, just what a guy at the top of his game will do. “La copine nationale” is the man to beat right now when comedy in Cameroon is concerned.

If this list had to be made any longer guys like Houga, Big Mami, Djoudjo Kalaba, Ntu Finger and duo Sparko/Zachary could possibly make the cut.


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Emmanuel Mbamu struggles with guilt and hopelessness when he visits his polygamous family in Buruku, Cameroon. His father’s fifteen wives and 41 children barely survive as they seek out a living in the village. Emmanuel wins a scholarship to study in the US, but when his father dies, he must support the family. Working with Jean Pierre, a close family friend, Emmanuel is put in contact with corrupt local officials who help to get him to the US early so he can work illegally and send money home. The deal sours as his local sponsor begins pressurizing Emmanuel for sex and threatening . Scared , Emmanuel hides as university friends try to save him and clear up his immigration status. In a final confrontation with the traffickers, Emmanuel faces his own death and the possible collapse of his family.
Writer/Actor Nkanya Nkwai has brought together a production team to film this courageous story.  Using a cast and crew in both Denver, Colorado and Cameroon, Africa, Nkanya is making this a local community project as well as a an international one by using local high school students and professional crew to get the job completed.

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Alenne Menget

NexDim caught up with outstanding singer, journalist and film producer , Alenne Menget for an up and close interview about his career exploits, projects and his impression about the Cameroon Entertainment Industry. He divulges some untold realities about the game. Follow !

Hello. How are you doing?

I am fine.Thank you.

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Alenne Ndifor  – Mbum Menget.I am the owner of the ATS Production of Ancien Immeuble ELF in Akwa Douala. I am a journalist by training , an audio visual producer by learning ,a singer by talent with plenty gift of the gab.

You have enormously achieved success in the entertainment industry after creating a niche. How did it all start?

Well ,it all started when I discovered pretty young that I was not like the other kids’ who could score a goal in the football field but no one will sing or rap like me.I think I was better than Tupac Shakur. .My late Papa John, came from England once with a piano gift for me. That was the beginning. I almost stopped school to become Michael Jackson. Then I created the ATS band. (Alenne Too Strong Band).I did my first concert at 15 with a live band at the cultural center now British Council library in Bamenda.It was sponsored by John , my late papi. I remember the songs I sang with Chegang  (Daddy Cool) who is now a famous actor in Nigeria now called Bari Luke.We sang my songs like (Give your mami and get some moni), I no bi know say, I no got no place to go, and many others. That was the only concert  by our age in that hall at the time. Early 90s. When the Sienis moved to Bamenda from Limbe, they were good and so we formed the Alensien band with a certain Miss Bright who left for the USA soon after. AlenSein simply meant, Alenne and the Sienis.The Seinis were brothers; Taboh and Tiencho Sieni.We did songs like  ‘Please let me what to do, boom,boom,boom, hussy woman and many others which were big hits.We didn’t do an album though but we had records and sang across B town (Bamenda town).The Sienis too left for the USA. I did another band, an acapella band this time in my boarding school, PHS Batibo.”The Sound Drops” was a pure gospel band. As I grew, I had developed animation skills while I practiced to talk preparing for future interviews when I would become the musical star.I finally became the best animator of the time. I think am still the best. I had wanted to drop from school to be that singer and animator I had become. Before 18, I was talking on CRTV Bamenda. Not to long I ran the most important animation programme of that station when Divine Nchamokong moved to the USA. ”The North West Family Show” was in my hands. My mother insisted I wouldn’t drop school and that’s how I found myself in the University of Buea. I didn’t read journalisism, I read history.I am the person who started most of the private Radio stations in the English speaking Cameroon ,even before I left the university.I did  Afrique Nouvelle and the Abakwa Fm in Bamenda. I wrote the project and gave birth to the Ocean City Radio of Limbe that hit the charts in the country at the time. When I was in the university ,I was the manager of the one and only band in the South West; the Black and White Night club band. I moved to Bamenda and pushed Charley Dallars in doing the biggest band there till date;  The Dallars band.It was the first in town too. I actually drove with him to Dschang to bring the first musician we played together. So, I went to Kumba and did the Lake Site Radio for Dr Dewah, put on the Mbonge Community Radio as a project and the DBS TV. I am one of the brains and the first Editor in chief there. Today, I run all these in the ATS productions. 

A Stella Damasus make-up

My inspiration has practically been God’s gift. It’s talent but society has influenced me alot . I have picked up inspiration from wrong things that happen in our society ; Discrimination, poverty, suffering, excitement, jealousy and many more. My main human inspiration was John, my father who had graduated and thought drama before I was even born. He died as the oldest Cameroonian actor November 2011. Missing him and trying to think of the thinks I would have done if he didn’t die is the biggest inspiration of my life now. One of the reasons am doing the things I can do now . So, I don’t regret when dying.

Can you divulge your secrets of being a refined journalist and impresario?

It’s not a secret.I am creative and I see and learn the positive things in other people.My strongest secret is that I have  never been jealous of anybody. I let the young grow. May be because am gifted in a lot of things. I am also hard-working, prompt, I read and watch alot and most importantly I like doing what I create than imitating some one else.So my secret is just being unique too and no one knows what Alenne will do next.

What’s your technique in sustaining pure and strong vocals?

Vocals ! hahaha. I have worked that since I was young. From the rap of those day, through the R&B of the hind days and the era of jazz, I have worked my vocals. In the toilet , down at the farm I have sang and talked alone. God gave me the talent.

We have watched you play several roles in movies. Which projects have you been involved in so far?

I have been involved in quite a few movie projects but I was the protagonist of the first ever Nigeria-Cameroon joined venture, (The sacrament). Am not too proud about the other I have done but for the recent one , I took a Cameroonian role with Stella Damascus and another with Jim Iyke. I don’t know the names of the movies. The one I wrote, produced and directed myself is the only Cameroonian English comedy film, ‘The Return to Batibo”. I am almost losing rights over it because someone in the United States wants it all. Everybody who has watched it wants another person to watch it. Thank God the people I want to watch are watching it.

Jim and Alenne Menget

What has destroyed the entertainment industry in Cameroon is the first people who were trying to run  and manage it. They were very courageous to start it but extremely limited, untalented, foolish and even wicked if we take some cases. There is no vision or plan but excitement, back stabbing, witch hunting , greed and even corruption and theft. Cameroon has no name abroad because money for entertainers from abroad never got to entertainers through them. The embassies are going  mad with the entertainment industry ,especially Anglophones, because Visas taken for entertainers  by them was used to send non-entertainers abroad and most of them never came back. The Ministry of Culture doesn’t want to hear anything about entertainment because ,they have been there and lied many times ,taken money for issues and never went back to give a report. Producers get arrogant to actors, treat their stars like beggers, gossips , desperate actions ,immaturity , disorganisation , it’s just sham bus. There are so many talents in Cameroon . I went to Buea after along time two months ago,I saw alot of talents .I was in Bamenda, the same, but those of Buea don’t know those of Bamenda , Kumba ,Limbe and Yaounde. Everybody just wants to be noticed, even the man behind the camera.The driver too for a film project wants to act a role. Almost everybody in Buea is a star, talented or not talented.We need wise people at the head.People that can respond intellectually and responsibly.People with personality and talent.

With the infiltration of Nigerian music and movies in our Cameroonian markets, how can we convince Cameroonians to prefer consuming their products?

This is the most important question sir. How do you want Cameroonians to consume Cameroon movies or music when Cameroonian entertainers only do Nigerian sort of entertainment? Our songs are Nigerian beats and we sing in their ascent. We talk in movies like Ibos and Yorubas and call our chiefs Igwe. Nigerian film actors do the main roles in our movies and when they come we start disrespecting each other to entertain them. When even the editing of our films and music are done by them. You would be shocked with what happens when foreign starts come to get roles in our movies. Even Nigerian stars who can’t spell their name well are being rushed on like Micheal Jackon is back by Cameroonians that I consider more talented. Come and see the arrogance that these foreign stars use in treating our own very talented stars because of the chocolate treatment. Cameroonian stars work for foreign actors and producers for free and tire down local producers. And by night time, everyone is on Facebook with a brand new picture posing. Stars or entertainers don’t act cheap people. If on set you don’t go close to them and do your job well, they will look for means to come to you. But if you go desperately to them, they will minimise you and the stupid ones will even insult you.

What’s your impression about piracy?

Piracy, piracy, piracy…hahaha, it’s a whole lecture and it depends on the stage of the artist in our local context. Piracy does make entertainers popular but when they get popular, they should look for a solution against. Again it’s a long talk.

What are the personal projects you hope to initiate in the future?

I am at a very high Spirit at the moment. I am still working on documentaries. I have more than 100 documentaries in the market and customers home and abroad. You may visit the following YouTube channel to watch some. .Working on my first album. It’s gospel jazz. I have engaged with the talented M1 studio in Buea for recording .We are working with four awesome ,intelligent and beautiful girls for a major talk show that we will have a  first season on TV soon, A new movie is on its way ,The University  lecturers , a movie on the unification of Cameroon and a soap opera. I am also thinking of a TV and Radio station.

What do you plan to contribute in the growth of the entertainment industry in Cameroon?

My plans for the Cameroon entertainment industry are plans I have for the ATS Productions. Am not going out for any until proven matured, will go for other plans with people who share my dreams and are focused.

Your involvement in the ‘’Fix It Show’’ contributed to give it colour and grandeur. What’s the plan for the future?

Well, the ‘Fix It Show” was a good eye opener. I was actually called this morning by my childhood friend Sama Ndango for a meeting tomorrow. Remember ”Fix It” is his idea. He is someone that I respect alot. He does what he says he will do. So I am sure we will be meeting soon again to try to fix things.

How do you cope with hysteria from fans?

I am an extremely simple , so my fans have become my friends. That’s why it’s easy for me to do investigative journalism in my documentaries. I am also a very complicated person to those who are not simple. But I love fans who try to understand what I intend to bring out than those who just get excited  with the man they saw on TV. You know all stars are popular but I want to be the famous star and not the notorious star for my fans.

What do you do in your spare time?

There is no spare time at this level, man. All I do matter. I don’t go swimming, I don’t go clubbing. I had my time and I enjoyed my best. Today, I work. I can’t say singing or watching movies,because,all that to me is part of my work.

Are you married?

No, I am not married but i got a beautiful kid

What’s your favorite Cameroonian dish?

My favourite Cameroon dish varies with my appetite at that particular moment and I  go for it. I am not just simple in style . I don’t complicate my diet.

What’s your advice to upcoming entertainers?

Entertainers, you have got to work hard .Then, most importantly, learn to manage your talent. Try to distinguish between getting notorious and famous because a majority of you are notorious. Quit if you discover it’s not going and try something else. It is very difficult to put bread on your table in this business in our country.

Do you visit What’s your appraisal?

I do visit you some of the times and like many say, you are good. Keep up but work harder.

It is a pleasure having on


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The official launch party of NEXDIM’s 100% CAMEROON ENTERTAINMENT DVD has been scheduled to take place in August 2012 at Hotel Residence Carlos, Buea. NexDim,  as a front line Cameroonian entertainment promotion, marketing and TV content development agency shall be releasing a 100% CAMEROON ENTERTAINMENT DVD package which will have as content High definition interviews of Cameroonian celebrities in the spheres of music, fashion and cinema dubbed ”THE NEXDIM SHOW” , as well as top quality Cameroonian urban music videos by Dr Sley, Jovi, Steveslil, Adah, Xcellent,Rough Kumbaboy, Magasco, Dencia,Achalle,Damien Blue,MD Tha Rap Monsta etc. This first season shall be circulated FREE !! with a  focal objective to promote the entertainment industry through home viewing.

We shall therefore be honored to have your collaboration and presence at the event . The date shall be communicated as soon as possible. Special thanks to our partners Adrenaline Studios, SMK and the entire NEXDIM crew for working tirelessly to realize this project.

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As a build-up to the Cameroon Entertainment Award, the CEA is making public the decision to recognize the following Cameroonians with honorary awards – Samuel Eto’o Fils (footballer), Roger Milla (former football and Roving Ambassador), Manu Dibango (musician), Richard Bona (musician), Angelle Kwemo, Legislative Counsel to US Congressman Bobby L. Rush, Dr Fobi (Batriatic Surgeon), Les Nubians (musicians), Dr David Makongo (Legal expert and transcontinental business promoter), Nganje Kinge Monono (UN staff).The honorary award is not a contested category but meant to pay tribute to people who have given much to their country through their skills, works, etc.
Samuel Eto’o : Outstanding Cameroonian in sports for the decade
It’s hard to stay mute on a glaringly outstanding performance in a game, often referred to as ‘king sports’. To say Cameroonians’ love for football has grown ten folds within the last decade, thanks to Eto’o is no exaggeration. His captivating play style and extra-ordinary scoring ability both in the national team and at club level quickly caught the attention of the world. But shining and distinguishing himself amongst some of the finest footballers of all times has made his story even more palatable.
It would be difficult to forget the joy Eto’o brought to your country after scoring those beautiful goals that fetched Cameroon trophies such as the African Cup of Nations consecutively in 2000 and 2002 and the football Gold Medal at the Sydney Olympic Games.
It’s really so hard to forget the warmth he placed on the hearts of millions of Cameroonian football lovers each time you brought them together to savour his European Champions League show.
That his show has been an endless inspiration to scores of Cameroonian children who would press their fingers on the table to become football icons like Eto’o is something to write home about. That Cameroon has remained in the limelight of this prestigious game and will always be glorified via his performance is something to be proud about. Perhaps, his largesse and humanitarian projects have made Eto’o a complete and accomplished celebrity. These and more are the whys Cameroon Entertainment Awards is recognizing him on this special day.
Roger Milla: Lifetime achievement in sports Read More

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Ngwane Hansel is a renowned English-speaking comedian, whose works has earned him a solid reputation amongst fans of Intellectual Comedy. He is a holder of a Bachelor´s Degree in Political Science from the University of Buea, Cameroon, while honing his talents in English comedy. 1st of a family of 5, he grew up mostly in Buea  where he was inspired by legends like Chris Rock, Bill Cosby, Katt Williams, Steve Harvey and Eddie Griffin. He is the son of renowned Pan Africanist, Mwalimu George Ngwane and of Mrs Ngwane Jaqueline. He currently works for Hitv as a broadcaster and Tv presenter of his widely acclaimed comedy show, The Meet Hansel Show. His latest work includes his standup comedy special performance entitled ” It´s About time”.

Visit his blog :
Contact: +237 7970 9472

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Its an all brand nu weekend and here is our privileged Star of the Week in no other personality than the host of  Crystal Beauty Show. She is a Cameroonian by nationality, was born in Douala and raised in Bamenda and presently resides in Boston, USA. As an only child to a single mum, we bring more insights into how she came about the show and what the show is all about.


Nexdim: What’s  the show all about?

Crys: Well the show is about everything, actually I talk about fashion, movies, music and I also do adverts and promos on the show. Viewers email me questions about relationships or whatever and I answer them on the show, I  do interviews as well. So its really about what the viewers want you to be.

Nexdim: How did the conception come to finally be a reality?

Crys: Well it started off as a joke really when I look back its really funnny….it started on valentines day 2011 when my friend Frank called me up and told me to tune on the radio that he has a surprise for me, when  I did, he had dedicated a song for me so I asked him how he got in touch with the radio and he said he and his friends created it so I asked to be a webcaster and they accepted.                                                                           So I have been on the radio for sometime until I got a good fan base then I thought to myself  I have always wanted to be an actress why cant I  make this radio show a video show… from then I started off just doing random videos and got alot of positive feedback from it, so decided to start taking it seriously and here  I am now.

Nexdim: You keep talking about the radio, which radio station was that?

Crys: The radio was naijaradio234 but the name was changed this year to triodebox I still host the radio show on Thursdays.

Nexdim: Thanks for your time

Crys: You welcome anytime

Nexdim brings you Episodes 1 & 2 of the Crystal Beauty Show season 1




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A brand new platform has been created for those  who think they have the comic gene in them.“Take your mic” is expected to be a breeding ground and launchpad for Cameroon’s future funny men and women. If you’re in Yaounde and believe you have the jokes to laugh your way into people’s hearts the place to go  every Wednesday as from 5 p.m is the 1111 Club in the Nguosso area, opposite Petrolex. Stop wasting your jokes on cliques,go for a real audience.

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