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Nexdim Entertainment is proud to present  a fresh edition of The NEXDIM SHOW . This edition features trendy news about Davido’s provocative statement about knowing just Stanley Enow and Eto’o in Cameroon,   The social media attack on Tzy Panchak about his Honda jeep, The Mutzig Star controversy , Salatiel & Magasco’s new video, X Maleya’s brand new album release , Skidi Boy’s new clothing brand and more. You can subscribe on our YouTube channel @Nexdim TV and watch exclusive entertainment vibes every Mondays 6Pm.

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Ace blogger and fashion designer Reneta Ndisang caught up with influential TV host Miss P for an exclusive interview as she graces the cover of Tiny Gossip . Reneta delves into her career exploits, her relationship, beauty  and more intriguing issues. Quite imperative for you to check it out on TINY GOSSIP

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Hello Nexdimers,  watch the maiden edition of a brand new Television show dubbed “Discover Music ” with your eloquent and beauty-goddess JJ Nshom. The show delves into issues concerning our burgeoning music industry and exclusive interviews with artists and producers.  This is definitely a mind blowing show you shouldn’t miss. Unwind yourselves by watching !

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This week on Kandid With Kreef we have Camer’s own talk show host and entrepreneur Krystn Enem from The Krystn Enem Show.
StayTuned. Read On…
KREEF: Hello Miss Krystn Enem. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to interview you. How are you? Can I call you Krystn?

KRYSTN: The pleasure is mine. Thank you. And yes you can call me Krystn lol

KREEF: Lol ok and you’re very welcome. So who’s Krystn Enem? Most people think you’re Nigerian. Can you help clarify PLEASE????

KRYSTN: Hahaha I usually say I’m an African child moulded by diverse cultures. I don’t like to fix my existence to a particular country or place because I feel that we’re one as Africans. So yes, I’m both Cameroonian, Nigerian, Kenyan, South African… whichever one, I’ll fit in. I am proudly African.

KREEF: Lol awww ok. And we actually respect that. So your show, The Krystn Enem Show, what is It about? Concept and all.

KRYSTN: So basically, The Krsytn Enem Show was born first out of my desire to be on television, which is a dream I have had from as little as 5 years old. Well, when it was time to launch out, I wanted to do something unique. To cut the long story short, I had the inspiration to have a show that will give young Africans the opportunity to showcase their talents to the world. Now talent including skills, businesses and just anything worth emulating that gears towards betterment of society and improving the concept of youth development.

KREEF: Oh wow. I love it! And how long has The Krystn Enem Show been on air?

KRYSTN: Officially, The Krystn Enem Show launched on air July 1st 2014 on PRTV, then 3 months later was on a second station in Nigeria, TVC. We didn’t utilize a lot of the online platform for season 1 simply because it was starting out period for us. It was very challenging to juggle everything. But with season 2, we are going all out. Now we have learned the ropes. However, we have a few clips on our YouTube page: krystnenemshowtv

KREEF: Oh ok. So no Cameroon TV stations gonna air your show? Yes I went there lol

KRYSTN: Hahahahaha well Kreef, truth is, I wanted to have the show aired in Cameroon first even though it was shot here in Nigeria. I actually approached CRTV, but my contact said “abeg we no get we money for buy the show ya, but if you go put am for free we fit work something out”. Meanwhile, same person was in negotiations with a Nigerian to have him bring his show to Cameroon TV even though it wasn’t going to benefit Cameroon as a people or the industry. Well giving that production is expensive, I could not give the show for free. How would I have shot season 2?

KREEF: Danggggg! Well that’s Cameroon for us my dear. We’re always supporting foreigners but not our own. I really hope the new generation will change that. God dey with 237 lol

KRYSTN: Amen. We are working on that lol

KREEF: So there are rumors that The Krystn Enem Show is gonna be airing soon on Africa Magic. We always hear rumors lol. True??

KRYSTN: Hahahaha who told you guys? Lol… not letting the cat out of the bag, but Season 2 is definitely bigger and better. Something everyone should look forward to.
KREEF: Kreef is always getting “rumors” lol. But awww we can’t wait then. Make us proud!

KRYSTN: The Krystn Enem Show will keep you glued to your TV sets and our YouTube channel. Season 2 is the show. Sure thing. No sleeping on a bicycle lol

KREEF: Haha. Ok I know a Cameroon TV station (CRTV) wasn’t serious about your show, but do you ever plan on interviewing Camer artists and all on The Krystn Enem Show?


KRYSTN: Hahaha well I know how our people work, so that definitely cannot stop me from going to Cameroon. That is home and charity they say begins at home. Reason why I had to try to take the show home first before spreading it. Well, that been said, trust me I cannot wait to have Cameroon showcased to the world. There is an emerging generation of determimed Cameroonian youths who want to change the world, our world. Their voices must be heard and must be seen. If we had our way financially and otherwise, we would have shot part of season 2 there but not to worry, season 3 must have all these amazing Cameroonians on it. The Krystn Enem Show is for all of Africa. All young Africans in any part of the world doing great.

KREEF: Yesss! That’s all I wanted to hear. That the show gonna showcase Cameroon and its talents too lol. It’s our time. The 237 era u know.

KRYSTN: Sure, sure baby. It’s time for Cameroon to shine. Time for the world to hear and know us. I am tired of people asking me, “Wait. Do you guys have any musicians or actors? Apart from football, what else do you guys do?” Now is the time to answer those questions.

KREEF: I get so offended with all those questions but now I just send people to YouTube. Yes I do that lol

KRYSTN: Haha nice one.

KREEF: Oh well, I hear you have a nickname in Nigeria, “The African Oprah” lol. Is Oprah Winfrey one of your inspirations?

KRYSTN: Did you say one of????? OPRAH is The Inspiration! People used to ask me “why do you like being called “Africa’s Oprah”? Then I would say well…. they probably have seen the same drive in me. Everything is possible to those who believe.

KREEF: Exactly… So Cameroon has been making a lotta buzz in Africa and the diaspora on the music scene for a while now. I mean the young urban artists. Who are your favorite Cameroonian artists so far now?

KRYSTN: Hahahaha you gonna put me on the spot like that? Lol that’s a tricky one… Truthfully, I would say I am impressed and so proud of what artists are doing in Cameroon. It’s such a huge step up from 5, 10 years ago. I can’t point out anyone exactly because they are all phenomenal and I’m seriously excited about the future of Cameroon’s entertainment industry. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say, but there’s this new kid on the block whose songs I just listened to recently. I am gushed about the fact that he’s only 15 and he’s that explosive. Cameroon is the next big thing. I listen to everyone from Stanley Enow to Jovi to Gasha to Magasco to Daphne… Just a whole array of talent.

KREEF: I figured the names you mentioned are your favs so far lol. So does Miss Krystn have any other projects apart from the talk show?

KRYSTN: Hahaha Kreef. If I really start to talk about my other projects (both rolling and future) I’m sure I will end up offending some people lol. The dream is very big than me but well let’s try to tell a few. I got 2 other TV shows in the pipeline. One is basically entertainment, it’s a countdown show. It is the fun, gossip, goofy side of me. We will discuss everything from music to movies, fashion and more. The other show is a big secret, it should roll next year. You all have to wait for it lol. Again, I intend to start a forum to teach young people to start young. I believe so much in talent and hard work and I have a few very important experiences I would love to reach young girls. My biggest message to young girls is that it is very possible to make it to the top without sleeping with men for favors. In order to walk tall, you just have to be ready to take it one day at a time, sweat it out but keep focused. Those are a few of my projects.

KREEF: Oh wow!!! Guess what? I was about to ask you if you have any advice to tell young women trying to make it in the industry but… you already answered in your last statement. That was something deep

KRYSTN: Awww yea that’s a core message.

KREEF: Krystn, OMG thank you so much for talking to us. We honestly appreciate that. And you’re such a sweet soul lol. Thank you so much again.

KRYSTN: Awww you are welcome anytime. Keep up the good work and yes I look forward to having Kreef on The Krystn Enem Show.

KREEF: Awww thank you too.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook @krystnenem. Facebook page – The Krystn Enem Show
To know more about The Krystn Enem Show, click here:

YouTube :

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Alluring , eloquent,  dependable and creative , Malvis-Ann Mohvu is a stunning personality whose theatrical savvy  and strong potential as a video vixen caught Nexdim’s attention. She keeps fine-tuning her craft with absolute penchant and determination to journey to greater horizons. She recently starred in Bluerain’s blockbuster movie and equally done corporate commercials and videos.  Her goddess-like beauty is definitely a superlative compliment you can’t take away from her. Nexdim caught up with the Buea-based actress and video vixen for an exclusive interview about her career exploits. Read on…


NEXDIM: Hello Malvis. Briefly introduce yourself.  

MALVIS-ANN MOHVU: Hello, I am Malvis-Ann Mohvu , 23 years old Cameroonian actress and entrepreneur. I am from a family of 6 and I am the last . I like to sing but I am not good at it (lol ) but I do it anyway.

NEXDIM: When did you decide to indulge into acting? 

MALVIS ANN MOHVU: I decided to be an actress way back in primary school . I was very good in plays. I usually criticized how actors portrayed characters in movies and one day I followed a friend to a rehearsal and was teased to mimick an actress  from there , I was discovered by a movie director called Ngala back in Limbe where I lived at the time.. He actually gave me my first ever movie role . God bless him.

NEXDIM: What inspired you to become an actress and video vixen?

MALVIS ANN MOHVU: There were people whose ways I admired and imitated like Omotola and Genevieve and ever since I was discovered to be good at it, I have not stopped chasing it.

Being a video vixen has not always been my dream but the first time I accidentally did it  and got recognition and money from it, I  decided not to let it go. I decided to learn more about it and make as much money as possible out of it.

NEXDIM: Name some of the projects you have done so far.

MALVIS ANN MOHVU: I have been part of prestigious projects like “The King of Sakaboom” , “The Rumble ” and have featured in the music videos of the fast growing stars, Tzy Panchack’s “Chinda ” and Salatiel’s “Fapkolo”.

NEXDIM: What are some of the challenges you face as an actress and video vixen? 

MALVIS ANN MOHVU: My challenges so far have been minor and usually normal for someone who does what I  do. On most sets I have been on, I have been adequately respected .

But it’s the public that starts being petty about it and assuming that sexual relationships must have emerged just from featuring in a video but I understand why they may think so. The picture painted by other vixens is not a pleasant one.


NEXDIM:Tell us the best moment you’ve experienced in the entertainment industry. 

MALVIS ANN MOHVU: I have met the top stars and directors, I have met international stars with whom I will like to work with.

NEXDIM: How did you develop such a massive following on social media? 

MALVIS ANN MOHVU: I cannot say that it’s something specific that I did to gain that but I am thankful for the fact that people like me and are happy to see me. I share my life’s experiences and thoughts to people who can relate. I play and joke alot and try to make people happy or just cheer them up. Some even come for help in general . I think I am a good friend (lol ) . Well everyone has their reasons why they like me. I post directly what I feel. It might inspire, motivate or entertain someone somewhere in the world.


NEXDIM: How’s your daily life as a celebrity? 

MALVIS ANN MOHVU: My daily life is not as normal as it used to be for sure.  I get attention and favours. I get love from friends and I have gotten fake friends too (lol) infact to speak the truth I have already figured out the one who will betray me. (LOL)

NEXDIM: What’s your relationship with other actresses in the industry like?

MALVIS ANN MOHVU: My relationships with some of the actresses are very good especially the boys but only a  few girls are truly nice. For the girls everything is a competition. They always try as hard as possible to make people see they are better . “I remember one time I asked one actress for a favor and she ran off and told all her friends”

NEXDIM: What are your ambitions?  Any future projects? 

MALVIS ANN MOHVU: I am one of the most ambitious people I know. I plan to help alot of people which is what I have started already. I planned to open an orphanage but studied myself and realized that I am not that organized. I did not like the idea of putting people in charge. If I have an orphanage I want to be the one to raise the kids and look after them like a mother should. I have lots of ideas that are already in progress to be released soon. I want my country grow in any way possible. But I will pick and orphanage and be a sole contributor to it.

 I will like to be award winning . I  work hard in achieving that.

NEXDIM: How would you rate our movie industry in Cameroon at this stage?. What can be done to improve productivity and credibility?

MALVIS ANN MOHVU: The year 2015 has been the most productive and serious year in this industry. We have been recognized more and taken seriously from my own personal observation, I think it has grown by 40%. I think both the actors and producers should respect the terms of their contracts. I also think that they should copy from what “Rumble” is doing. Billy Bob (the director) makes sure that he is responsible for all activities on set makes sure that he resolves conflicts amongst actors.

NEXDIM: Who’s your fave actor or role model?

MALVIS ANN MOHVU: My favorite actor in Cameroon is Ade Kelly Evenye , in Ghana Jackie Appiah and in Nigeria Mercy Johnson.

NEXDIM: Is Malvis Ann Mohvu in a relationship?  

MALVIS ANN MOHVU: Hahaha I’m in a relationship . Silly, infact to speak the truth, I am in relationships . Hahaha . I know what your thinking but I say that in the safest way.

NEXDIM: What’s your fave dish?

MALVIS ANN MOHVU: My favorite dish (lol) will be fufu corn and Kati Kati.  I know how to cook it and I cook it alot.

NEXDIM: Who are your fave Cameroonian urban artists?

MALVIS ANN MOHVU: My favorite Camer artists are Mr Leo, Blaise Bsings, Magasco and I am especially excited about my friend’s new song “Diana” by Steveslil. I read about it a few months ago , we met and talked about it. The concept of the video was so good . It was about love “I called it an epic love story”.


NEXDIM: What’s your advice to young and ambitious actresses who want to become like you?

MALVIS ANN MOHVU: For my young people full of dreams it is very easy to loose your way in this industry especially when you start unnecessary comparison and setting standards which you know deep down inside you that you cannot genuinely meet.  Be humble and respectful like the North West woman. For sure you will be tempted but I pray you use wisdom to tread whatever path that you choose.

NEXDIM: It was nice having you. Keep igniting the flames. 

MALVIS ANN MOHVU: Thank you so much for talking to me Nexdim. I am so honored that you took your time to talk to me . God bless you and see you next time ?.

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On today’s edition of KANDID WITH KREEF, we have Banye aka Banso Boy. This is one very talented upcoming Camer aritist who after his hit “chorkoh”, just vanished. Kreef had to link up with him to see what the “Banso Boy” has been up to. #ReadOn …

KREEF: Heyyy Banye. How have you been?

BANYE: Been good and you? Happy we could do this.

KREEF: Me too. Thank you for taking some time out of your very busy schedule to talk to us. So what has Banye the “Banso Boy” been up to lately?

BANYE: Been hustling and learning too.

Doing a lot of music, especially recordings. A few shows here and there.


So I guess Banye is your real name. Why did you add the “Banso Boy”? You might be from Banso obviously but why add it to your name?

BANYE: Hahahaha.

Well, back in my Secondary School days Banso people were known for few things including our accent. It became somewhat a way of mockery so it was my way of saying I’m very proud of who i am and encouraging my fellow Banso brothers and sisters to do same.

KREEF: Awww pretty inspiring. I like that!

Is Banye signed to any record label?

BANYE: Nope. I am actually co-founder of one, which i hope to bring to prominence. But right now i am affiliated with another label but don’t wanna talk much about that yet.

KREEF: Ok that’s fine. So what inspired your first single “chorkoh”?

BANYE: Till now I can’t spot out something particular, but in my head i just wanted to make music that will make someone smile.

Like if you hear it, you see I’m tryna justify like the little dirty things we do

but will not say it like I said in the song. That’s ma view of it.

KREEF: Oh ok. I get it now.

Do you have any artists that inspired you?

BANYE: Yes. Nas, Damien Marley, Bob Marley, just to name a few.

KREEF: How can you describe your singing style?

BANYE: It’s funny because i have ventured into all genres. I’ll like to look at myself now as an artist just doing music. It could sound like anything but at the base of my rap, i want to represent Cameroon with the right message. I wanna relate to all those getting it all over the world because it’s not easy for youths to follow their dreams today.

KREEF: Absolutely.

Does Banye have any favorite Cameroonian songs at the moment?

BANYE: Yes!! There are so many to choose from. I especially like what the girls are doing. Daphne, Gasha, Ewube.

I also like what Jovi and Stanley are doing to keep the industry going and all the others too. I don’t have a favorite song.

I have to add that there are too many to have a fav, a lot is happening and i love what i see. So to me, having a favorite song is limiting lol

KREEF: True lol

Any Camer artists at the moment you will love to do a collabo with in the future?

BANYE: Yeah.


BANYE: Gasha. I also did a remix of Daphne’s “Rastafari”. I also have songs with Mic Monsta and Jay Milly from Fluri Boys. I would like to work with Boudor too. I have several collabos I’ve been proposed but basically I’m open to collaborating with whoever is worth it.

KREEF: Awww ok.

So are we expecting any new music or album from Banye?

BANYE: Yeah. It’s been long you know. I have been recording here and there and have a load of stuff to serve the public. So far still not clear how this will be served, but if it’s taking time it is because i don’t want to do something mediocre. Even though i am eager to be out there, I’m keen to doing something worth it u know.

KREEF: Yes very true.

“Chorkoh” was a hit. You have to follow up with something worth it in order not to disappoint your fans. I get u.

BANYE: You understand 100%.

KREEF: lol yes i do.

BANYE: And it is partly because of “Chorkoh”. I try not to be influenced by that pressure, but i wanna do something that would give you the “Chorkoh” kinda effect. It could be any kind.

KREEF: OK. Well I guess this is it. For now… lol Banye thank you so much for talking to us. Do you have anything you want your fans to know? You’ve been MIA so i guess they wanna hear from you. Anything?

BANYE: Yep. I have a single for the holidays. I have so many, I’m still to decide because a lot of people are counting on me already.

I also wanna take this time to thank platforms like Kreef and others that help more people to know about me even though i have no releases for now. Thank you so much and thanks to those who have been fans from the start.

Jah bless!

KREEF: You’re very welcome and thank you too.

Stay well and we’ll be waiting for the next big hit from you.

Thank you again.

BANYE: The pleasure is mine.








Songs .

To watch BANYE’s hit “Chorkoh” please click here:

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Cameroon’s burgeoning urban music industry is gradually gaining potential worldwide. One of the pragmatic and prime movers and shakers of the industry is US-based entertainment marketing , promotion and event organising agency Kreef Entertainment . NexDim caught up with these two strong and  indomitable-spirited ladies behind this positive Idea of trending Cameroonian showbiz ; Ebangha Njang Yvonne and Eva Ndumbe.



Nexdim: Hello Ebangha and Eva. Accept hearty greetings from Nexdim Empire. It’s my pleasure having you. 

Eva: Thanks.

Ebangha Njang: Awww thanks a lot. Our pleasure too.

Nexdim: It’s been a longtime coming and you’ve established yourself as a frontline urban music cultural promoter across the world. USA being your strong hold . Tell us about your agency Kreef Ent.

Eva: Kreef is what we call a one stop shop for entertainment with Cameroon being our only focus of course. We focus on everyone who contributes to growth of the Cameroonian entertainment industry. So our clients go from models to rappers. Our services are, and not limited to, artist management, talent scouting, marketing etc

Ebangha Njang: Pretty much Eva said everything.  KREEF is about making the Cameroon entertainment industry trend worldwide.  Thus the Kreef official hashtag #TrendCamer

Nexdim: Thanks for throwing light on your objectives.  Can you both define your roles.

Eva: I mostly handle the business part of Kreef. I draw up contracts, do research on new songs and upcoming artists, handle the emails. Yvonne is more of the face of Kreef lol. We both handle marketing and promotion.

Ebangha Njang: Lol yes I’m more of the show. I do the interviews and link up with artists and their managers to get them to be interested in our services and all the spotlight activities. Eva is the behind-the-scenes one and I’m the spotlight and controversial one I guess lol

Nexdim:Yea. The public perceives Ebangha as the mascot. lol . We are familiar with Ebangha not Yvonne. Most captivating are her intriguing posts and videos on social media. A ‘Kim Kardashian-type’ most call her. Ebangha do you get critics for your social media gimmicks?

Ebangha Njang: Lol @ “Kim Kardashian type”. Is “critics” the word? That’s elevating!  I get a lot of criticisms but for the most part I get a lot of support and encouragement online.  So far so good.

Nexdim: Great. A few days ago a flyer popped online that caused a stir of controversy. The maiden edition of Kreef Ent. Tour with Stanley, Magasco, Gasha and les Featurist shortlisted for the debut. Please tell us about the concept.


Eva: Kreef is all about exposing Cameroonian music to the world and we have very talented artists in Cameroon. We are tired of attending concerts by Nigerian/Ghanaian/Ivorian artists. It’s about time our artists get the same respect other African artists get. We decided to organize a tour so other Africans can get to know them and enjoy their music.

Ebangha Njang: Yes.

Nexdim: Thanks Eva. Laudable! How was your journey booking the artists and securing the venues?

Ebangha Njang : Honestly, we thought it was gonna be hell but all the artists involved in the project were so understanding and humble.  Seriously!  Some of the artists went as far as giving suggestions to help with the tour. Imagine that! As far as venues,  they’re all gonna be cities here in America, we got a good team so we got that covered.

Nexdim: Okay. Immediately the flyer featured online, a myriad of Jovi fans went on rampage. Most hilarious was a fan called “Ettiene” who took to Facebook angrily . Why is the Mboko god not on this list?

Eva: Lol. We actually reached out to Jovi and his team concerning the tour. Unfortunately he had other obligations. We hope to work with him in the future.

Nexdim: Thanks for the clarification.  I hope Jovi fans will be pleased.

Eva: I hope so too.

Nexdim: It’s very impressive to launch such a fabolous tour. It’s going to hold this August. How often will this event come?

Ebangha Njang: Annually.

Eva: By God’s grace.

Ebangha Njang: Amen. Eva. Amen.

Nexdim: It’s the very first for the urban music industry in Cameroon.  Many other artists will love to jump into the train next time. What’s your criteria for selection?

Ebangha Njang: The artists trending not only in Cameroon, but in the diaspora at that given time. Pretty much that’s it. So artists just have to work hard and get those hit songs ( at least 1) where they’re played everywhere.  Most Cameroonian artists have a ton of good songs but there is no hit amongst them. The artists involved in the project all have 1 or 2 or more hit songs played in clubs and parties here in America and Europe too. So u get the point right?

Nexdim:Yea. that’s so right. Are there any difficulties you encounter setting up this platform for our Cameroonian artists?

Ebangha Njang: Ummmm I’ll not call them difficulties though.  They are trials (lol ) but it’s all good and artists are actually coming out of their shells. Cameroon has a lot, I mean a lot of talented artists but they are so camera shy and they haven’t yet realized the importance of online promotion.

Nexdim: I was about to nail that point.  Online promotion as opposed to offline buzz. What’s your take? coz there are so many trending songs offline that are not making an impression online. Eva the marketing guru. Answer lol. 

Eva: I am not a marketing guru lol, I try my best. Well I think the path Cameroonian music is taking right now is digital. Everyone in Cameroon now has access to social media and using that platform, as an artist, to create a buzz is very important. The more people talk about it online, the more people want to listen because everyone is talking about it.

Ebangha Njang: Okay. About some songs trending offline and not online,  I think one MAJOR cause is that most Cameroonian artists would only upload their songs on Soundcloud.  They need to realize there’s power in visuals.  Shoot a video and post on YouTube, get to work with your friends ( if you can’t afford a PR) and stalk everybody on your timeline.  Then watch how many shares & views, thus gaining recognition. I know finance can be a problem too but I know a lot of low budget videos making waves. I’m just saying

Nexdim: Kreef Ent. is a growing niche and bound to face competition.  What makes you different from other event organisers and marketers? What’s special about you.

Ebangha Njang: Kreef is focused ONLY on promoting Cameroon talents.  I guess that’s different enough (lol).

Eva:  Yes!! We try as much as possible to stay focused on what Kreef represents.

Nexdim: (lol). Well planned. Kreef Ent. Any plans for a website ?

Eva: We have plans for a website which is under construction. Will be launched by the end of June/beginning of July by God’s grace.

Nexdim: Okay. We shall patiently wait. Is your focus just trending urban artists or makossa- bikutsi fills in?

Eva: All of it. Makossa and bikutsi are our “musical identities”. No other music genre can get a Cameroonian, at home and abroad, nostalgic like makossa and no other genre can make a Cameroonian go crazy on the dance floor like bikutsi. You cannot promote Cameroonian music without those two. It will make no sense, honestly.

Nexdim: Any fave Cameroonian music ? Eva et Yvonne. 

Eva:What genre? Makossa or Urban or Bikutsi?

Nexdim:Lol. music is music. Are there any two faves?

Ebangha Njang:( Lol) Yes. My two faves of the moment right now are Charlotte Dipanda’s “Elle n’a pas vu” & Minks “Les Pantheres”.

Eva: Mani Bella – Pala Pala, Teddy Doherty and Inna Money – Je Veux, Peter Jericho – Kamer 4 Life, Dareal – Petite Pause etc so many.

Nexdim : Wow. Nice playlist on Nexdimempire. Any plans of signing artists?.

Eva: We have the talented Peter Jericho who just released a single ” Kamer 4 Life” You can listen to it on his SoundCloud and we have other amazing artists coming board.

Nexdim:  Oh yea. Listened to the song .Good one. And his cover art had Kreef Ent. Great. Shout out to Peter Jericho.  What else do you have for the future?

Ebangha Njang: Kreef’s future has a lot and it includes a studio and a discotheque, yes discotheque lol.

Nexdim: Wow. Discoteque?. lol. Okay hoping to see a tremendous evolution.

Ebangha Njang: Yes. Discotheque. (lol).  Kreef wanna revolutionised 237 music and artists. God is with us!

Eva: Yea. We are working on getting office space in Cameroon.

Nexdim: ’twas nice having you on Nexdim Empire. What are your last words to the public?

Ebangha Njang : KREEF is here for all Cameroonian artists.  Let’s join  hands and Trend Camer. More hits and less beefs. Can Eva say Amen?

Eva: (Lol ). Amen. Let’s support our artists. They work so hard and deserve all the love and support. Team work makes the dream work and all those supporting us THANK YOU. It’s all by His grace. Nexdim, thank you for having us.

Ebangha Njang: Thank you very much Nexdim Empire.  Kreef appreciates a lot!

Nexdim: Keep up the good work and  we hope to get updates about the Cameroon music tour. 

Eva: You will.


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cut u cafe vid

On this week’s edition of Kandid With Kreef (KWK), we have the “Ebangha” crooner & the amazing Steveslil. Staytuned # ReadOn

KREEF: Bonjour Steveslil. How are you today?

STEVE’SLIL: I’m good by the Grace of God. And you?

KREEF: I am very good actually. Thanks for asking. So tell me, who’s Steveslil? Is that your real name? “Steveslil”.

STEVE’SLIL: I’m a humble servant of the music-loving people. Soul-seductive R&B, Afro-pop and highlife music is what I spill out to the world. lol. My real names are Stephen Mbu Njang . STEVESLIL is a name I acquired in secondary school, meaning giving a little part of me. “Steve’s little”. Funny right?

KREEF: Very funny how the “lil” came about but now i get it lol. So how did Steveslil start music?Were u in a choir growing up? Because you actually can sing!

STEVE’SLIL: I’m from a family that has a strong musical penchant. My mom and dad (RIP) were gospel music composers who influenced me tremendously. My aunt was the composer of the famous “luncheon date” signal tune that is used till date on CRTV. I had a humble beginning at home and later joined the church choir at 9 as an alto singer. I was versatile in anything arts inclined. Drawing, painting, acting etc. Enrolling at the University of Buea changed my perception about music after I joined a hip-hop band called Core South. We were the first to represent the South West at the Nescafe African Revelation in 2005. Then I went solo when we disbanded. Thanks for appreciating me as a good singer.

KREEF: Oh wow!!! Never knew you had such a strong music background. That’s good. So who are your music inspirations?

STEVE’SLIL: My inspiration is natural. I flow with the intonations of nature and the things I see happening daily. Most of my songs reflect my life. I sing and relive moments. However as a teenager; I listened to Kotto Bass, old Ghanaian Highlife, Maxwell , Jill Scott, Floetry, Sisqo, Matt Houston. They influenced me positively. Kotto Bass however remains my fav; his vocal timbre, music and charisma.

KREEF: Most of your songs reflect your life? Meaning your hit song “Ebangha” is actually real life? Because rumor has it that one “bayangi girl with the cutest smile” called Ebangha actually broke your heart. True?

STEVE’SLIL: LOL. I heard that a lot when the song was released. Most fans following me on social media even thought I had an affair with Ebangha Njang which incited her to bear the name “Njang”. I had that a lot on Facebook especially. I kept on clarifying them. It was so hilarious. Hey, Ebangha was the first girl I had a crush on in secondary school. She blew my mind. It’s not a story of heartbreak but rather a tale of teenage love. Also, I’m appreciating the unmatchable value and beauty of the African woman.

KREEF: That’s so cool! Talking about your “Ebangha” song, the original song actually had Z-lex, the Camer rapper. But the video came out without him nor his verse. Rumor has it that y’all had these irreconcilable differences. How true is that?

STEVE’SLIL: Chai!! You’re the first to take the bold step. No one has asked me this question in all interviews I’ve granted. Z-lex is a talented artist i admired and respected. We started the hustle in Malingo, Buea with many demo recordings. Our relationship dwindled when we were set to shoot the video of my hit song “Ebangha”. We first had differences concerning the concept. Later he told me he wouldn’t be in the video if it was shot in Buea. My team and I resolved to shoot his verse in Douala which he preferred as location. Arriving on the scheduled date in Douala, it was a story that almost brought judicial intervention. lol. I forgive the dude for promising to stab me if “Ebangha” video is released without him.He didn’t give me the data file of the song. I had undue delay progressing with the project. God in me told me to release the project without him and wait for him to kill me as promised. lol. I have the audio recordings of his threats that day in my lawyer’s keeping. I didn’t want to ruin him. God reigns.

KREEF: Oh wow!!! Trust me to always hear rumors and speak on it. I never let things go honey lol. But I’m happy it never escalated to something else. We need less beefs and more hits. So i hear you’re behind the great blog Nexdim Empire. True?

STEVE’SLIL: Yea. Haha. I have interred the past and now my focus is making good sounding music and pleasing my fans and yes I’m co-owner of the most trafficked urban music blog in English-speaking Cameroon.

KREEF: Oh yes it’s a very good blog! So any upcoming projects for Steveslil? I know after “Ebangha” there was “I Cut U Cafe”. So what’s next?

STEVE’SLIL: Yea. After “I cut u cafe” SJ Havens is currently planning the release of my new song “Tabala” and a new video “Diana”. KREEF: SJ Havens? What or who’s that? Your new label?

STEVESLIL: Yea. I got officially signed to the label SJ Havens before releasing “I cut you cafe” last year. It’s owned by a Cameroonian business mogul based in Douala. It’s just a new label opened to new acts who are talented.

KREEF: Oh! Never heard of them but aww that’s nice, congrats! Do you have any Cameroonian artists you’ll love to work with in the future?

STEVE’SLIL: Yea sure. Ewube, Numerica, Mr Elad, Locko, Stanley Enow, Govina Essomba. I regret Kotto Bass is no more…

KREEF: I know, don’t we all? RIP to him.

Well, thank you so much Steveslil. This was one very good interview. Do you have anything you’ll like your fans to know?

STEVESLIL: I’m enormously thankful to my fans for the support and love . My next single “Tabala” drops soon and I believe they’ll love it. “Diana” video is also in progress. My fans should keep a positive mental attitude and be prayerful.

KREEF: Ok thank you Steveslil and stay well.

STEVE’SLIL: I’m much thankful to Kreef Ent. Keep the flame burning.

KREEF: You’re very welcome and thank you!

To watch Steveslil’s hits “I Cut U Cafe” and “Ebangha” click on the links below…

-Watch “STEVE’SLIL – I CUT YOU CAFE (Official

Video Directed by Didiblaise)” on YouTube

-Watch “Steveslil – Ebangha (Official Music

Video)” on YouTube

# KreefEnt . # TrendCamer

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