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Davido’s statement that he knows only Stanley Enow and Samuel Eto’o in Cameroon triggered a stale outpouring from Cameroonian celebrities. Now is the turn for Burkinabe artists . 

Charlotte Dipanda was in Ouagadougou on April 25th for the 18th edition of KUNDE D’or award.

Interviewed by, the Cameroonian diva was very frank;

Journalist: Do you know Burkinabe artists?

Charlotte Dipanda: No

Afriyelba: Not even one ?

Charlotte Dipanda: No

The “Sista” singer has been receiving pejorative remarks from Burkinabe musicians for claiming she doesn’t know any of them. Two days after the polemic, Charlotte was interviewed by Tackborse.TV informing her that her statement was badly construed.

Journalist: Your response frustrated so many artists.

Charlotte Dipanda : Really? I’m sorry, I don’t know any Burkinabe artist, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t talented artists in Burkina. I was the first to be surprised when I was told my music is being listened here. You see, this is my first time here. It can’t hurt me if a Burkinabe says he doesn’t know me. Because there are so many artists. Now that there’s a polemic on what I said, I’ll take time to know more about Burkinabe music. It’ll be my pleasure”.

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Rumour was rife on social media of an alleged sex scandal involving Nigerian veteran actor Zack Orji  and Cameroonian actress Soli Egbe.

After the outpouring which victimised the young actress, a prank video surfaced online of her simulating sex which was seemingly a PR scheme. 

Fellow actress Solange Ojong found herself dragged into this quagmire .


 Solange Ojong was mistaken for Soli Egbe as a clue was given by Valery Atia that the victim’s name starts with an “S”. 

However, the blogger Henriette Thatcher apologized publicly to Solange Ojong. 

Soli Egbe has come out to debunk all allegations against her . According to her post, the alleged sex scandal is an attempt to smear her reputation and give a bad image about the Cameroon film industry.  Read below 

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Daphne has released a brand new song titled my lover produced by Salatiels protege Big Joe. The video amassed a record-breaking amount of over 250.000 views in less than 24 hrs.
The Stevens music diva just clinched the Kunde D’or award for best central African artist held in Ouagadougou , Burkina Faso .

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The entertainment industry mourns the loss of Bamenda-based artist and producer Gee Reign . He was discovered dead at his studio after suffering from an acute seizure.
Contrary to rumours that he died due to acute drug intoxication, Gee Reign has been under a troubling health predicament since after being a victim of an accident that took him on coma for 2 weeks.

In October 2016 , during the industry nite in Buea, he collapsed on stage after being attacked by a photosensitivity seizure . He was medically adviced not to stay alone at any given moment but 17 April was an unfortunate day for the artist who was alone in the studio.
Gee Reign was spotlighted in music scene in 2012 , when he released the video of his soul-soothing opus “Blowing Ashes” shot in Lagos. He has collaborated with Gasha on “Nkap” and El Presido on “Tori Long time short”. 
Gee Reign’s death has triggered an outpouring on social media as his death has intensely gone viral , but unfortunately his music wasn’t celebrated when he was alive. Permit me call it saccharine artistic morbidity .

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Hello , hope you enjoyed your weekend. Pleased to share with you a new edition of the NEXDIM SHOW. It’s about entertainment news and celebrity gossip. Thanks for watching and best regards. Hosted by #Ngutiboy

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Cameroonian comedian Ferdinal Forka “Oboy Da Comic ” and UK-based singer Mimi Baya took to Facebook to announce the expectancy of twins to be named Paris & London . Oboy posted eyeful baby bump photos of his girlfriend captioned ” When you find True love, its benefits become inevitable. We can’t wait to hold them close to our hearts” 

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Celebrated director Dr Nkeng Stephens was allegedly arrested by the police during a celebrity match at the Molyko stadium , Wednesday 28th March  . The arrest was ordered by Makossa artist Sergeo Polo who claimed Dr Nkeng Stephens had failed to deliver his video on time.

Nkeng Stephens through a PR agent DP Ndip has released an official statement debunking all rumours of his arrest divulging that he was only taken by the police for thorough questioning and wasn’t detained . This arrest came after incessant and serious threats over the phone by Sergeo Polo.

Dr Nkeng Stephens has extended his appreciation to bloggers who reached out to him  and fans for their empathy.

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1. Nkeng Stephens

The deft award-winning video director has been making remarkable strides churning impeccable visuals with stunning creativity and  cinematographic savvy. He has directed videos for top class artists in the industry like Daphne “Calee”, Mr Leo “Jamais Jamais” , Magasco “Sokoto”, Locko “boo boo” , Etc.
Did you know Nkeng Stephens was a singer and rapper called “Flames” , member of the Afro-pop group Rythmz?
The former trio composed Flames (Nkeng Stephens) , Dianee (Phillbill) and Kezzy (K Master Kmix) .
Nkeng Stephen featured on a myriad of debut records with Rythmz including their hit song “Honey moon” released in 2012.


2. Prince Mykel Enobi

Prince Enobi is a multi-talented event organiser, talent manager and media personality. A holder of a Bachelors degree in Journalism and mass communication from University of Buea, he has carved a niche in the industry making a huge name for himself as an established event organiser. Prince Enobi managed the duo Rythmz from 2012 – 2015 under the label No Hitz No Records which was equally home to now-superstar Daphne.  After parting ways with the duo Rythmz, Prince embarked on organising events which has been thriving massively .  He has successfully organized concerts for household names in Africa like Davido & X Maleya,  bringing over 40 reputable artists on one stage at the Cliq Urban Music Festival in Buea. Prince Enobi has initiated YOLO , a platform to showcase Cameroonian artists and currently organising the trade fair in Buea. Wow ! Huge achievements for the young entertainment entrepreneur .
Did You know Prince Mykel Enobi had ventured into music as a rapper? Yes. He recorded several songs before delving on artist and event management.

3. Achille Brice Eteki

The well-travelled filmmaker and movie director has received accolades for his dexterity. He even inspired me to write this article after watching his work  “Life Point” on CRTV. The movie was nominated at L’Etalon D’Or de Yennenga – Pan African Film festival Ouagadougou , Burkina Faso in 2017 .
Did you know Achille Brice did music for five years as a recording and solo artist with an album titled “Hood Classics”. He used the pseudonym Biniray Jr.

4. Kelly Blaise Achu

Kelly B is a renown photographer based in Buea. His professionalism  , creative imagination and dynamism has set him on the pedestal of 5 top notch photographers  as rated by Journal Du Cameroun in 2017.
Did you know Kelly B was a recording artist under the label Chillen Music. Yes ! He released “Still be mine” ft Biniray (Achille Brice Eteki)  and later released a project with Paps Jayfar and Rythmz dubbed “Langa” in 2014.

5. Taphis

He is the manager of one Cameroon’s hottest artists Tenor. He had managed Numerica as well. Taphis is making great success as a talent manager .

Did you know Taphis had ventured into music before switching his lane ? . He was a dope rapper and released a couple of singles .

6. Adah Akenji

Multi-talented Adah Akenji has become a household name in the industry as a video director. He has directed videos for top Cameroonian artists like Tenor “Bad Things” , Dynastie Le Tigre “Jour moi me mendjang” , Nami Nami Cyrus “Tres Belle” etc .
Adah is also a highly acclaimed vocalist and music producer . He made an indelible impression when he released an Afro love ballad “Nyango” in 2011 . He later released “Yokoko” , “Far away” , Alima” “Saka” , Wan O bi” and “Na na na”.

7. Master Chill

Nkwain Ettiene (Master Chill)  is the CEO of one of the biggest multimedia houses in Cameroon Chillen Entertainment. He is an adept music video director and media content producer. Master Chill is owner of Buea-based channel CM TV .
Did you know Master Chill was a rapper? . The former rapper used the stage pseudonym Master Chill and used “For Dons in the house ” as his introduction signature phrase on his songs. He recorded several songs between 2005 – 2009

8. Alenne Menget

In 2016, he told Precious Core “I’m a jack of the arts”. And yeah… He truly is. ” Ni” the filmmaker , actor , comedian and impresario has made a great name in the entertainment industry. The CEO of ATS production has starred on numerous Cameroonian films and his comedy skits keep going viral on the internet.
Did you know Alenne Menget was an artist? He had ventured into music. He is skillful at singing jazz classics as well as his own compositions.

9. Shabatam Maestro

Shabatam now owns a successful photography company called 44 Pictures. He equally directed Lucy Brand’s video “Your love” in 2017.
Did you know Shabatam is a recording artist who hails from Manyu Division ?

10. Guiffo Stephane

The TV personality is best known for Deditude on STV. His charming voice, verve and unmatched showmanship lures his audience to stay glued on their TV screens . He is a successful TV host today .
Did you know Stephane was runner-up at a singing competition organised by Dora Decca  and aired on STV? He is a powerful vocalist who changed his lane.

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Mother Land Empire front line artist Stanley Enow aka “King Kong” sees event YOLO annulled amidst security concerns in the South West Region of Cameroon. The multi award-winning artist ,who came to prominence after “Hein Pere” was programmed to perform Saturday 17th February at Las Vegas Buea in a concert organised by YOLO but the event has been put on hold due to the recurrent curfews in the region . The restrictions have led to the annulment of a number of activities, especially those operating during the night.

The press release comes just a few hours to the show.

Intern Blogger : Kaijanante Nkongho

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Adept Reggae/Dancehall artist Ewube’s management has been incessantly slammed criticisms for their lack of verve in promotion and lacklustre push in taking her career to another height in spite of her talent.

The artist herself has been reprimanded for her style which some pundits think is not relatable in Cameroon which is predominantly French-speaking. In essence they expect Ewube to join the bandwagon in singing in French . However, the team behind Ewube is taking a lane which has been working perfectly good for them . Trust me , the team is resolute and working tirelessly .

Ewube has been growing progressively in unexpected ways .

She’s worked on a huge collaboration she’ll divulge in weeks ahead and  a mouthwatering album . Omega Records is yet to disclose their future plans.

The big news is, apart from her nomination as Best Central African female artist , Ewube was selected amongst 2000 artists-applicants to electrify the stage at AFRIMA 2017 in Lagos this November . This event shall be hosted by superstar Akon and Sophy Aiida.

Ewube’s unmatched talent is undoubtedly a time bomb about to explode . Stay tuned for more information about the biggest Cameroonian diva .


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