May 29, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House


Cameroonian singer Libianca has decided to postpone her North American tour has been facing death threats from Anglophone separatists “Amba”, after waving the Cameroon flag during her tour in Australia. The separatists accuse Libianca taking sides with with the government in the ongoing conflict in the English-speaking regions, that started in 2016.

Libianca has resolutely refused to take sides and appeals for reconciliation.

“…My holding of the Cameroonian flag was not to state in any way what side I’m on but a symbol of faith that same day, we THE PEOPLE will reunite and lead with love because we can be better together when we help each other instead of h@ting each other. The flag is not Paul B!ya. IT’S US, THE UNITED REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON, the vibrance and our culture together.

Last year, I had the privilege of living a dream that I had held since childhood – to make my family, my hometown, and my country proud. However, this moment was overshadowed by the relentless pressure to take sides in a conflict …
In the face of this dilemma, I chose to stay silent, because the side I’ve always chosen is unity amongst my people

I am not a politician; I am a citizen who longs for peace and reconciliation”