July 16, 2024

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ALA NADYN: ''My husband doesn't see anything wrong when I kiss in a movie''

NexDim caught up with young talented actress Ala Nadyn at Necla Hotel , Food Market-Bamenda for an exclusive interview .We delved into her acting career , as well as her personal life. She sounded extremely positive about the impending evolution of the film industry in Cameroon. She is married to another dexterous Bamenda-based movie star Ala Leo. They are the hottest celebrity couple we have in  the film industry in Camer.  Let’s go !

NEXDIM: Hello .Can you briefly introduce yourself

Ala Nadyn: I am Ala Nadyn, an actress based in Bamenda, North West Cameroon. I am

a student of Laureate Business College, I study business administration.

NEXDIM: When did you take that bold step to venture into acting as a career

Ala Nadyn: My debut was in 2008 when I starred in my first movie ‘’8 commandments’’ .

NEXDIM: What can you pride of as an actress? In essence what do you have in your repertoire?

Ala Nadyn: I have done some movies though not of high standard. For instance ‘’Necessary Crime’’by Njamsi Roland,  ‘’We live together ‘’ directed by Mr Ngwa in Douala etc. However my recent movie ‘’Who Am I ‘’ is certainly a blockbuster .The movie was directed by Deric Njimanju and produced by my husby Ala Leo, released in October 2012.

NEXDIM: How do you rate the entertainment industry especially the movie sector in Cameroon at this level ?

Ala Nadyn: Well, I think there has been a remarkable improvement compared to movies we did in 2008 when I debut.We have greater heights to go. It’s a gradual process .

NEXDIM: How can the greater heights be achieved .What’s the way forward?

Ala Nadyn: Just being myself. I believe God will see me through.

NEXDIM: Who do you look up to as an idol in the movie industry?

Ala Nadyn: Most of my friends always liken me to Omotala Jalade. So I look at myself like another ‘’Omo Sexy’’ in Cameroon.

NEXDIM: Gorgeous as you are, you may have a lot of eyes raining on you.. How do you combat the fact that many men want to have you as a girlfriend.

Ala Nadyn: Well, sorry to all those who wanna date me . I am a very closed person .Actually I am married.

Nadyn and husband Leo

NEXDIM: Gush! You get me blushing already. (Laughing out loud) . I had plans already. Anyways , it’s a great thing to get married. Have you started making kids?

Ala Nadyn: Not yet. My husband and I are working on something. You know he’s that busy type of person as well myself. He’s an actor .

NEXDIM: Oh !  like Beyonce and Jay Z in the industry. What’s your favourite meal?

Ala Nadyn: OMG! Achu and mbongo. I can die for.

NEXDIM: You have a huge taste of fashion. You like looking good and people appreciate your appearance. So what’s your dress code?

Ala Nadyn: Corporate and sexy. And my designer is your husband

NEXDIM: Are you a sucker for designing .Do you love fashion?

Ala Nadyn: Yea, I love fashion but I don’t go for designer clothes. My husband does all the design for me.He conceives it .

NEXDIM: When you are not rehearsing your scripts or on set, what do you do?

Ala Nadyn: When am not rehearsing or with a production crew, I am either in school studying or at home singing.I love singing and hope to venture into music.

NEXDIM: Do play the roles that entail kissing?

Ala Nadyn: Yea. I play those roles .It’s very normal. My husband doesn’t find anything wrong when I kiss in a movie. He’s into showbiz.

NEXDIM: What can you tell your fans?

 Ala Nadyn: Keep watching Cameroonian movies . I want to let them know 2013, will be an explosive year in the film industry in Cameroon. I will prove my worth. Keep your eyes on me.

NEXDIM: Do you visit nexdimempire.com often and what do you think can be an innovation .

Ala Nadyn: I visit nexdimempire.com all the time I go online. You guys are doing a great job. As an innovation, I think you should intensify your campaigns in meeting the people, for instance coming all the way from Buea to Bamenda to conduct this interview is a great stride. You should frequently .deploy your staffs to Bamenda to cover showbiz news.

NEXDIM: It’s was a pleasure having you.

Ala Nadyn: Thanks, I appreciate.