April 21, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House


Elegant and handsome Libota Macdonald has starred in movies like ‘Cluster’ and ‘Nexus’ produced by Musing Derrick. NexDim met with the popular Bamenda-based movie-star at Necla Hotel -Bamenda for an exclusive interview about his career and prospects.

NEXDIM: Hello Macdonald.

Libota : Hi NexDim

NEXDIM: Can you introduce yourself.

I’m Libota Macdonald, an actor, I live in Bamenda. I have been the movie industry for 4 years.

NEXDIM:When did you start and what has been your achievements in the movie industry?

Libota :My debut was in the movie titled ‘Bikata’ about 4 years ago . I am so proud of the fact that I was the first ever Cameroonian to be nominated for Best Upcoming Actor at the ZAFAA . I have had the opportunity to be part of projects in Burkina Faso. I also clinched a nomination at the AMAA in Nigeria.

NEXDIM:Why have you been absent from the movie scene?

Libota :I decided to pull back in a bid to learn more acting techniques from others with greater experience. I’ve been reading and doing a lot of online research to fine-tune my talent. Actually working hard to become the superstar am destined to be. I’ll bring a different personality.

NEXDIM: Who do you admire in the movie industry in Cameroon?

Libota :I admire Epule Jeffery , Lino Lovert, Yijika Solange and Queen .They are very talented.

NEXDIM:How can you rate the Cameroon Film industry?

Libota :I am a positive thinker despite the huddles we face in the industry. To me, we are at 45%. There’s a lot of work to be done . 

NEXDIM: What’s your plan for the future?

Libota :I want to be an actor the rest of my life and I love what I’m doing. I’ll be featuring in future movies in Cameroon .

NEXDIM: What’s your dress code?

Libota :Simple but stylish.

NEXDIM: What’s your impression about the music industry?

Libota :I think we are really doing fine but the major problem is that Cameroonians rather consume foreign music and fail to consume what belongs to them. Artists should also concert to bring out ideas on how the industry can forge ahead .What they need is robust promotion.

NEXDIM: Are you married?

Libota :I’m not married. I think marriage is not an achievement. It’s better to have children rather than being married. Anyway, let me not talk about that. 

NEXDIM: What’s your fave meal?

Libota :Garri and okro.

NEXDIM: It was nice having you.

Libota :Thanks and great job. Thanks for the opportunity.Thumps up and God bless you .Lemme go drink my beer please.