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Swedish based Cameroonian makossa, zouk love, and world music artist Microsoft Frank Bila presently is in Cameroon for the recording and production of his upcoming album, title still to be decided (says you don’t name a child till after his birth).

The uprising singer does his thing in french, English, Duala and pidgin English and his sixed-tracked album has titles like ‘Blue world’, ‘La fete’, ‘Maman’, ‘Mauvais mari‘. Back in his school days in the University of Dschang Cameroon, Frank Bila used to sing in the school orchestra and has taken part in the Buea University cultural festival of 2003 leaving with a gold medal. His role model is none other than makossa king Petit Pays. Putting much efforts day in, day out at M1 studio, his album will be released any time soon.

Nexdim  promises to bring you more updates on Bila.

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JCI Cameroon Award of  the  Ten Outstanding Young Persons of  Cameroon (TOYP) in different categories like  Business, Economic and/or Entrepreneurial Accomplishment, Agriculture, Medical Innovation and Culture which took place at Djeuga Palace Yaounde, had Emile Ngumbah of  M1 Studio going home with an award in the cultural domain.

M1 Studio is one of the most renown recording labels in Cameroon. Based in the burstling town of  Buea in the South West region, it  has worked with almost all of  Cameroon’s most known artist nowadays – Achalle, Bate Nico, Bright Phase,  Narcisse Pryze you name the rest.

Back then Emile was out to train young talented Cameroonians in a bid to help them discover themselves, but today since 2003,  most of his trainees are featured in each and every musical  competition within Cameroon and Africa is  it the Nescafe Competition, Kora Awards, Star de Demain, Music Star, CABAHO Festival or which?

Thus, to celebrate such cultural achievements and leadership, M1 studio man received an award for JCI TOYP of Cameroon under the cultural domain at Djeuga Palace, Yaounde.Present at the occasion were the Minister of Culture, Aman Tutu Muna, CRTV’s General Manager, Amadou Vamoulke, American Ambassador Representative, British Ambassador Reresentative amongst others.

Speaking on a one on one chatting session with, Emile expressed so much joy and how he felt so overwhelmed to have been seen from such a distance. This will only go a long way to give him more urge and power to work even more harder, so he says.

Congratulations man more grease!!!

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Cameroonian rapper Samy Labrute has just released another song which is surely on its way to the top of the charts. “Come into my hood” is a brilliant tribute to simple yet effective hip-hop: a cocktail of rapping  and singing with soft- lively beats in the background. Nothing forced  or done in excess. The song features other rappers like Ebène and Ayriq Akam. It  describes urban life  and would  still have done well without the intermittent use of the “N” word. Samy Labrute is the son of a Cameroonian mother and an Egyptian father. The artist  has been present on the cameroonian urban- music scene for a while now and  after leaving the group  S.A.M.Y  he decided to go solo. This song is one of his solo offerings. Enjoy the video.

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When grace, charm and talent come together, the result is Zita Aliah. The sultry Buea-based multi-dimensional artist is about to release her highly-anticipated album “No di high up. The  launch has been slated for February 4, 2011 in Buea. Much in line with our tradition of being the first to present the stars to you, we caught up with her for a chat:
Nexdimempire: Who is Zita Aliah?
Zita Aliah: Well, what can I say? Simply put, Zita Aliah is an actress, TV presenter, radio host  and singer. I anchor a fashion and beauty show on HiTV as well as host a hip-hop and fashion program on M.C.F.M.
Nexdimempire: What genre of music are you into?
 Zita Aliah: I am mainly a hip-hop and dance hall fan.
Nexdimempire: Your upcoming album is titled “No d high up”. Why the choice to sing in pidgin?
 Zita Aliah: Not really. It’s not really my choice. In the entire album, they are just two songs sung in pidgin. The others are in English and even my mother tongue. And this is because there is a certain target audience I am trying to reach out to.  Your music only resonates with some people when it is sung in pidgin.
Nexdimempire: You’re into TV presenting, movies, and now singing. Do you have time for other endeavours?
Zita Aliah: Of course. I equally do scripting writing. If you must know, at one time I used to do modelling but that’s a little on hold now. I recently did an advert for a famous brand which I won’t name here.
Nexdimempire: Which other artists will be supporting you during your album launch?
 Zita aliah: A good bunch amongst which is the Rap Monsta M.D as well Spar-x The Virus who will be the M.C.
Nexdimempire: What is your take on Cameroonian urban music? Is it moving forward or marking time?
Zita Aliah :I must say there is talent but what we lack most is support through sponsorship. If we had that we would be able to rival even the Nigerians. Thanks to sponsorship I am able to put up my posters. If we had that, then the industry would make tremendous leaps forward. Lucky enough, some people are already doing something. MCFM  has decided to reduce its foreign- music content and transform its airwaves into a platform where young artists can get maximum exposure.
Nexdimempire: Well, you’ve already answered my next question (Zita laughs) . After your Buea launch, what’s next on your schedule?
Zita Aliah: With the Bamenda launch done and Buea’s upcoming, I plan to  follow these up with a series of concerts in other towns like Kumba, Limbe and others so that I can create and consolidate my fan base.
Nexdimempire: You have conquered TV, radio and movies, what is or are your next target(s)?
Zita Aliah:(laughs heartily)Well by thirty ,I see myself  opening a clothing line. Yeah, that’s one of my next challenges. But before that, I’ve got more albums and videos to release.
Nexdimempire: Zita Aliah, thanks for your time. It’s been a pleasure.
 Zita Aliah: The pleasure is all mine.

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”Seconde chance” is a brand new video from France-based Cameroonian rapper Jack Napier featuring DUC Z.


Rappeur d’origine Camerounaise, jai écrit mes premiers lyrics en 1998 à Sevran ville du 93 dans la banlieue de Paris, juste pour le fun. Puis, poussé par mon pote d’enfance Bomé Briganté, je m’y suis mis beaucoup plus sérieusement, ce qui m’amène à apparaitre sur 3 titres dans le premier maxi du groupe PSYKONNEXION, (à l’époque, composante d’AXE LOURD, composé de Bomé & Stenzla, NDLR). Après de nombreuses collaborations avec des rappeurs de la région parisienne et du Cameroun durant mes séjours au pays (notamment avec L’or dit a.k.a Stephen « Genesis » McDaniels, NDLR) avec les membres de mon crew alors composé de Bomé, Astre, Bélem et moi-même je me lance dès 2004 dans la réalisation du premier projet du collectif : NEGROS DU BITUME, sorti en 2006 auquel est récemment venu s’ajouter le deuxième opus : DE L’OR A PRENDRE en 2011. Entre ces deux projets, je fais la rencontre de Nabil « 4 Real » Fongod avec lequel pendant deux ans nous avons travaillé entre autre sur son émission « Nabstar Radio », ainsi que sur un album en duo encore à venir : TWO WAY DICTIONARY OF BROKEN LANGUAGE et depuis le 6 juillet 2011, on peut compter un album solo parmi mes réalisations: “Dr Napier & Mister Jack”

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It’s quite controversial when a song about Yaounde en Fete is sung in What To Text Your Ex Husband Want Him Back ”Lingala” and the whole decor of the video depicts nothing Cameroonian. Albert Legrand Diamantaire ‘s song ”Yafe” is a quintessence. Quite a different image is painted of Yaounde, Cameroon with crazy , poorly dressed non-Cameroonian girls dancing in an unknown street. The video doesn’t portray a rich African cultural heritage and value. However, the high quality of the video is worth-while.

Enjoy !

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Charlotte Dipanda has officially released a new album ”Dube l’am’‘ consisting 14 tracks , 2 songs feature Richard Bona and Jacob Devarieux. ”Coucou” is an extract from the album which she believes is more mature than the former ” Mispa”. The song transcends my soul with a message of love and truth. No matter how long the night is, there shall be a dawn. Be strong, keep the faith for betters days are underway. Dube l’am in Duala means ”My faith”. 


Tracklist of Dube L’am
01. Toma me
02. Coucou
03. Bodimbea (feat. Richard Bona)
04. Kumbe elolo
05. Mouane diob
06. Soma loba
07. Na nde
08. We nde ndja (feat. Jacob Desvarieux)
09. Sona ndolo
10. Mukusa
11. Maria
12. Mot a idika
13. Mboa
14. Mouanyang

Download ”Dube l’am here

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A Tanzanian artist , Ally Timbulo has wasted no time to have his own share of X Maleya‘s reputation and fame. The fast rising star keeps  popularizing himself with a copy of X Maleya’s ”Yelele” which turned to be a classic hit in 2010 in Cameroon. ”Domo langu” is already having a quick embrace across Tanzania. As if this isn’t  enough, Timbulo is currently having his way with another X Maleya song ”Tchokolo”  faked in a Swahili title ” Waleo wa kasho”. It is quite clear that this is a flagrant infringement of copyright which is has a criminal liability. ”This one na Fiango sense” lol. The guy  has  cool voice and honestly , I prefer this version of the song . Great inspiration ! . X Maleya in Swahili means X Prostitute. 



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 Steveslil (Njang Stephen Mbu)  is a Cameroonian R&B, Afro pop and Hip Hop artist, songwriter , producer, and entrepreneur .He was born on December 25th  in Nguti , South West Cameroon and raised in Buea where he currently resides .

Steve was raised in a typical Presbyterian family massively influenced musically by his mother and dad who were both choir leaders and music composers.

During his Secondary school days at Presbyterian Comprehensive Secondary School Buea, Steve was a member of the acapella band ‘’Boyz On Zion’’ highly reputed for composing a sizzling version of ‘’Pilgrims may we travel with you’’ which proliferated to most Presbyterian Colleges .He  garnered fame on campus as a seasoned singer and comedian. He was winner of several arts and dancing competitions organized around the Buea vicinity.

With the resurgence of contemporary R&B artists like Sisqo, Usher, R Kelly, Matt, N’synk , Brandy, Monica and Destiny Child in the 90’s , Steveslil developed penchant for R&B and soul and started penning his own lyrics.

In High School, CCAS Kumba, Steve lost his inspiration when he drifted concentration on grappling with academics. After obtaining his Advanced Level in 2003, he enrolled in Universityof Buea to study Law.

In the course of his studies, he joined a Hip Hop group called CORESOUTH composing C-Hill, Trano and Nais G. He later became the CEO of CoreSouth Records. The group speedily gained fame on University campus, highly solicited to perform during Nites and Concerts. In 2005, the group was nominated to represent the South West Region at the Nescafe African Revelation (NAR) inDouala.

The group dissolved in 2006 and Steve decided to have a solo career.

Steve graduated from the Universityof  Buea with an LLB and dived into a search of a job to pay his bills as music was more of fame and no money. He worked with CREACOM Douala as Artistic Director and later resigned the job due to meager pay .

In 2007, he returned to Buea where he was instigated by his former band mate and friend C-Hill to start recording ‘’Play my Tambourine’’ at Chillen Music studios. 10 songs were recorded and the videos of ‘’Play My Tambourine’’ and ‘’Suzzy’’ directed by his friend Mambe Churchill (C-Hill) were premiered on STV, Canal 2 , and other local channels in Cameroon.

In 2008 he released ‘’I can’’ featuring Adjusta which aired on TV channels in Cameroon but had no immense impact.

In 2009, NexD im was nursed by Steve and his friend and entrepreneur Churchill Mambe with the objective of exposing, and marketing Cameroonian entertainment products. rapidly attracted attention and buzz, rated as one of the most visited Cameroonian entertainment blogs. He was appointed CEO of NexDim in April 2009.

Steveslil released ‘’Cameroonian Dream’’ with Kora Awards nominee and Star de Demain laureate which was a video compilation .

He performed at the ‘’Off the Wall’’ Tour  with US based Cameroonian artist SONA THE VOICE organized by Intercession Records in November 2009.

In 2010, Steve was part of the organizing crew of the maiden edition of a Gospel Talent TV show dubbed GOSPEL MUSICAL aired on national TV channel CRTV.

He released a Cameroonian version of T-Pain’s ‘’Buy u a drank’’ which he translated to pidgin as ‘’Buy u shack’ which received a warm embrace from fans across the world.

In September 2011, Steveslil was invited byRocanegra AB for a music Tour inSweden. There he worked with refined producer Simon Tocclo .

In Finland, he performed alongside Samy Diko at the Cameroonian Party for Charity inFinland.

Steveslil returned to Cameroon after his tour in Europe and released a brand new single ‘’Panjo’’ produced by 18 year-old Deecy . It is currently a buzz.

Steveslil has shared the stage with Samy Diko, Sidney, X Maleya, Krotal, Bantou Posi , Petit Pays, DJ Kaloudji etc.

In December 2011, Steveslil clinched CUMA Awards 2011 for Best R&B artist.

CUMA Awards’ Best RnB artist Steveslil  acclaimed for his song ”Panjo” is still bent on making hits that will print an indelible mark. ”Ngutiboy” is presently working on his new single ”I go marry u” with Trackzone’s magic fingers DJ Zee. 

”Panjo Master” album shall be released on a date to be decided by NexDim


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Eddy B , Mr R&B Himself is a US-based Cameroonian vocalist and songwriter affiliated to Avin-U C label. ”You go see me again” is his new sensational Afro Dancehall joint already captivating attention . He conveys a message that  you should n’t despise any person on your way to the top coz you’ll definitely meet the same person on your way to the bottom. I hope I got it right. Lol. What goes around comes back around. Let’s develop the virtue of giving to the needy and you shall be blessed a million fold.

Give thanks to ”Eta Mandem” for everything.

Feelam !


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