April 25, 2024

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M1 Studio Man Emile – JCI TOYP in Cultural Domain

JCI Cameroon Award of  the  Ten Outstanding Young Persons of  Cameroon (TOYP) in different categories like  Business, Economic and/or Entrepreneurial Accomplishment, Agriculture, Medical Innovation and Culture which took place at Djeuga Palace Yaounde, had Emile Ngumbah of  M1 Studio going home with an award in the cultural domain.

M1 Studio is one of the most renown recording labels in Cameroon. Based in the burstling town of  Buea in the South West region, it  has worked with almost all of  Cameroon’s most known artist nowadays – Achalle, Bate Nico, Bright Phase,  Narcisse Pryze you name the rest.

Back then Emile was out to train young talented Cameroonians in a bid to help them discover themselves, but today since 2003,  most of his trainees are featured in each and every musical  competition within Cameroon and Africa is  it the Nescafe Competition, Kora Awards, Star de Demain, Music Star, CABAHO Festival or which?

Thus, to celebrate such cultural achievements and leadership, M1 studio man received an award for JCI TOYP of Cameroon under the cultural domain at Djeuga Palace, Yaounde.Present at the occasion were the Minister of Culture, Aman Tutu Muna, CRTV’s General Manager, Amadou Vamoulke, American Ambassador Representative, British Ambassador Reresentative amongst others.

Speaking on a one on one chatting session with nexdimempire.com, Emile expressed so much joy and how he felt so overwhelmed to have been seen from such a distance. This will only go a long way to give him more urge and power to work even more harder, so he says.

Congratulations man more grease!!!