March 2, 2024

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Interview: Zita Aliah on her new album

When grace, charm and talent come together, the result is Zita Aliah. The sultry Buea-based multi-dimensional artist is about to release her highly-anticipated album “No di high up. The  launch has been slated for February 4, 2011 in Buea. Much in line with our tradition of being the first to present the stars to you, we caught up with her for a chat:
Nexdimempire: Who is Zita Aliah?
Zita Aliah: Well, what can I say? Simply put, Zita Aliah is an actress, TV presenter, radio host  and singer. I anchor a fashion and beauty show on HiTV as well as host a hip-hop and fashion program on M.C.F.M.
Nexdimempire: What genre of music are you into?
 Zita Aliah: I am mainly a hip-hop and dance hall fan.
Nexdimempire: Your upcoming album is titled “No d high up”. Why the choice to sing in pidgin?
 Zita Aliah: Not really. It’s not really my choice. In the entire album, they are just two songs sung in pidgin. The others are in English and even my mother tongue. And this is because there is a certain target audience I am trying to reach out to.  Your music only resonates with some people when it is sung in pidgin.
Nexdimempire: You’re into TV presenting, movies, and now singing. Do you have time for other endeavours?
Zita Aliah: Of course. I equally do scripting writing. If you must know, at one time I used to do modelling but that’s a little on hold now. I recently did an advert for a famous brand which I won’t name here.
Nexdimempire: Which other artists will be supporting you during your album launch?
 Zita aliah: A good bunch amongst which is the Rap Monsta M.D as well Spar-x The Virus who will be the M.C.
Nexdimempire: What is your take on Cameroonian urban music? Is it moving forward or marking time?
Zita Aliah :I must say there is talent but what we lack most is support through sponsorship. If we had that we would be able to rival even the Nigerians. Thanks to sponsorship I am able to put up my posters. If we had that, then the industry would make tremendous leaps forward. Lucky enough, some people are already doing something. MCFM  has decided to reduce its foreign- music content and transform its airwaves into a platform where young artists can get maximum exposure.
Nexdimempire: Well, you’ve already answered my next question (Zita laughs) . After your Buea launch, what’s next on your schedule?
Zita Aliah: With the Bamenda launch done and Buea’s upcoming, I plan to  follow these up with a series of concerts in other towns like Kumba, Limbe and others so that I can create and consolidate my fan base.
Nexdimempire: You have conquered TV, radio and movies, what is or are your next target(s)?
Zita Aliah:(laughs heartily)Well by thirty ,I see myself  opening a clothing line. Yeah, that’s one of my next challenges. But before that, I’ve got more albums and videos to release.
Nexdimempire: Zita Aliah, thanks for your time. It’s been a pleasure.
 Zita Aliah: The pleasure is all mine.