April 25, 2024

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Samy Labrute’s latest release:”Come into my hood”

Cameroonian rapper Samy Labrute has just released another song which is surely on its way to the top of the charts. “Come into my hood” is a brilliant tribute to simple yet effective hip-hop: a cocktail of rapping  and singing with soft- lively beats in the background. Nothing forced  or done in excess. The song features other rappers like Ebène and Ayriq Akam. It  describes urban life  and would  still have done well without the intermittent use of the “N” word. Samy Labrute is the son of a Cameroonian mother and an Egyptian father. The artist  has been present on the cameroonian urban- music scene for a while now and  after leaving the group  S.A.M.Y  he decided to go solo. This song is one of his solo offerings. Enjoy the video.