June 25, 2024

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Alex Song explained how his knee-jerk elbow on Mario Mandzukic in the 2014 World Cup (Brazil ) has affected his son Nolan psychologically for a long time.

Croatia was leading by one goal when Cameroon midfielder Alex Song elbowed Mandzukic. Alex Song received a red card, reducing Cameroon to 10 men. This was a huge blow, which caused Cameroon to lose by 4 – 0. 

Alex recounted that when he got into the dressing room, his son Nolan who was 8 years old disappointedly called him and asked ‘Dad, what did you just do?” 

With regrets, Alex Song had to apologize to his kids for the mistake. As if this wasn’t enough, 

Nolan was again traumatized by the invectives his father received from Cameroonians, especially the media. 

Well, we know how Cameroonians can be emotional when it comes to defeats.

Years after, when Nolan became a professional player, he was asked if he would represent his father’s country Cameroon. 

He responded categorically that he won’t play for Cameroon, underpinning that he doesn’t feel anything Cameroonian. 

After having a conversation with Nolan, Alex Song realized that his son was still mentally- affected by the World Cup incident and its aftermath. 

He advised Nolan not to use that incident as retribution towards Cameroon. 

Alex Song has encouraged Nolan to play for Cameroon if the opportunity comes. 

Nolan plays for Belgian third tier club RAAL La Louvière

(Interview on Toridey )