April 12, 2024

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During an interview with Okay Africa, Nigerian artist Kizz Daniel sang Libianca’s global hit “People”, belauding the song as an example of a relatable song; 

Interviewer: Which section of a song, for instance, does he consider the most important? Is it the revelatory zest of an opening line, is it the catchy hook, or the encompassing closing verse? 

Kizz Daniel: “None of those. The most important part of a song is the artist. Because everything is in the hands of the artist. The way music is now, the weirdest thing can work. There’s no formula to it. It’s about, what do you want to do? How well can you be relatable?”

“The people want to consume music that connects to them, whether through dance, or how they’re feeling at that particular moment,”

 “I’ve been drinking more alcohol for the past five days, did you check on me?”

  “Was all she needed to say. It’s not like the rest of the song is not beautiful, but that line alone got me”.

The next minute is spent expanding on the idea of people checking up on you, and not just assuming one’s alright because they’re a celebrity. “We all have a lot of things that’s bothering us that we’re scared to share with people, because we’re afraid of being judged,” he stated.

Source: Okay Africa