June 20, 2024

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Tanzanian artist , Ally Timbulo getting famous with two X Maleya hits.

A Tanzanian artist , Ally Timbulo has wasted no time to have his own share of X Maleya‘s reputation and fame. The fast rising star keeps  popularizing himself with a copy of X Maleya’s ”Yelele” which turned to be a classic hit in 2010 in Cameroon. ”Domo langu” is already having a quick embrace across Tanzania. As if this isn’t  enough, Timbulo is currently having his way with another X Maleya song ”Tchokolo”  faked in a Swahili title ” Waleo wa kasho”. It is quite clear that this is a flagrant infringement of copyright which is has a criminal liability. ”This one na Fiango sense” lol. The guy  has  cool voice and honestly , I prefer this version of the song . Great inspiration ! . X Maleya in Swahili means X Prostitute.