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The Li

ons” failure to qualify for a second AFCON in a row has drawn a barrage of suggestions on how to get the Lions back on track. At the top at the list is the dissolution of FECAFOOT as advocated by football legend Roger Milla. While the radical nature of this option can sound appealing, there is no guarantee that it is going to signal a change in the Lions” fortunes. This is because dissolving the federation will not be synonymous with an end to other systemic problems. Dissolution is no guarantee that simple rules will be followed : after a short – list of potential coaches was established, a coach who hadn”t made the short list was appointed. Dissolution is no guarantee that recalcitrant players will not create a foul environment in the dressing room. In fact the problem with dissolution is simply that it pretends to provide a quick answer to a deeply – rooted problem. Not qualifying for the AFCON is merely the tip of the iceberg and dissolving FECAFOOT will kickstart a process ladden with consequences. Have proponents of dissolution thought of what FIFA will do? Solutions are needed to cure the ailing Lions in particular and Cameroonian football in particular but dissolving FECAFOOT should not be brandished as the best and only option. The problem is not necessarily the institution but rather the rules and system in which this institution operates. Who does not agree?


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Another day and

another media outing. After Denis Lavigne“s interview of yesterday, it is now the turn of Cameroonian football legend Roger Milla to grab headlines with his own declaration. In an interview granted the national daily Cameroon Tribune, the Roving Ambassador advocates dissolving FECAFOOT as the only way to salvage Cameroon”s drowning football legacy. While this radical suggestion can seem pretty appealing at this time, it is important to factor in the consequences of such an action. A FIFA suspension will surely follow such an act. While this suggestion will surely provide fodder for critics, it is worth noting that the football legend has equally been accused by some as one of those causing trouble in the Lions” den. He is accused of being part of a cabal of elites from the Centre and South region trying to oust Iya Mohammed, a northerner. Whatever the case, it is evident that dissolution won”t solve all the problems plaguing the team.

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Hardly have Cameroonia

ns had time to swallow the bitter pill of another absence at the AFCON that former coach Denis Lavigne has gone pointing fingers. In an interview granted to and published today, the former Lions” coach blasted Samuel Eto”o, while acknowledging the striker”s talent, for wanting to be both a footballer, goalscorer, captain, coach and even minister. The Frenchmen went ahead to criticise Jean – Paul Akono, his successor, whom he called a “firestarter – arsonist” , in simple terms a double – edged sword. He equally did not spare others like Roger Milla, Jospeh – Antoine Bell and a host of others. He however had kind words for Iya Mohammed”s management of FECAFOOT. While this outing can be considered an attempt to absolve himself of blame and put some glitter back on his image in the eyes of Cameroonians, one thing stands out : some invasive surgery is needed to remove the cancer that is debilitating the once Indomitable Lions. Who”s next with some finger pointing?

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Roving sports ambassador, Roger Milla has fired back at Fecafoot after he was sacked last week from his post of honorary Fecafoot president. The ambassador started off by saying that it was ridiculous for Fecafoot to sack him since he was not its employee. He also added that he was neither a member of the executive committee or of the general assembly and that this sacking should not be seen as a sacking from involvement in Cameroon football since only the President of the Republic could do such. He said Fecafoot had freed him since he could now expose all the shady dealings going on there. In his long list of declarations, he revealed that he had been begged to be the honorary president. It is worth mentioning that these declarations are the latest chapter in the ongoing saga between Fecafoot and the former lion turned ambassador. In recent months, Fecafoot has made more headlines for non-football related activities as pundits expect something dramatic to happen. While all this drama goes on, it is easy to see that our football is  suffering.

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Cameroon’s football legend Roger Milla has been stripped off his role as honorary president of FECAFOOT after throwing bullets at the President Iya Mohammed and other officials for corruption and mismanagement. This decision was arrived at on Wednesday 16th May during a meeting held with all FECAFOOT officials in Yaounde . Article 45 of their statute stipulates the expulsion of any member who is guilty of jeopardizing the name of the institution.

According to Roger Milla who wasn’t present during the judgment, this decision doesn’t hurt him in any way but rather brings him  great relief and he is determined to continue his campaign against the bottle-necks.

The 59-year-old African player of the century has been critical of Fecafoot president Mohammed Iya and other officials over Cameroon’s failure to qualify for January’s African Cup and disciplinary action against player Samuel Eto’o.

Another executive David Mayebi was also removed from his functions.

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Cameroonian footall icon , Roger Milla just celebrated 4 years of  love relationship with his  sweety-pie , Stephanie Milla who is visibly  pregnant. Milla has certainly scored a goal ! The glamourous event hosted by Serge Tamba of Radio Siantou  took place on July 22nd at the Hilton Hotal in Yaounde in the presence of  top ranked government officials , artists like Emile Kangue, Ama Pierrot, Henry Njoh, K-Tino, Elvis Kemayo, Nono Flavie, Majoie Ayi, Rachel Tsoungui,Cameroooni football legends like Joseph Antoine Bell, Benjamin Massing, Issac Sinkot, Jean Paul Akono, David Mayebi ,Njitap and the traditional ruler of Bamoun,Sultan  Njoya .

We wish you more lovely years .


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Roger Milla and Samuel Eto’o on Tuesday decided to burry their differences following a press conference accorded  by the captain of the Indomitable Lions.

The two Cameroonian football icons  have agreed to resolve their differences. They  made peace infront of the  journalists and cameras. By this strong gesture, Eto’o says he and Milla have decided to get together to serve Cameroon football diligently. According to the Inter Milan striker, Roger Milla is a  ‘living god of football’. In reaction Milla also lavished appreciation to the one he calls his son.
Eto’o equally  lamented about  the catastrophic outing in  South Africa  and affirmed that the  team has turned the page  and now looks towards the future.
The dove of peace continued its flight as Milla reconciled with   Mohammed Iya, president of FECAFOOT during the inauguration ceremony of the new leaders of the DTN.

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48-year-old Cameroonian football legend, Roger Milla bowed out from the Executive bureau of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) during a meeting held on the 21st of August in Yaounde.  He quits because the federation has failed to give an apology for the condemnation he received after criticising Samuel Eto’o before the World Cup in South Africa.

Remember Milla blatantly criticised the Cameroon captain , Samuel Eto’o before the World Cup during an interview accorded by the French media for performing well in  his club and not giving his best in the Cameroon national team as well as Paul Le Guen for not doing his job properly. Samuel Eto’o even reacted by threatening not to take part in the World Cup.

FECAFOOT and other sport officials took the side of Eto’o and condemned Roger Milla’s position.

« certaines grandes figures du football camerounais, de nature à perturber la sérénité au¬tour de la sélection »

Discontented with the sport officials, he asked them to apologise during the meeting held at Mont Febe Hotel on Saturday.

Failing to get this apology, the Cameroonian Football legend quit from the Executive committee.

”Thing wey Milla fit seeyam wey ee shidon, Eto’o no fit seeyam even ee climb for tree”

The Indomitable Lions’  demise in South Africa was foreseen by Roger Milla.’

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