March 1, 2024

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Roger Milla advocates dissolving FECAFOOT to rescue Lions

Another day and

another media outing. After Denis Lavigne“s interview of yesterday, it is now the turn of Cameroonian football legend Roger Milla to grab headlines with his own declaration. In an interview granted the national daily Cameroon Tribune, the Roving Ambassador advocates dissolving FECAFOOT as the only way to salvage Cameroon”s drowning football legacy. While this radical suggestion can seem pretty appealing at this time, it is important to factor in the consequences of such an action. A FIFA suspension will surely follow such an act. While this suggestion will surely provide fodder for critics, it is worth noting that the football legend has equally been accused by some as one of those causing trouble in the Lions” den. He is accused of being part of a cabal of elites from the Centre and South region trying to oust Iya Mohammed, a northerner. Whatever the case, it is evident that dissolution won”t solve all the problems plaguing the team.