June 15, 2024

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The problem with dissolving FECAFOOT to rescue Cameroonian football

The Li

ons” failure to qualify for a second AFCON in a row has drawn a barrage of suggestions on how to get the Lions back on track. At the top at the list is the dissolution of FECAFOOT as advocated by football legend Roger Milla. While the radical nature of this option can sound appealing, there is no guarantee that it is going to signal a change in the Lions” fortunes. This is because dissolving the federation will not be synonymous with an end to other systemic problems. Dissolution is no guarantee that simple rules will be followed : after a short – list of potential coaches was established, a coach who hadn”t made the short list was appointed. Dissolution is no guarantee that recalcitrant players will not create a foul environment in the dressing room. In fact the problem with dissolution is simply that it pretends to provide a quick answer to a deeply – rooted problem. Not qualifying for the AFCON is merely the tip of the iceberg and dissolving FECAFOOT will kickstart a process ladden with consequences. Have proponents of dissolution thought of what FIFA will do? Solutions are needed to cure the ailing Lions in particular and Cameroonian football in particular but dissolving FECAFOOT should not be brandished as the best and only option. The problem is not necessarily the institution but rather the rules and system in which this institution operates. Who does not agree?