June 17, 2024

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Witchdoctors demand unpaid dues from Cameroon sports ministers, some allege

At this pace, fans of the Microcapmillionaires.com – $27 Monthly Recurring Commissions!pan style=”color: #800000;”>Indomitable Lions won’t get over their disappointment easily. The latest concerning their beloved squad involves, surprise surprise , witchdoctors. Information which first appeared in the print media and reached the webosphere suggest that witchdoctors, allegedly contracted by the Sports Minister Adoum Garoua to mystically concoct qualification for the Lions, are threatening to strike if the monies promised them aren’t paid soonest. The story goes that the minister promised the 10 witchdoctors about F.CFA 25, 000, 000 for victory and gave each one million up front to buy various ingredients like eagle wings and viper liver oil amongst others for their spell – making ventures . But despite the victory, the witchdoctors accuse the minister of turning around to say the deal was for qualification, not only victory. One of the witchdoctors is quoted as saying ,” We worked day and night. And you know the stadium is haunted by evil spirits…….I worked, worked, sometimes till 3:50 a.m…….” Whether this is just another paper – selling stunt pulled by pressmen or not is still to be seen. But one thing is true: stories like these irrespective of their veracity only compound the new – found infamy of any Indomitable – Lion related issue. This leaves one wondering what is the next scandal?