July 13, 2024

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Sports: Milla fires back at Fecafoot

Roving sports ambassador, Roger Milla has fired back at Fecafoot after he was sacked last week from his post of honorary Fecafoot president. The ambassador started off by saying that it was ridiculous for Fecafoot to sack him since he was not its employee. He also added that he was neither a member of the executive committee or of the general assembly and that this sacking should not be seen as a sacking from involvement in Cameroon football since only the President of the Republic could do such. He said Fecafoot had freed him since he could now expose all the shady dealings going on there. In his long list of declarations, he revealed that he had been begged to be the honorary president. It is worth mentioning that these declarations are the latest chapter in the ongoing saga between Fecafoot and the former lion turned ambassador. In recent months, Fecafoot has made more headlines for non-football related activities as pundits expect something dramatic to happen. While all this drama goes on, it is easy to see that our football is  suffering.