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In 2017, Pascal severed ties with Jovi’s New Bell Music and later inked a record deal with Strange Kings . He churned out “Paapi” and “Benediction” under the imprint which was a complete swerve from his original style under Jovi’s  mentorship and according to pundits fell short of what people expected from him.   Pascal’s relationship with Strange Kings gradually deteriorated to a level where he was filed a law suit by the label for breaching the contract. 

Things have never been the same since Pascal left New Bell Music.  His popularity and following has gradually dwindled like a candle taper. He incurred huge debts while under Strange Kings and could only regain poise when he dropped “Pikin 4 Sun” EP.  

Pascal has been through a career ordeal and he seems to have learned from his mistakes . 

Sunday , May 5th, the “Check sense” crooner Pascal took to Twitter to declare he misses every second working with Jovi. This has triggered reactions from fans. 

He is now showing respect, remorse , admitting responsibility and trying to make amends with Jovi. 


From Jovi’s responses to Pascal’s tweets , he apparently felt hurt by Pascal’s actions and innuendos after he left New Bell Music. His reaction insinuates the fact that Pascal has been claiming creative authorship of the song “Check sense” . Jovi has come out to clarify how the sing came about .

Pascal who appears susceptible has acquiesced to Jovi’s massive influence on his career and showed gratitude for all he’s done for him. 

Jovi is still hurt but willing to let go the past. He has accepted  Pascal’s apology still mentioning him has his best rapper .


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Cameroonian rapper best known for his pseudonym “Mboko god” Jovi is back with a fresh video of his much-acclaimed song “20ba’.  He released the audio last year under New Bell Music.


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Jovi has released his new EP “Yajé Vol. 1: Black”. Produced by Le Monstre in his signature Mboko style, the four-song EP contains his two new releases “Devil No Di Sleep” and “20 BA” Download “Yajé Vol. 1: Black” exclusively on Bandcamp below!

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New Bell boss Jovi has released the video of his brand new single ‘Devil No di sleep’. This comes several months after  ‘the Mboko god’ dropped ‘Ou Meme’ . Though criticized for his obscenity, Jovi once more expresses his creativity and dexterity as Cameroon’s greatest rap lyricist.

Enjoy !

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New Bell Music’s Reniss has been basking in glory since the release of her monster hit “La sauce”. The captivating and thought-provoking  yet controversial phrase “Dans la sauce” was a remarkable trend during the just ended African Cup of Nations in Gabon championed by Cameroon. This phrase invented by New Bell Music went viral on media platforms across Africa and the President of the republic Paul Biya during his congratulatory speech equally made use of the phrase. 

Orange Cameroon,  a telephony company has taken advantage of the buzz “Dans la sauce” to proliferate their promotion campaign without permission from Jovi nor the artist Reniss who created the idea. Thus violating their intellectual property right.

Immediately this campaign surfaced online, New Bell Music has released a statement on Twitter condemning the act by the communication company and further threatened it won’t be easy on them.

New Bell Music is protective of our intellectual property. Corporations don’t have to exploit artist’s ideas for their own gain” 

Legally, if the patent has been protected by New Bell Music,  this is what can happen. 

A patent owner may enforce his patent by bringing a patent infringement action (lawsuit) in court against anyone who uses his invention without permission. If the lawsuit is successful, the court will take one of two approaches. It may issue a court order (called an injunction) preventing the infringer from any further use or sale of the infringing device, and award damages to the patent owner. Or, the court may work with the parties to hammer out an agreement under which the infringing party will pay the patent owner royalties in exchange for the use.

Affaire a suivre…


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Pascal releases his new single “Makero” featuring Jovi and Reniss. In the new single off his upcoming album, Pascal spits bars matching pace with pulsating guitars. Rapping in Pidgin, Pascal delivers his clever lyrical prowess and precise flow. Featuring Jovi and Reniss on the song, Le Monstre’s signature Mboko sound comes through trappin. Listen to Pascal’s “Makero” featuring Jovi and Reniss!

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Pascal releases his debut video “Manka’a” featuring Lor. Yung King spits his Pidgin flows in “Manka’a”, with Lor delivering her French spin on the chorus. Produced by Le Monstre in his signature Mboko style and laced with Jamaican dancehall and trap influences, “Manka’a” continues to to bring Cameroon’s diverse culture to the forefront.
Written and directed by Tatapong Beyala, watch Pascal’s “Manka’a” featuring Lor here!

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Reniss releases her new single “Pilon.” A high-energy dance track produced by Le Monstre with his signature Mboko sound, “Pilon” is a fusion of Cameroonian genres. Reniss celebrates women’s independence and wordplays on the title, which means “pestle” in English, referring to the mortar and pestle, a staple in cooking in Cameroon and throughout Africa. Singing in French, Reniss continues representing Cameroon’s diversity with her unique blend of pop sounds and multilingual lyrics.

Listen to Reniss’ song “Pilon” below!

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After much anticipation , New Bell Music queen Reniss has resurfaced with the visuals of her powerful Bikutsi Jam titled ” La sauce”. She outperformed on this one in her versatility, vocal dexterity and maturity. Reniss is definitely going to create a massive impact with this one. A superlatively beautiful video by Ndukong.

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Pascal releases Volume II The Prelude! Fresh off the success of his Work Dey Vol. 1 EP release, Pascal drops a follow-up EP that continues to show off his prolific writing skills and artistry as an MC. Pascal’s five song EP takes the listeners through the struggles and triumphs of coming up as an artist in Cameroon. Rapping in Pidgin and English, Pascal tells stories that convey the weight of hard work and perseverance required to succeed in Cameroon and beyond. Pascal’s energy and constant flow kick off with “King Don Kam,” a trap-laced intro that evolves into a spacious, electronic place where he speaks on hardships, and transitions into the driving beat as he explains his motivation for continuing to strive for more. From the Afro-pop-influenced “Kana,” the heartfelt, Bafut-inspired “Manka’a,” and the anthemic “Elevate” featuring Jovi, Pascal’s ability to self-reflect and inspire his fans by talking about real life brings us back to the essence of what hip hop is all about. “The Prelude,” the final songs on the EP, features Rostou of French Kind giving Pascal props on his hustle, and Pascal explaining that there is always hope-if he can make it, so can you. With Le Monstre as the Executive Producer, and Kiloh contributing as an additional producer, Pascal’s Volume II The Prelude leaves the listener wanting to hear more, which is exactly what the title promises. Download and stream Volume II The Prelude here!


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