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Rapper Mic Monsta also known by the appellation  “Microphone Njoku” has unveiled his new much-anticipated project dubbed “Johnny” produced by DJ Karl.

The song depicts the life of a young hustler who possesses an unwavering determination to succeed in life in a bid to help his family. He plunges into an adventurous life in the city to make money with total commitment.

Johnny signifies perseverance, pessimism and faith. 

The video was crafted by Geraldrico Guevara 

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Copying one’s creative work or derivative parts and presenting it as your own without permission is plagiarism.
In essence, anything that reflects a minimal spark of creativity and originality can be copyrightable; ranging from the melody, chord progression, lyrics and rhythm.
Copying may be through sampling, interpolation, flipping , lyrics etc
Songwriter and up and coming sensation Jigi has accused Mic Monsta for copying his song “Johnny”.

This accusation unexpectedly comes when Mic Monsta had released a snippet of his own version of “Johnny”. The pre-release excitement has been euphoric and release is madly anticipated. From the buzz, Mic Monsta’s “Johnny” will likely be a propitious hit. 
Once I got this shocking outburst by Jigi who was smart enough to release his own version amidst the frenzy, I was quick to listen to the song in a bid to make a substantial comparison with Mic’s “Johnny”.

Mic Monsta’s has quickly reacted to Jigi’s allegation. 

To gauge the level of similarity, firstly, we’ll need to know if the alleged infringer Mic Monsta had any access to Jigi’s “Johnny” prior to the writing of his own song.
Secondly, I wanted to know if there is a threshold of substantial similarity that an average listener can tell if the song has been copied. In this , I took into consideration these components;
Melody, lyrics, bassline and rhythm.
I haven’t reached out to Jigi to know if Mic Monsta had heard his song before but from a post I saw on Facebook by Enow… this song had been sent to him about two months ago and Jigi said his team was fine tuning strategies for the release.
I equally developed a thought that inspirations can sometimes coincide especially when it comes to the music scale progressions.
After listening to both songs, apart from same title, I could decipher a similarity in the tempo and drum patterns. The chords carry an atmosphere of melancholy and the lyrics are narrative in approach. Both songs are based on Johnny’s hustle, ordeals and fight to survive. E.g. Johnny.
A song is less likely to be litigated over a hook which is typically based on a common phrase or name.
In a whole, there is an acute variation of melody in both songs . The scale progressions are different and this changes the perspectives.
This case is similar to the Nigerian scenario in which two similar songs were released within the same time frame. Ebaeno by Kcee, Harrysong and Skibii and Jantamanta by Mavins had clear-cut similarities in the harmony, rhythm and melody.
Both songs got into mainstream , were well-accepted, enjoyed massive airplay and successful. 
The urban music industry is a huge universe needing more content. We should therefore accept and promote both songs which are considerably ear-friendly.

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Outstanding lyricist Mic Monsta serves it red hot with his banging club vibe titled “Change ya style” featuring Dready Christ. 


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Afro-pop / Hip hop duo July just unveiled the remix of their highly acclaimed tune “For your mind” featuring Kikoh and Mic Monsta. The Dreamz Line prolific duo display irresistible creativity and lyrical savvy on this one. Definitely a propitious hit in 2018. Visuals by Mosima P .

Enjoy !

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Mic Monsta just dropped a new explosive tune dubbed “No no no” under Kwata Music imprint. In a deep lyrical expression , the ace rapper seems to fed up and disgusted with his partner’s overly exploitative and materialistic behavior.

Mic Monsta is definitely journeying to huge success with this one. Produced by Dj’ae Glenny.

Enjoy !

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Yung  Time just unveiled the video of his new Hip hop tune titled ” Tu me know” . The song features Mic Monsta and “Seriously” hit maker Coolkid Berka. 

N.B : Explicit content 

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Kreef Entertainment frontline act Mic Monsta has resurfaced with a new commercial and festive tune titled “Freedom of speech” featuring DREADY CHRIST who comes with such an addictive refrain. The “Fear ” crooner further proves his lyrical ingenuity and unmatched punchline creativity. 

This opus comes off his new “EP” downloadable here

Enjoy !


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Kreef signee Mic Monsta is fast establishing himself as the dopest lyricist from Cameroon. No gain saying, he caught the attention of Jovi and earned his endorsement.

The Kumba-raised rap prodigy after thrilling Africa with “Fear”, has churned out a melancholic and satirical tune titled “Kwata state of mind”. In this emotionally   profound opus, Mic Monsta delves into the theme of societal regression, hard knocks and the agony redolent of the streets.

The video, creatively directed by Dr Nkeng Stephens depicts a story of a child who wallows in pernury yet pessimistic . The video is breath-taking.

Enjoy !

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Mic Monsta’s lyrical dexterity has caught the attention of music lovers. His skillful use of metaphors in his songs make him outstanding . “Fear” is his first tune under Kreef Entertainment imprint . The thumping rap tune comes with a well-crafted video by Dr Nkeng. Let’s enjoy creativity at it’s acme.

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Liinx just released the highly awaited video of his tune “K-Town” ft Ewube and Mic Monsta. A dope song paying homage to the city where the artists we raised . Ewube comes in with a powerful vocal delivery embellished with lyrical prowess of Liinx and Monsta.Video directed by Didiblaise. .
Give a standing ovation !



The new single produced by Slimbeatz, features Ewube of BestMusic Inc and Mic Monsta of Kreef Ent, on a video shot by Nkeng Stephens and directed by Didi Blaise All from “KTown” (Kumba) except for Nkeng Stephens.

Stockholm – Sweden 05 March 2016.
Stockholm-based Cameroonian rapper and CEO of Mudhouse Entertainment Liinx is at it again. On the 1st of March his second single entitled “KTown” (Kumba Town) was released on the label’s YouTube channel (MudHouseEnt Channel) and on all online audio sales outlets. The audio/video release aims at aiding his followers to better understand the storyline behind the record.

“I swear this is the new Kumba anthem. On rotation on my show permanently” Lenny B. Bruce Radio host, FM105 Cameroon acknowledges in a Facebook post.

About Liinx:
After his first single “Ashia”, “Ktown” confirms Liinx as a master of his craft. Characterized by his adroitness, sincerity in lyrical delivery, as well as spreading positivity in his message-filled songs, Liinx drifts away from the negative and stereotype image people have about hip-hop music. This phenomenon has won him a huge following from all age groups in a very short period of time.

“KTown” is available for download and streaming on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer, Spotify, Tidal and many more. The Video is available on YouTube.
Follow us and Liinx on facebook, Twitter and Instagram for constant updates @LiinxOfficial and @MudHouseEnter

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Online purchase link open to all devices:

Youtube Link:

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