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Sultry Afro-pop diva Lucy Brand has unveiled her sophomore tune dubbed “Your love” under group Mamone imprint. Lucy Brand the “Kamer Diva” made an emphatic debut under the label in November 2016 with “Mama Africa”, a thematic song for the African Women Cup of Nations held in Cameroon which received unconditional love from fans.
Gorgeous, creative and full of unmatched charisma, Lucy Brand is gradually journeying to the platform of reputable artists in the urban music sphere.
Her new single “Your Love” is a master-piece love tune for you to jive to. The video was directed by Shabatam.


Ntembe Luciene Anyi (Lucy Brand) hails from Ngwo village situated at Momo Division, North West region.
She is a level 300 student at the University of Bamenda.
She is an Afro pop sensation under MAMONE production owned by Mochio Nempe Mathias .
Lucy Brand is versatile as she can’t effortlessly switch from Afro pop to Dancehall, R&B and many others genres.
“Your love” is one of the songs extracted from her rich repertoire to be divulged subsequently.
LUCY is an uprising star with a passion for dancing and acting.


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“Clando” crooner Blaise B, newly signed to Alpha Better Records to join Mr Leo,  Askia and Salatiel,  has raised the curtain with a brand new video titled “Front and Back”. A fusion of high life and Afro-pop gives a soothing sound. Blaise B has made formidable strides in marketing and branding himself to become one of the most sought-after artists.

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Formerly known as X-NO and later X-Kluzif of the famous rap duo T’n’S in Molyko, prolific rapper now rebranded as FlyHabit resurfaces with a sizzling cover of Asa’s acclaimed single “Maybe” under Hood Breed Label imprint. The rapper and producer dishes this opus as a fore-taste of his impending single “O bi mi”. 

In this concious piece of art, FlyHabit lyrically, poetically and metaphorically expresses general and specific haps pertaining to life with respect to it’s “uncertainty” aspect.

Listen up !

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Steven’s Music Entertainment announces the release of Daphne’s newest single. Her much anticipated single entitled “Calée,” was released today 03/02/17. The multiple award winning artist shines on this track and continues to show why she is one of the best voices in the industry. She’s received a lot of praise for this track, especially from Salatiel whom she partnered with for the first time to create this masterpiece. Daphne cherished this opportunity and in her words: “Working with Salatiel has been a blessing, and I look forward to other projects with him.” “Calée” is a fun, playful love story about a girl falling deeply in love. It’s easy on the ears and the music will make you want to dance as you soak in the storyline. With every single released, Daphne continues to bring something new and fresh into the Cameroon music industry. “I anticipate that people will love this new single and can’t wait for their feedback” says Daphne. “Calée” which is written by Salatiel, Mr Leo and Daphne, will soon be available on all digital media outlets. However, you can stream the full track at DOWNLOAD BELOW : stevensme/daphne-calee

Watch Lyrics Video: v=GUbp95Qriy8  

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Alpha Better Records frontline solo artist Mr Leo has once more proven his unmatched qualities. “Je t’aime” is his brand new release featuring Congolese star Hiro. This appealing song comes after “Jamais Jamais”.


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Talented duo Rythmz just resurfaced with a massive tune titled “Boboloh” . This soul-searching song comes after “Madame tout le monde” which was welcomed with considerable acclamation by the public.  Dianee and Kezzy glide through this beautiful instrumental with sultry vocals and thought-provoking lyrics.  


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It all started on December 27th when “Coller la petite” hit-maker Franko took to Facebook to derogate the winners of MTV Africa Music Awards , presumably the greatest achievement for an artist in Africa. The rapper intimated that there is no financial reward accompanied with the trophy. In a seemingly taunting manner, he earlier on dedicated his “Disque D’or” to the MTV Africa Music Awards.  He made use of the Jovi-coined word “Mongshung” to describe the award. 

Jovi’s new hit “Mongshung”is #1 Hip Hop tune on Trace Urban. 

December 28th,  Stanley Enow , the sole Cameroonian winner of the coveted MTV awards took to Facebook and posted Jovi’s latest tune “Mongshung” commending the song as one of his favorite this year 2016.

This post has astonished a myriad of fans and pundits who have known both rappers as foes. 

Jovi and Stanley Enow have had a rugged relationship in the past characterized by vocal jabs in songs and beefs most often dramatized by social media. Worth-noting, Stanley has always shown respect and utter appreciation for Jovi’s music from day one .

Jovi on his part showed Stanley Enow unflinching support when he was nominated for MTV Africa Music Awards , rallying his fans to vote for him. A stir of happiness and show of approval has moved across social media for Stanley’s move. To some, it’s a show of unity , humility and maturity. 

About 30 minutes after historic post , “Ca sort comme ca sort” rapper Maahlox has come into the scene with a baleful and provocative comment referring to Stanley Enow as an “ass-licker” meaning he is just a brown-nose who is trying to flatter Jovi with an intention of gaining something. From the comments on the post, Maahlox seems  to be enraged. I don’t know why. 

He informs Jovi in an idiomatic manner to tell Stanley to be careful because while trying to go down and lick, the crown might fall from his head. Interesting !

This has been the acme of trouble and heated controversy. It’s quite doubtful why Maahlox will throw such a jab at Stanley Enow. Is he creating a vicious cycle.  Check it below; 

There’s substantial amount of evidence of hatred and proof that Franko and Maahlox are teaming up to devalue Stanley Enow and his achievements.  

However,  in every hip hop game there must be “beefs” to instil interest and buzz. Remember Biggy and 2 Pac, Jay-Z & Nas,  Drake & Meek Mill .

Let’s wait for the next move.

We are Nexdim !


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MTV BASE has unleashed a list of the hottest MCs this year 2016 in French Africa. The list comprises 4 Cameroonian rappers Stanley Enow, Maahlox, Pit Baccardi and Franko.  Stanley Enow has been a regular while Franko’s groundbreaking hit “Coller la petite” and Maahlox’s “Ca sort comme ca sort” has propelled to the acme of fame. An astonishing omission is Jovi whom many thought should be part of the list. 

Kudos ! 


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The prolific and ideal rapper Skidi Boy is one of Cameroon’s finest acts whose witty fusion  of English, pidgin and French deserves credit. He has so far released “YAOUNDE” and “GERAT” well received by music pundits and fans.

“YAOUNDE” remains the rapper’s renown hit track which enabled him take over the streets.

Here comes another sizzling tune titled  “NANGA MBOKO” produced by Dijay Karl. He delves into the struggle in the streets.  

Enjoy !


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Dschang-based ace Hip hop Emzee just unveiled his debut club-banger dubbed “La go”. He glides on the dope beat with great dexterity and a slight comical touch. 

Emzee is endowed with incredible charisma , lyrical prowess and versatility. His music is definitely a must-listen. 

Agendia Achankeng Boris a.k.a Emzee was born on the 2nd of October 1996 in Bafoussam, West region of Cameroon . He hails from Fontem Division,  South West Region. Emzee is the second sibling in a family of four. He grew up in Bafoussam where he started honing his craft.

He obtained his Odinary level certificate at the Full Gospel High School, Bamenda where he studied for 5 years and returned to Bafoussam to complete his high school at Lycee Bilingue de Bafousam. Emzee is currently a student of law  at the University of Dschang. His immense drive is to get to the pedestal of fame in the urban music industry in Cameroon.  

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