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Intellectual comedian Ngwane Hansel has made an emphatic come-back into the entertainment scene. Known for his thought-provoking satire and comic posts on social media,  Hansel is about to ignite a new trend on television . 

He is set to launch his comedy TV show dubbed “THE HANSEL SHOW“, the maiden edition to air on CMTV Friday, October 21st. 7pm sharp.

Watch out ! 

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Multi-talented prodigy Dynastie Le TIGRE presents a follow up tune titled ” Joues moi le mendjang” . He reminisces moments when he had a dream of becoming famous like Michael Jackson and R. Kelly. Today, he’s being appreciative of what he has achieved as an artist. The video was directed by Adah Akenji.
Enjoy !

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Yong is a dexterous rapper whose solid punchlines caught our attention . “Man pass man” is his new single featuring Daddy Black and Ngala under Nation of Hustlers Music group. The tune was produced by DJ Romeo.

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The 10th edition of the Canal D’or awards took place on Saturday 28th at Yaounde congress hall hosted by Tchop Tchop , Kelly White and veteran TV host Pascal Pierre. The award ceremony was characterised with pomp and Splendour in the presence of the first lady Chantal Biya and under the patronage of the minister of communication Tshiroma Bakary.

A flamboyant red carpet moment added the jazzy nature of the event. Stanley Enow was the headliner of the prestigious event should I say Cameroon’s Grammy.  The MTV award-winning rapper bagged home 2 awards. Quite historic. The most dramatic moment was when Pascal Pierre openly made a marriage proposal to Jambo TV host Kelly White. She later declared in a post-event interview that it wasn’t a “just for fun” proposal but real .

Special awards went to Soukouss Makoul,  Aladji Toure, Roland Kamseu and Eko Roosevelt for their outstanding contribution in the music culture.

It was quite a gloomy day for fellow English speaking nominees who were abortive . Their reactions coupled with fan reactions on social media were quite exasperating . However, the results remain unchanged.

Below is the full list of winners of this year’s Canal D’or.

1-Best Urban Artist/Group: Stanley Enow

2-Best Newcomer: Stanley Enow

3-Popular Song: Mani Bella ”Pala Pala”

4-Best Male Artist: X-Maleya

5-Best Female Artist: Coco Argentee

6-Best TV Series: Cercle Vicieux

7-Best African Artist: Flavour

8-Best Central African Artist: Roga Roga

9-Best Video: Michael Kiessou “Tourner Les Reins” by NS Pictures

10-Best Comedian: Moustik Le Charismatik

11-Best Folkloric Music Artist/Group: Mabelle Zang

12-Best Actor in a Comedy: Martin Poulibe

13-Best Actress in A Comedy: Kwedi (Cercle Vicieux)

14-Best Newcomer Central Africa:Tresor Mvoula

15-Best World Music Artist:Group: Herve Nguebo

16-Best Gospel Artist/Group: Prince De Jesus


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MakHan Productions is pleased to announce the first ever “Kamer Kings of Comedy” show which will feature the best in English Cameroon comedy. This show is aimed at promoting constructive comedy from English Cameroon as well as create an arena for talent discovery. Slated for December 11th at the Black and White Cabaret (Hotel Residence Carlos), this show promises to be a revolutionary event in the Cameroon Entertainment industry.
With comic faces like Ngwane Hansel, Nofuru and Christian, (Senior Pastor of the Laughing Ministry), the audience will be served a thrilling 2-hour show sprinkled by surprise acts from artists and other special acts. The show’s main sponsors, HiTV and Hotel Residence Carlos have already released official statements pertaining the organization of the event. Stay tuned for subsequent updates.
A teaser had been released on YouTube and can be viewed here:

Event: Kamer Kings of Comedy
Date: Thursday, 11th December 2014
Time: 6pm
Fee: 1000 CFA
Venue: Hotel Residence Carlos

MakHan Productions
Tel: +237 67938-6096 / +237 67970-9472
Twitter: @MakHanProd
Youtube: MakHan Productions

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Zumhoo Studio Work is proud to announce the soon-to-be released brand new satirical comedy show  “The Good, The Bad ,The funny” . Hosted by  intellectual comedian Ngwane Hansel, the show will focus on comic absurdities in show biz, politics , relationship and other aspects of our social existence . Directed by A.O.A , this show will definitely be one of its kind as its originality and comical approach albeit controversial content will keep you addicted. Stay glued for the digital release in Wednesday 12.02.2014.



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Hi NexDimers, ”Cold Feet” (The Slack Man) is absolutely hilarious for you to savour. The short comedy is a brainchild of Agbor Obed Agbor (A.O.A) of Zumhoo Studio works. Stand-up comedian Ngwane Hansel features on this one.

Enjoy !


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The multitude of fashion and music lovers who flocked to the Fredash International Annual Fashion Avenue (FIAFA) 2013 at Hotel Residence Carlos on April 13th were enthused with the trail of activities. The event which rallied a great number of  local and international fashion designers and models was glamorous , alluring, stylish and full of pageantry. Models from Fredash Modeling Agency thrilled the audience with catwalks on the run-way, exhibiting an avalanche of  classy designs while guest acts ; Steveslil, LOL, Askia, Melcube and Makon spiced it all with stunning performances.The organizer Nemfor Alfred (Fredash) remains positive and promises to create a remarkable impact in the fashion industry.

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/>Famed Cameroonian comedian Dave K. Moktoï known for speaking French with an American accent has announced a come-back show to take place on November 18,2012 at the Hilton Hotel in Yaounde. The comic made this known yesterday the 25th during his stopover on CRTV”s morning show Hello. After a decade long absence from Cameroon, the comedian promises a hilarious communion with his fans since he left for the U.S. Fans should be prepared for a stand-up kind of comedy instead of the short plays he was most famous for while in Cameroon. It”s a new look Dave K. as he dons a dread-like hairdo. Interested persons should know that his comedy isn”t cheap and should prepare FCFA 10,000 for an entry. Now that”s not funny, is it? lol

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Although Cameroonian comedy has not yet exploded, a few comedians have given it visibility and credibility. Below is a list of our top five comedians. Apart from their ability to draw laughs from crowds, their appeal to all Cameroonians, recognisability, consistency and overall repertoire are the criteria that have been used to come up with this list. So here we go.

5: Valery Ndongo. Since coming on to the scene, the young comic has been busy doing performances. His strength lies in stand-up comedy although he has recently branched into music releasing a hilarious parody-tone track titled “Touche pas mon manioc“. He has created an association called Africa Stand up and hosts with friend Major Assé a stand up comedy show on T.V. However his art just like him is still young so he is the Benjamin of the list.

4: Kouakam Narcisse can be rightly described as a veteran when Cameroonian comedy is concerned. From sketches to stand-up comedy, the man has done it all. In the early 90s, he was arguably the king but in recent times he seems to be in hibernation, doing little events and no major stage performances. However his body of work still makes him relevant today.

3: Tagne Kondom: The comic has been around for a while performing sketches and attempting stand-up comedy. Despite his talent he has grown to be known more as Fingon’s sidekick. It is very difficult to picture him as his own man but at least he can be pictured and glaringly. This leaves him in 3rd position right behind his constant associate.

ft size-full wp-image-11880″ title=”Fingon-Tralala” src=”” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”225″ />2: Fingon Tralala: Nobody can talk of Cameroonian comedy in recent years without mentioning his name. From sketches to musical parodies and T.V. shows, the guy has been there and done that. His repertoire is so impressive that nobody can laugh at it. Everybody knows his characters like Doctor Agus. However despite the immensity of his talent, the guy has in recent years not kept up the tempo. His most recent jokes are not as funny as before. He has equally disappeared from the comedy scene. However he was on Jambo T.V. recently to present his latest series of short comic films about the Lions. It is for this and only this that he is not at the top of the list.

1: Major Assé: It is true that the guy just burst unto the scene but what an entrance. His style is unique and he has been lining up shows and performances like none other. For the short time he has been around he has succeeded in making himself a fixture on the comedy scene. This impressive entrance, unique brand of comedy and consistency are what have put him at the top of the pile. In 2007 , he won an African award for comedy, in 2009, he won the award for best comedian at the Canal d'Or. With his colleague Valery Ndongo, he hosts the Stand up Night Show on Canal 2. Recent reports say he is about to start workshops to train up and coming talent, just what a guy at the top of his game will do. “La copine nationale” is the man to beat right now when comedy in Cameroon is concerned.

If this list had to be made any longer guys like Houga, Big Mami, Djoudjo Kalaba, Ntu Finger and duo Sparko/Zachary could possibly make the cut.


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