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Divine is a Cameroonian-American theatre actor based in Garland – Tx USA. He was born in June 1st, in the riverine littoral region of Cameroon. The 10th of the 11 children born from the union between Esther Genah Doh and Christopher Lea Doh, both parents hail from Baligham village North West Region . Divine successfully went through the academic hurdles that laid his way as he strove for academic achievements. After he failed to gain an admission into the University of Douala to pursue a degree in Economics, he later travelled to the USA where he continued his studies. In 2013 after a completion of a 15 months course at KD STUDIO COLLEGE in Dallas with an Associate of Fine Arts.

 Divine performed in several stage plays and featured in a theatre play called “THE CUTTER” written by Dion Cooke and directed by John S Davis, as a young boy growing. Divine showed excessive passion for music both by performing with his cousins and brothers at their father night club. Currently working with studio fifty fifty here in Dallas.Their collaborations has already yielded so many songs and the album so ready tobe release next year 2017.Divine seems to be making a name for himself after his six years in USA as he gradually builds up his fans base . He has performed at Abinthe loumge bar upon an invitation from a friend Casey Shriender and a special guest star at the opening of Spayse Studio in Dallas.The road to sustainable success might be long and rugged but the zeal ,passion expressed by Divine shows he has what it takes to reach the end.

Je dis danse” is a song written by Divine and produced in USA , he believes that in any parties no matter where in this world. So long  there is drinks,food ,beautiful ladies and a good DJ-the festival will last till dawn.

                                                                                           JE DIS DANSE LYRICS
Verse one


Wow that’s so cool

Aujourd hui c’est la fete

Dans cette fete,il ya beaucoup de choses a boire

le bonne nourriture et les belle nana Yea

Il ya aussi le meilleur MC,DJ Earl

Je te remercier avec votre excellent service Yea

Dans cette fete,nous allons danse jusque”au matin matin Yea

Tout le monde ,tout le monde,tout le monde-tous

lets go

Danse,danse-je dis danse

Danse ,danse-je dis danse

Tout le monde

Danse,danse-je dis danse

Danse,je dis danse-lets go

Je dis danse
Verse two

Dans cette fete,je suis ici avec mes camardes des classe

mon professeur et mes voisins.

Quand je dit que nous allons danse jusque’au matin

Sa pour dit que il ya la bonne musique ici avec les belle nana

Yea,nous allons danse jusque’au matin, avec le mellieur dj

Je parle seulement
Verse three

African African
Tu savior que nous l’africains aime fete jusque’au matin

parce que quand il ya les nourriture et lesboissons.La fete va continuer Yeah
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It all started on December 27th when “Coller la petite” hit-maker Franko took to Facebook to derogate the winners of MTV Africa Music Awards , presumably the greatest achievement for an artist in Africa. The rapper intimated that there is no financial reward accompanied with the trophy. In a seemingly taunting manner, he earlier on dedicated his “Disque D’or” to the MTV Africa Music Awards.  He made use of the Jovi-coined word “Mongshung” to describe the award. 

Jovi’s new hit “Mongshung”is #1 Hip Hop tune on Trace Urban. 

December 28th,  Stanley Enow , the sole Cameroonian winner of the coveted MTV awards took to Facebook and posted Jovi’s latest tune “Mongshung” commending the song as one of his favorite this year 2016.

This post has astonished a myriad of fans and pundits who have known both rappers as foes. 

Jovi and Stanley Enow have had a rugged relationship in the past characterized by vocal jabs in songs and beefs most often dramatized by social media. Worth-noting, Stanley has always shown respect and utter appreciation for Jovi’s music from day one .

Jovi on his part showed Stanley Enow unflinching support when he was nominated for MTV Africa Music Awards , rallying his fans to vote for him. A stir of happiness and show of approval has moved across social media for Stanley’s move. To some, it’s a show of unity , humility and maturity. 

About 30 minutes after historic post , “Ca sort comme ca sort” rapper Maahlox has come into the scene with a baleful and provocative comment referring to Stanley Enow as an “ass-licker” meaning he is just a brown-nose who is trying to flatter Jovi with an intention of gaining something. From the comments on the post, Maahlox seems  to be enraged. I don’t know why. 

He informs Jovi in an idiomatic manner to tell Stanley to be careful because while trying to go down and lick, the crown might fall from his head. Interesting !

This has been the acme of trouble and heated controversy. It’s quite doubtful why Maahlox will throw such a jab at Stanley Enow. Is he creating a vicious cycle.  Check it below; 

There’s substantial amount of evidence of hatred and proof that Franko and Maahlox are teaming up to devalue Stanley Enow and his achievements.  

However,  in every hip hop game there must be “beefs” to instil interest and buzz. Remember Biggy and 2 Pac, Jay-Z & Nas,  Drake & Meek Mill .

Let’s wait for the next move.

We are Nexdim !


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Following an urgent press release communicated on social media, the usual venue of the Douala HipHop Festival has been changed abruptly .  The festival which was slated to commence today December 27th and end on December 30th at Stade Soppo Priso Bonapriso has been altered due to unforeseen circumstances.  

According to the organisers,  a white lady presumed to be of American nationality , came to the venue while the podium was being set up with her huge dog to complain that the noise from the event will be unbearable. The noise from that area has always prompted her to spend her nights at nearby Starland Hotel. She further stated. She therefore ordered the preps to discontinue.

Forces of law and order under her influence later stormed the area to stop the organisers from continuing with the preparations.

In this light, the team with deep regret has decided to move the event to Parc De Prince in Bali, Douala. However,  the program remains unchanged. 

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MTV BASE has unleashed a list of the hottest MCs this year 2016 in French Africa. The list comprises 4 Cameroonian rappers Stanley Enow, Maahlox, Pit Baccardi and Franko.  Stanley Enow has been a regular while Franko’s groundbreaking hit “Coller la petite” and Maahlox’s “Ca sort comme ca sort” has propelled to the acme of fame. An astonishing omission is Jovi whom many thought should be part of the list. 

Kudos ! 


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Reggae-soul musician Daddy Black has resurfaced with a 3-track EP of immensely inspirational music for you to savour. The EP is dubbed “Freedom O’clock” and includes “I no be small boy” as bonus. Nation of Hustlers’ frontliner Daddy Black showcases his lyrical prowess and vocal strength. It’s a must-listen.

Track Listing 

Freedom O’clock

Tori Tori

Money no get friend

I no be small Boy

Press release

A true artist, like we know, does more than just compose words into a beautiful piece of music and sell them. He transcends the music-for- sale universe in which wallow most of his contemporaries. Like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh , Fela Kuti , Martin Lurther King Jr, Malcom X, Ti Ken Jah Facoly, Lucky Dube, Alpha Blondy etc., Daddy Black, winnows his words not just for good music’s sake, but for a cause that has as primary motive to emphasize the need for social, political and economic change in the nation.
For instance, “Freedom O’clock” produced by Lion Riddims(Based in ROMANIAN ) is an earnest political message to the head of State . A more or less, direct way of asking him mend the helms of the country that are going fray. This spectacularly revolutionary reggae song, ensues from the dire political turmoil that has claimed the lives of “Brethren” in the North West region. From the lyric itself, we hear the voice of an angry people, a hoarse and sad voice that wants to be heard by an indifferent regime.
The second piece “Tori Tori, (Monkey go chop pepper)” produced by “Inadeplace” is a typical ragamuffin record, sung in collaboration with Kay Dwin, tackles a more general societal phenomenon. Because it has not dawned on most people that anything they do comes right back at them, it feels just imperative to put them in the know of the gospel and sincere truth about nature by creating music for such purpose. Most people, in the government and in the streets do not have an inkling how deep and morally elevating this phenomenon is. So, this song is a crucial warning to most if not all the people.
The third piece” Money no get friend” Produced by Junior Chavez, this tune is a tantalizing glimpse of genius to come from the threshold of Cameroon. This time it is neither a cry for political change nor a warning to the society at large, it is a keen observation of human nature. Experience has proven that most people who gather up around you in times of merry completely vanish from you in times of peril. This keen observation fanned the embers in the Go-Getter’s heart, so much so that when the flames got going, he felt the deep seated need to make a song that will air his findings. The findings are not quite good because it’s a devastating thing to know that some friends are not friends but fiends come around just for the single purpose of drowning your ocean.

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The famed “Bamenda Boy” Magasco has been having a torrent of criticism hurled at him for performing at the Presidential end of year party infront of the first lady Chantal Biya. This deluge has been due to the ongoing Anglophone struggle which the people think he was supposed to be part of the resistance and a voice of change.

Worth-noting, Magasco has been one of the celebrities who has been sending out positive messages for a peaceful protest and advocating for the Anglophone cry to be heard. 

The artist took to social media to express his deep commitment for the peaceful struggle and apologizes to the people who feel hurt by his action ; dinning and merrying with the regime. To some , Magasco is a two-timer or traitor.  

In defence to the rhetoric,  Magasco said some of such contracts are signed 8 months before and he couldn’t do otherwise. He remains committed to the Anglophone struggle.

However, some fans can’t take this criticism on Magasco. To them, he was just doing business. 


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Cameroonian artist Franko has made a remarkable and indelible footprint in music history in France by clinching the prestigious “Disque d’or” with his single “Coller la petite”. Apart from being the most watched video in 2015 in Africa,  getting numerous nominations and awards, Franko is the first African-based artist to traverse the 75,000 sales line on French soil. 

On his Facebook page he divulged with immense joy his “disque d’or” handed to the Label Juston record /wagram responsible for the distribution in France. 

« Merci c’est grâce à vous, ce n’est pas tous les jours que ça arrive à un artiste africain vivant en Afrique d’être disque d’or en France »  says Franko.

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The dramatic increase in consumer love mark for Cameroonian urban music has been applaudable.  The rise of urban artists like Jovi, Stanley Enow and the currently trending urban music artists like Mr Leo, Locko,  Maahlox, Franko, Daphne etc has triggered an increment in the commitment of fans. There’s no gain saying Cameroon urban music is the fastest growing in Africa. 

In this light, Cliq Media CEO Prince Mykel Enobi and high-quality artist Mr Leo have launched an initiative of organising the maiden edition of The Cliq Urban Music Festival scheduled to take place in Buea from Wednesday 25th March to Saturday 1st April 2017. The motive is to proliferate our urban music Africa and the world at large. 

The event shall rally top 30 artists nationally to electrify the same stage. 

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Adept Cameroonian photographer and CEO of Fredash Modeling Agency Nemfor Alfred (Fredash) is gearing up for next year’s edition of Fredash International Annual Fashion Avenue (FIAFA) . He has been churning mind-blowing photos that convey artistry and creativity. Fredash stands on the pedestal of reputable photographers in Cameroon.  Enjoy ! 


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Black Bone, a Cameroonian Dancehall singer just made his first appearance with this intimate and soul catchy banger “IceCream Gyal” Produced by Zicky and mixed by SlimBeatz. It’s just amazing how in two verses, Black Bone murdered the beat and even went as far as describing his passion for this heavy tune. It’s the track you want to blast anytime,anywhere. Video will be out soon.
Feel the vibe and stay tuned for more from BlackyBone. MUCH LOVE

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