May 20, 2024

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PRESS RELEASE: Cameroon Academy Awards (SONNAH AWARDS)


Considering an emphatic debut at Hilton hotel -Yaounde , come 29th December 2013, Cameroon Academy of movies, music , fashion,  television, and sport ( SONNAH AWARDS) is emerging as the most definitive platform to recognise, honor and applaud talent in Cameroon entertainment. Cameroon Academy Awards has a sterling objective to reward Cameroonians of great value in the spheres of music, movies, fashion, sports and television .

“”Over the last 3 decades, the leaders of Cameroon music have never taken home any high level awards but they have held it high
Now in its first edition ,Cameroon Academy Awards will continue

to applaud those who have pushed the boundaries in Cameroon movies, music, fashion, television and more; those

who have created music like never before..designed wears,acted like never before, play in sports like never before and present in journalism like never before. Let”s have a date on 29th December 2013 at Hilton Yaounde Cameroon.””