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clpIn commemoration of the Africa day on the 25th of May 2013, The Cameroon Land Of Promise Project, brings

you a day of celebration and vibrancy. Amongst the activities earmarked to mesmerize all attendees, is a new item on the menu, the CLOPP Film Festival (CCUDIFFEST). The tentative date of which is the 24/25/05/2013, time and place are still to confirmed.Research carried out in the 1990s by David Crystal, an Honorary Professor of Linguistics at the University of Wales, Bangor, suggested that at that time, on average, one language was falling into disuse every two weeks. He calculated that if that rate of the language death were to continue, then by the year 2100, more than 90% of the languages currently spoken in the world will have gone extinct, hence the respective cultures. (COURTESY OF WIKIPEDIA on Universal Declaration on Cultural and Diversity.) CCUDIFFEST”s  mission and objective  are to preserve and promote Cameroon culture and diversity through film. SUBMISSIONS CRITERIA FOR SELECTION:  Submissions must be sent via registered post with a tracking number. DURATION; between 10 and 30 minutes. Film makers must submit only films made by them or films which they have copyrights for or played a key role in the making

of the respective film. Films submitted that do not belong to the submitters WILL BE REJECTED. Each submission must have 2 x DVD’s (best quality, films with bad quality will be rejected.) Film makers submitting must be 18 years and older. Film makers submitting must avail themselves for possible travel arrangements, should the need arise. Films must have a standard, story structure that includes a start, middle and ending. Films must be themed around culture and diversity indigenous to Cameroon.Filmmakers are allowed a maximum of two (2) films each. SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS/A paragraph synopsis of the story (Not more than 150 words.) A high resolution JPEG (size TBC) poster of respective film (OPTIONAL.) A high resolution JPEG (size TBC) picture of film maker. 2 paragraphs describing the choice of location and story. Film makers SPECIFICATIONS/4:3 and 16:9 (HD, HDV, SD, but preferably HD.)

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 31st March 2013……………………..(If you are not contacted by the …15th April 2013……………….., your film will automatically be entered for the next festival edition, however, it’s still no guarantee, it will be selected for screening.) ADDRESS FOR SUBMISSIONS /Okepne Ojang, 21 Wittenberg, 6 Schoongezicht, Bergbron, 1709, Johannesburg, South Africa. okepne@gmail.com” okepne@gmail.com, 27 84 5005753

Filmmakers are welcome to attend, they just have to express that in writing to the Film festival organizers, for logistics. MEDIA: For all media attending the festival, please indicate your company name and how many representatives from your company and their full names and contact details, at least two weeks in advance.

FOR MORE DETAILS: Facebook; Cameroon Land Of Promise Project or Twitter handle; @CMRpromise1