December 9, 2023

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Popular TV host Awilo and show are yanked off air

ltm_tvHuman interest news presenter extraordinaire Awilo has been given an unwanted leave. The “tory massa”  and his show are amongst some TV hosts and their shows who were handed various suspensions by the National Communication Council. Their suspension is on account of their uncensored broadcast of the mutilated body parts of a man who was beheaded recently by his son – Awilo got a  6 month suspension. Since he burst unto the Cameroonian media scene on radio and later TV , Awilo has garnered a huge following with his “IPP News” that is a sassy blend of   human interest stories and live commentary all presented in Pidgin. This suspension will surely be greeted with great dismay by his fans. Some people will however toast to this unannounced disqualification of this

dark horse who has surprisingly been leading the ratings war with other more resource – blessed rivals.