April 21, 2024

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Cameroonian – born filmmaker spotlights Nollywood in documentary

Ihuoma Mambo AtangaProduced by a young up and coming filmmaker of Nigerian/Cameroonian descent, Ihuoma Mambo Atanga, True Story Nollywood highlights various subjects of discourse surrounding the topic, among prominent Nollywood filmmakers and people based in her current city of residence, New York City including renowned Nollywood director Tunde Kelani.

Inspired by the great conversations and writings of prominent works like Chimamanda?s Danger of a Single Story, Wainaina?s How To Write About Africa, and Achebe?s An Image of Africa, Ms. Atanga notes ? I became more aware of a magnificent transitionary phase of African storytelling, from

a biographical

to an autobiographical state. Affordable film technology has enabled Africans to now write their own stories and broadcast it to the entire world through one of the most pervasive mediums, film. So people naturally expect that stories from Africans by Africans make up a definitive and true African story.?

The juiciest discussions about the rapidly changing Nigerian film industry (Nollywood), ranging from cultural-authenticity, her/histories, language and of course sex, can be heard in Harlem?s African Hair braiding salons, Brooklyn?s African film shops, etc., unfortunately, the best of these riveting conversations never see the light of day. True Story Nollywood examines the educated opinions, gossip, lies and truths behind the evolution and authenticity of Nollywood stories from the perspective of industry connoisseurs, Michael Nwaesi, Oliver Mbamara, Tunde Kelani, and a host of Nollywood film enthusiasts. Follow this link to watch the trailer  https://vimeo.com/59014693.