July 24, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

NexDim Campaign against ‘Beefing” in Cameroon Urban music industry

Cameroon has the potentials of a thriving Urban music industry reminiscent in our fine seductive music products like Krotal, Sidney, Jovi, Franky P, Duc Z, Dr Sley , X Maleya, Denzyl, Andy Allo , Steveslil , Naomi Achu, Excel ,Damien Blue, BAAM, M.D, Zinnia,  just to name a few and recording houses like Mumak, Chillen Muzic,Uzi Records,Mapane,Empire Company,Trackzone, M1 , Street Talks etc. It’s quite a veracity that our refined dexterity has been appreciated and has what it takes to cut across international frontiers.

Delving into the industry not by denotation, the bitter truth is that the artists and music production houses focus more on angrily striving to be better than the other which sows a seed of hatred,frustration comes knocking, some spend time  criticizing music produced from other studios or artists , backbiting and beefing .  I guess the lesson we’ve always learned is that unity means strength, and if the industry is divided in opposing segments , it shall never grow. In a bid to upgrade the Urban music industry, artists have to give an aiding hand to each other, appreciate his/her talent and spread his music in anyway.

Dissing rival emcees and crews doesn’t fit into a sound business plan anymore. Battles have become a niche market that continues in small venues, but emcees with corporate record deals and endorsements will rarely engage. This is what 2011 hip-hop looks like.

But for a large portion of today’s adult hip-hop fan base, their first musical memory is of feuding rappers. The infamous East Coast vs. West Coast beef, led by the Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur in the 1990s, was a polarizing and dramatic moment in hip-hop’s history that ultimately turned violent and resulted in the deaths of two of rap’s brightest stars.

Make man no die !