December 3, 2023

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Fon Tuma:The poet we’ve been waiting for.

Those who have thought Cameroonians  were only capable of art forms like music will be forced to change their opinions when they read “Rose,Moon and Fire”.It is the soon-to-be released poetry collection of upcoming Cameroonian poet Fon Tuma.The book is a sincere and undiluted account of man’s pain,joy and hardships in which the author wields words with the skill and aptitude worthy of any renowned poet.While some people might find his poetry cryptic and hard to understand,connoisseurs,we assure you , will consume it ravenously.In the following interview,the poet tells us more about his journey this far.

You will soon be publishing your first book, a poetry collection entitled “Rose-moon and Fire”, and how does that feel?


When did this love story between you and poetry start?

I started writing in Lower sixth and continued through upper sixth and after. I actually planned to write to write a book then but encountered so many difficulties.

We know writing is not the most lucrative of jobs, so what has encouraged you to push on and want to get published?

I started writing as a hobby and to impress my brothers but my sister’s death caused me to start writing on a serious note.

What inspires you?

Life. Life inspires me, the worries, everything about life inspires me. Life is the most enigmatic experience I know.

Why are women omnipresent in your poetry?

They are my greatest inspiration, my mother, my sisters, and all the women who have been in my life. I sure enjoy male camaraderie but I get along more with women because ,somehow, I understand them better.

What do you expect from your books, millions or critical acclaim?

(Laughs heartily) You can’t eat the pages you write on so I’ll surely want some money but I also want acclaim. Nothing equals the respect of your peers.

Irrespective of the reception your book gets, do you intend to continue writing and publishing?

Yes, I will continue. Already, I have another collection of poems. But after this, I’ll rather publish a collection of short stories.

One last word

Enjoy life

You seem to have an epicurean philosophy of life?

Oh. If you don’t enjoy life, you’ll suffer and nobody wants to suffer except Christ. (Laughs)

Thank you for your time.

Thank you.