February 21, 2024

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Interview: ISNEBO talks about new album

Despite a history of success and hits, Isnebo ,from the Faadah Kawtal band,hasn’t lost his love for  musical explorations.He just has released a new album which is a  mosaic of  diverse themes and rhythms.The charismatic band front man talks about his latest musical offering.

Can you please tell our readers about your latest album.

Thank for the opportunity.My new album is entitled “Mariam”.It is a 9-track album sang in 4 different languages using diverses rythmns.Apart from my favourite rthymn, goumba balewa,you can also find jazz and salsa in this album.

Why the title “Mariam”?

Originally,,Mariam was  Mahamat.It was an old song already being played on the airwaves of the CRTV Garoua regional station when I was still a child and it stayed in my head because it touched me immensely.In this album,I made changes to it and updated it to appeal to today’s listeners by using contemporary instruments. I equally change the original story because the original version talks about a woman abandoned by her lover.She is lonesome and begs him to come back to her.This time around,I changed roles and decided to dedicate it to Mariam my lady-love who left.Thus I beg her to come back because I can’t be without her.

Music -wise,this album is different from your  other albums.Why the new approach?

I felt the need to break away from what I was doing in the best.So I decided to change my approach because after 7 years of silence,I had to return with something new.The use of many languages,for example,is to make my message accessible to audiences far beyond the Grand north.I also want to bridge the language divide in order to be easily accepted.Using many rhythms was to enable me reach a wider audience.

In this album,why did you pay tribute to Ali Baba?


Apart from the fact that I was an Ali Baba fan like many others,I had the privilege of being one of his band members.And believe me when I say that having played alongside Ali Baba on stage or in the studio influences you for life.While with him, I learnt so much and his songs still constantly play in my head.Consequently,I decided to pay tribute by doing a cover version of the song “hande kam” that I am fond of and to which I added a personal touch.

Some say your band no longer exist but on the c.d cover it reads”Isnebo and Faadah Kawtal”

Well,that is nothing new because that can equally be seen on the cover of the last album.Despite the malicious gossips,the band is still alive although nowadays I perform solo much often the band does.I am not to blame but rather the nature of the shows I am called upon to do.They result in me performing solo under the banner of the group.Let me say here that the band still exist and is waxing strong.Some people will even testify to you that they are shows wherein the entire band has answered present.Let me also promise you that the all the band members will be present during the nationwide promotional tour for my album.

But we still see observe that not all band members took part in the recording of this album

True.Not all band members took part in the recording of this album.however,the bass player,the guitarist and drummer took part.When I am recording an album,I don’t solicit all my band members,I solicit only those who can contribute something extra.I worked closely with Dourmani Desire,,my bass player,who plays many instruments and is also good with studio recording work.

Any last word for public and your  fans?

I want the album to embrace the album just like the did the last one.i want them to do so convinced that it is a well-produced album, and that there’s been changes since it took us one year to finish the album.To conclude,my team is working hard to see that the promotional tour kicks off in 2012.