June 14, 2024

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Cameroonian films: Videography or cinematography?

filmYeah, yeah, I know lovers of mediocrity will be up in arms but this is a conversation

we must have. This is a question that must be asked: are Cameroonians films videography or cinematography? Simply put, do the reels of films our toddler industry is increasingly churning out worthy of the appellation movie or film in the professional sense of the word? Or are they nothing more than video lengths of  motion with  no underlying artistic logic or design? Are our films just “persons caught on camera”. Don”t get me wrong. Nobody is denying the socio-cultural function of self-projection that our films play, no that is not the issue. Somebody is simply asking when we will focus on quality. As the film industry goes up a notch, this is a question we must answer soonest. An industry cannot start, exist and thrive on just the socio-cultural value. So let”s ask ourselves the

question, are our films more of videography or cinematography?