June 16, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

CINEMA: ‘Different Kinds of Men’ (Trailer) & Whispers (Trailer)

Cameroon’s Film industry just had a new movie added to its rich repertoire.  ”Different Kinds of Men” is a new blockbuster produced by Living Dreams Entertainment in conjunction with NEXDIM ENTERTAINMENT and Adrenaline Visual FX. The movie was written by Kelly Azia and directed Ebot Blaise (Didi Blaise) for NexDim . 

Get thrilled !



Another mouth-watering and talked-about film in CFI is ”WHISPERS” produced by Arthur Iyok


To disavow the Lord’s promise of potency in faithfulness is making a date with the devil’s enticement. A surge in the constant trial and temptation force the young and thriving to fall in the hands of the devil’s deadliest trap, ENVY. See how life’s reality taints the destiny of three young men in an ever changing world. The pleasure, the pain, their expectation are shaken by a summon of a challenge in character and spirituality… Falling prey is not an option but the devil’s blind choice. The devil has no free gift … count on the Lord’s favor at all times. For just a WHISPER saves.