June 25, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House


AJ Bahboy’s trajectory of growth is stunning. 

He started churning out amateur videos, shot with his smartphone. The videos were shot and edited by his friend King Darius. 

His freestyles were captivating, incorporating relatable stories typical of our Cameroonian society.

Unassumingly, AJ Bahboy kept imploring the audience to support by f0llowing his page.  

 His lyrical flexibility, vim and style caught the attention of Sa Majesté Music. This was preceded by glowing endorsements from music industry heavyweights like Stanley Enow, Kocee, and Mic Monsta. 


Severally, AJ Bahboy attracted Fai Collins attention. The Cameroon International couldn’t resist but share AJ’s freestyles with his followers. 


Signed under Sa Majesté Music, AJ Bahboy leveraged the support from the audience he had built from scratch. 


Despite the fact that Cameroonian artists are witnessing a decline in music video views on Y0uTube, break-out talent AJ BAHBOY ‘s “Real life” has succeeded to amass 266,000 views in 4 months

He was invited by Kocee for a special hangout party in Douala. Kocee has commended AJ Bahboy touting him as “the next big thing”. 

AJ Bahboy’s consistency, determination, hardwork and humility will potentially catapult him into the Cameroon music stratosphere.