June 25, 2024

Nexdim Empire

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Mic Monsta is undisputably one of the best talent scouts in the Urban music ecosystem. Marnick is a treasure worth paying attention to.

The dulcet singer Marnick is a breath of fresh air in the game. She has been consistent,; churning out several collaborations and one EP dubbed “Fresh Mutumbu” in 2022.

“Dione The EP” is her sophomore body of work to feed her actively growing fandom.

The project is all about embracing one’s true essence and a display of how much she has evolved as an artist; finding a comfortable sound and expressing from her deepest nature.

Marnick proves her lyrical adeptness and uniqueness. The album features guest appearances from Mic Monsta, Sango Edi , Loic Sumfor , Cookie



“Redemption Song” is about her career evolution as an artist. She elicits how she came to self-actualization, how music saved her and her dreams to succeed.

“Chances” featuring Loic Sumfor is a melodic tune. Marnick tries to mend a crumbling relationship and implores for another chance to be loved again. With profundity, Loic expresses that he won’t be reassuring and bids goodbye.

“On the Road” featuring Cookie samples Iyaz’s “Replay” but Marnick alternates the sound with grime-like vibes and relatable lyrics. Cookie is an awesome discovery. Her rap lyrics and verve on a hundred. 

“All or nothing” features Sango Edi and Mic Monsta. It is a dancehall-inspired love tune with a subtle blend of Makossa vibes injected by Sango Edi.

Mic Monsta; “Life is a gift to myself . The reason why I grind, pepper stone swag , it’s all or nothing when I dey on a track…”

“Blessings calling” featuring Mic Monsta is about her struggles, growth and wins.

“Mr Lover” conveys a message that; true love requires accepting imperfections.

Rush and listen to the EP via links below 

YouTube: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLU5zpY7mQn2k4em38FpTsQkPjB2XcSBWv&si=xTubRb7xjRxS9LAE


BoomPlay: https://www.boomplay.com/share/album/89273803?srModel=COPYLINK&srList=IOS


All Streaming Platforms: https://bfan.link/dione