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Evina is a Cameroonian pop songstress signed under MuMaK (Music Makers) record label. Her debut single #Pohti is an edgy dancehall tune that boasts of her hot sexy attributes in a party like scenario.
Evina’s music is an ingenious melting pot of various urban genres ranging from classic RnB Hip hop to mainstream Afro pop. Worth mentioning too is that Evina is former Miss Seme 2011, Miss Mboa Come test 2011, 1runner up Miss Ecran Noir 2012. Her debut single #Pohti released on October 26th is the first of a series of singles about to hit the airwaves shortly.

Check it out below !


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The speedy rise and rise of urban music in Cameroon from 2010 witnessed the starting up of a plethora of record labels.

Albeit some were simple Facebook pages with virtual CEOs, others made an indelible impression .
2011/2012, MUMAK took the industry by storm introducing a cream of talented music powerhouses like Jovi , Magasco, Mr Elad and Reniss managed by Jules Nya.
Friends Jules Nya and Jovi were indispensable visionaries who turned creative imagination into concrete evidence.
“Don 4 kwat” released in 2011 was phenomenal, blazing a trail and igniting a new era.
The entire “H.I.V” Album by Jovi was a remarkable revolution in Cameroon. This ended the era of Krotal, Ak’sang Grave, etc.
The label was considerably propitious, sparking a beam of hope for the industry.

The new concept of branding , gorilla online /offline marketing and a different level of video making took the industry to another dimension. February 16th made the magic with his visuals.
The industry was shocked when
Jovi and Jules Nya announced they were parting ways in 2013 after thrilling Cameroonians with a sizzling music. The reason for their severing of ties remained unknown.
Jovi and old business partner/ artist Rachel Applewhite started New Bell Music . Their relationship started in India where Jovi went to study audio engineering.
Reniss, Jovi’s long-time protegee from Mambanda remained fidel to his boss and continued working with him.

Jovi later recruited Pascal, Shey, Tata and Tilla to join New Bell Music.
Jules Nya relocated to Douala and continued doing music business under MUMAK imprint. He moved to Douala with Mr Elad whom he brought into MUMAK charmed by his incredible singing and music producing ingenuity back in Kumba. Magasco was still under Jules Nya’s management.

Things became stale when the “Line loba” hitmaker Magasco on “Hello” CRTV presented a new manager, a certain Barrister and proceeded to shoot the video of “Kumba market” without the consent of his boss Jules Nya , the MUMAK label head. The video did not even carry any MUMAK tag.
Magasco was hasty and antsy to reach his goal which let him to release a video that was massively criticised to be mediocre , way below expectation. Magasco had a misunderstanding with Jules. Magasco caught the attention of many music investors following his impressive releases under MUMAK and collaboration with Jovi.
Magasco was later signed to Pit Bacardi’s label Empire Company after the label dropped X Maleya.
Mr Elad dropped a sizzling tune titled “Chakara” in 2013 and still under Jules’ management clinched a remix with Nigerian superstar Iyanya. The seemingly fruitful business relationship between the two later turned soar , Mr Elad disclosed to the public he was no longer working with Jules Nya. He seemed dissatisfied with his business relationship with Jules.
MUMAK, a house that inspired Cameroonian aspiring artists and gave them the dream became inhabited by one man Jules Nya.
2015, Tilla was later fired from New Bell Music by Jovi.


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joviThe news fell like a bomb, taking everyone by surprise and leaving many guessing as to the reason for the split. What could have gone wrong in paradise? Certainly nobody with even the slightest knowledge of the dynamics around the Jovi Jules Nya duo could have guessed in a thousand years that this wedding would come to a sudden end. Their last major outing at the Mega Jam Concert in Buea didn”t betray any hint of discord. The attempted  assuaging of fears contained in yesterday”s release hasn”t stopped speculators and conspiracy theorists from going into overdrive and burning midnight candles to get to the bottom of this mystery. Some contend that it is the prospect of being signed by an international U.S. label that has given Jovi solo dreams. Others, with more imaginative minds, have pointed at money as the root of all evil in this case. In the absence of any declarations from the parties concerned, whatever anyone says at this point is merely conjecture, no more no less. Without wanting to play the clairvoyant or astrologer, one cannot help but feel there

is something fishy fishy going on here. Somebody said what happened to Don Jazzy and Dbanj has happened to Jules Nya and Jovi. Please don”t shoot the messenger but what, if not deep discord, could cause a co-owner of a major label leave and create a new one . The answer is certainly not an excess of entrepreneurship hormones in Jovi? Yesterday”s release did not tell us what becomes of his share in Mumak. What speculators and conspiracy theories leave undone, observers and pundits take over. Some wonder loudly at how Jovi”s next album will sound like now that he”s his own boss. Others see dark days ahead for MuMak Records now that its protegee rapper and producer par excellence has left the boat. Only the future will tell. But permit someone ask a seemingly stupid question: can”t people just decide to amicably end a relationship which they amicably started? Must there be some sinister reason lurking beneath a separation. Am just saying. Whatever your stand, it is my personal hope that this separation culminates in the existence of two strong hit-producing and internationally respected labels from Cameroon.

I am talking about MuMak Records and New Bell Music.

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nyaAfter a smash hit single, a mega jam concert and an album, the Jovi MuMak romance has come to an end. This is the essence of  a statement from MuMak PR staff. The statement goes on to say that Jovi has created his own record label, New Bell Music which will henceforth be home to acts like Renise and Rachel Applewhite. This announcement comes as a surprise to most. Despite attempts to dispel any conspiracy theories and rumours as to the real reason for the split, one cannot help by asking two questions. One, why does success in the entertainment industry almost always culminate in splits? Two, now that its flagship artist, Jovi, and others – Renise and Rachel Applewhite- are gone, will MuMak ever be the same again?

Below is the entire release relating to the split.



Raving rap star JOVI who is currently the most talked about rap artist in Cameroon has left award winning MuMaK record label which he created together with his manager and long time friends Jules Nya and Rachel Applewhite.
The artist and music producer under his sobriquet of ‘‘Le Monstre’’ has started his own independent record label called New Bell Music which henceforth will represent him and rising singing sensations Renise and Rachel Applewhite.
MuMaK will still continue making great music through signees, Hip Hop act, Magasco and afro pop artiste/producer, Mr.Elad, with Jules Nya still as CEO.
“This decision does not affect our relationship as friends and professionals. It is merely a mutual and consensual understanding for the sake of structural convenience. We will still continue working together in future endeavours” states Jules. “We would also like to thank our fans for supporting us throughout and also reassure them that all is well” he added.”

Stay with for more on this story.

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Is there trouble in paradise? This is the question worth asking after a lengthy facebook post today from music producer Dijay Chuucss. In this post, the producer accuses Mumak exec Jules Nya of  saying funny things behind his back. This is after the Mumak exec reacted to a blog article to say that Dijay Chuucss has NEVER produced any track for Jovi and

that Jovi mixed and mastered not most but ALL of the tracks on his recently – released H.I.V. album. Dijay Chuucss goes ahead to reproduce excerpts from his correspondence with Jules Nya. He also adds that “…..I knw i am your biggest threat JULE NYA bcuz my production is out standing...” This incident comes as a shock to most who, from the collabos and featurings, had always seen a semblance of unity between these two music industry insiders. Pending a reaction from Jules Nya whom we tried in vain to get a hold of and in case these allegations turn out to be true, this could be an indication of the grey backdrop to the glam and charm that the music industry keeps portraying .


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Steely and immensely talented Cameroonian urban artist Denzyl a.k.a OneDaBoy just dropped the highly anticipated video of his brand new hit single ''Leavam so''. The SA – based act recently stormed Cameroon for a collabo with the Yaounde-based Music Makers MUMAK , hailed for a torrent of hits like Don 4 kwat , Pitie and more . As earlier reported here on NexDim, this classic joint was penned and produced by ace Cameroonian Hip Hop producer and headline-artist JOVI. Denzyl who garnered glory working with Nigeria's finest producer J Sleek and a series of international collabos has been making strides to find his balance after a rugged career ordeal . He is therefore breaking the silence with this terrific single ''Leavam so'' . February 16th definitely depicts his creativity in this video . Savour this beautifully-honed masterpiece and share !


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After Jovi and Sine who now are hitting the trends of  Trace musical channel, comes another bright side of Mumak Records as in Gospel R n B sensation Renise whose charm and originality are evident and clear  in her first official release ‘Fire’.

Produced by Le Monstre, the track only goes a long way to boost the morales of MUMAK who has amplified his efforts on redefining Kamer’s music as a whole.

Well man, more grease.



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Cameroonian music sensation Sine is due to release his album “First born” in March this year. The album is the fruit of a  collab between two of Cameroon’s hypest and  most trend-setting  music labels Mumak Records and Burn ‘m Records. The artist has been grabbing all the attention lately since the release of his hit single “Koh koh” which has gone viral on YouTube with  8000 views so far. If the “Koh Koh” video was the appetiser then we can’t wait for the main thing to arrive. With such quality videos, there is now a reason for the best video category in our awards. Here is the “Koh Koh”  video once again for your enjoyment.

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