September 27, 2023

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Speculations abound on Jovi MuMak divorce

joviThe news fell like a bomb, taking everyone by surprise and leaving many guessing as to the reason for the split. What could have gone wrong in paradise? Certainly nobody with even the slightest knowledge of the dynamics around the Jovi Jules Nya duo could have guessed in a thousand years that this wedding would come to a sudden end. Their last major outing at the Mega Jam Concert in Buea didn”t betray any hint of discord. The attempted  assuaging of fears contained in yesterday”s release hasn”t stopped speculators and conspiracy theorists from going into overdrive and burning midnight candles to get to the bottom of this mystery. Some contend that it is the prospect of being signed by an international U.S. label that has given Jovi solo dreams. Others, with more imaginative minds, have pointed at money as the root of all evil in this case. In the absence of any declarations from the parties concerned, whatever anyone says at this point is merely conjecture, no more no less. Without wanting to play the clairvoyant or astrologer, one cannot help but feel there

is something fishy fishy going on here. Somebody said what happened to Don Jazzy and Dbanj has happened to Jules Nya and Jovi. Please don”t shoot the messenger but what, if not deep discord, could cause a co-owner of a major label leave and create a new one . The answer is certainly not an excess of entrepreneurship hormones in Jovi? Yesterday”s release did not tell us what becomes of his share in Mumak. What speculators and conspiracy theories leave undone, observers and pundits take over. Some wonder loudly at how Jovi”s next album will sound like now that he”s his own boss. Others see dark days ahead for MuMak Records now that its protegee rapper and producer par excellence has left the boat. Only the future will tell. But permit someone ask a seemingly stupid question: can”t people just decide to amicably end a relationship which they amicably started? Must there be some sinister reason lurking beneath a separation. Am just saying. Whatever your stand, it is my personal hope that this separation culminates in the existence of two strong hit-producing and internationally respected labels from Cameroon.

I am talking about MuMak Records and New Bell Music.