April 24, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House


Cameroonian artist Kocee, who is currently trying to break through the Afrobeats music market is not happy with certain people, instigating h@te and division.

“Cameroon, I love you all so much but y’all need to change. We need to change, for those who are trying to bring division. Those bringing ‘ this is Cameroon, this is Nigeria ‘. I want y’all to see how much love I’ve been receiving from this country.


There’s no need for us to bring division. It is ok to tell you people to consume their local products but always try not to bring in comparison and h@tred. There’s no topic without Nigeria. You don’t know how long they have worked to be where they are today. Wuna need for stop. Enough is Enough.


Some people have tried to change our mentality to forget that we are all Africans. One Africa. Normally, Nigeria was supposed to be a state in Africa , all other countries come together to form a United Africa.

What’s about singing like a Nigerian, singing in Igbo? Just shut up. Wuna shut up wuna mop.

Chris Brown has sang on Amapiano, have you seen him being bashed by his people?


For the past years I’ve sang Bikutsi, Makossa etc. I even made Bamoun people popular. Was Bamoun music known? ‘Lande” is the biggest Bamoun song in Cameroon. I’ve done everything to satisfy my people. It is okay to try other things.

Cameroonians di push you for do Bikutsi, after you dowam like for 3 years, they start tell you say you


I’ve been giving you hits back-to-back. Investing back-to-back. The least I’m expecting from you all is to support. If you no want support, shidon you quiet. Some person don instigate say make we just stay for here. Cameroonians will tell you to sing Mbole , when it is played in the club , they reaction to “Lonely at the top” is different. Francophones are singing Yoruba. You know thing way e di talk?


When you say make I no sing for French, wuna go call me pay me money way I no fit even pay my workers them.

My English-speaking Cameroonians have become so disgruntled. They don’t see good in anything.

Why Patoranking nova post? Patoranking post, share the video, share the song for e story. After video comot, e share the video ‘out now’.


When I sang “Deux Oeufs Spaghetti, you criticized. Now I want to move to something else, the same people say why did I move to something else. Come back. Cameroonians wuna fit frustrate people. Tzy Panchak sing for English for Buea tire. Na when e start sing for French e get popularity for Cameroon. We small so but na pepper.


I’m not the kind of artist who sees things going wrong and won’t address it; forming packaging. You all are broke. …we need to pave the way for the next generation because the predecessors have failed them. You may say the sacrifices is for myself and family. Do you know how much I paid TG Omori?


That’s money I could’ve used to build a big mansion with a pool, fenced with 4 security guards. All these things we are doing is to put the flag up. So that people will see and start talking about Cameroon. But na ya own people di bash you. Dr Craze did a video, people said I’ve paid him. I haven’t paid bloggers in Cameroon.


Do you know how much I spend when I drop a project? Ask comedians, dancers how much they are paid.

Nigeria get almost 300 million people. They get talent. They have chosen one artist from Cameroon to push, yet we bash. Normally that song was to have one million views in a day.

But some people want the video to fail, so that they can laugh at me.


All we are doing is to make sure people talk about Cameroon. Music has no barrier. It is a universal language. It needs no permission to enter your soul

I love Cameroon so much thag I have taken risks and my time without caring I go bankrupt.

Nigerians have accepted us. Please let’s join the movement. Why can’t we sell out the O2 Arena . We have to. We have to go for shows and Kenyans , Ghanaians buy our tickets. Even I’m no the one who will do it, let’s pave the way for the younger ones . If they make it, I’ll sit down on my retirement chair and clap. Abeg Wuna stop. I love you all so much