April 23, 2024

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Dijay Chuucss accuses Mumak Exec of jealousy in facebook post

Is there trouble in paradise? This is the question worth asking after a lengthy facebook post today from music producer Dijay Chuucss. In this post, the producer accuses Mumak exec Jules Nya of  saying funny things behind his back. This is after the Mumak exec reacted to a blog article to say that Dijay Chuucss has NEVER produced any track for Jovi and

that Jovi mixed and mastered not most but ALL of the tracks on his recently – released H.I.V. album. Dijay Chuucss goes ahead to reproduce excerpts from his correspondence with Jules Nya. He also adds that “…..I knw i am your biggest threat JULE NYA bcuz my production is out standing...” This incident comes as a shock to most who, from the collabos and featurings, had always seen a semblance of unity between these two music industry insiders. Pending a reaction from Jules Nya whom we tried in vain to get a hold of and in case these allegations turn out to be true, this could be an indication of the grey backdrop to the glam and charm that the music industry keeps portraying .