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Gasha came to the limelight in 2013 after releasing an effectual debut single “Kaki Mbere” followed by “This life” produced by Pazzo in 2014.
Her unique and unmatched vocal timbre, esoteric genre of music and enthralling soul delivery catapulted her to the pedestal of top class artists in the urban music industry. Gasha established a love-mark , garnered huge fan following across Africa and even clinched an AFRIMMA win for Best Female artist in Central Africa in 2014. In 2015, she released “Chill” with Eddy Kenzo who was one of Africa’s trendiest artists at that time after releasing ‘Sitya loss’. All these achievements on Gasha.

In 2016 , Gasha traveled to USA hunting for greater success and exploits but it seemed this adventure didn’t work for her as planned. While in US , she released “Champion’ and later dropped a video of a remixed version of “This life” featuring rapper Law G which made meagre or no impact .
Gasha had parted ways with her former label Steven’s ME and was substituted with a young talented songstress called Daphne from Buea-based record label No Hits No Records . Things started falling apart for Gasha. She started craving for a rebound.
In 2016 , the Cameroon music market space experienced an unprecedented change and the growth was fast-paced for Gasha to catch up and rebuild that lost love-mark and trust from fans.

Gasha probably needed a song that could fit into the present trend in a bid to lure music pundits and fans to get back on her rail.

While she was absent from the scene, other female artists had taken the top spots like Daphne, Blanche Bailly, Ewube, Reniss, Mimie, etc and their style of music was ‘en vogue’ .  Maybe she was ” too late Hewitt” .

Gasha resurfaced with “We Still dey” featuring Nabil in 2017 which couldn’t convince the ear buds of her music fans.
Gasha has been adopting the blue ocean strategy of creating an uncontested market space to make competition irrelevant which is not working out for her. The indie pop, soul and jazz melange is not currently captivating fans anymore in Cameroon.
With the present state, the Cameroon music industry has a saturated market share bloodied by competition . For Gasha to get back on track, she needs to be commercially competitive with her style of music .
“Back to life” is a new tune under her self-owned Dule’Gasha imprint .

Is this really going to bring her back to life ? Watch below !

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Gasha posted an apology on Facebook addressed to her former label Stevens.

She expresses deep regrets for the mistakes that let to a severance of ties with the label and pleads for forgiveness. She blames the fact that she had an amateurish knowledge about show business. 

The label signed Gasha in 2013 and made remarkable strides in the music industry with the sultry songstress. She had released groundbreaking hits “Kaki mbere” and “This Life”,  garnered a massive following across Cameroon under the label , winning an AFRIMMA . Things turned stale and she exited. Steven’s management put out an official statement indicating they had an amicable seperation. 

She was immediately substituted by   Daphne after the separation. It’s quite evident that this was a witty move . Daphne seems to be doing so well, she’s been basking in fame and even clinched an AFRIMMA award this year under their management.   

It’s so appropriate for Gasha to apologize. We  however await a statement from Stevens.

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Afrimma laureate Gasha resurfaces with a soul-soothing song titled “Champion” . The song was penned for “Women will change Africa” campaign.  A video that takes emotional excerpts of powerful African women across the world can only bring the joy and the yearn to be a champion. Gasha brings her unique voice on a Pazzo-produced instrumental.

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wpid-11024631_10153053719944019_3506357804542353370_n.jpgOne of the ways to give yourself a spiritual face lift is asking for forgiveness. Being sorry for causing emotional harm to someone.  It is a scarpel which removes emotional scars. Humility melts a stone heart.


Following the polemic that ensued after Gasha went ranting against PBrodaz on Facebook and a video clarification of what we didn’t see as “Beef” surfaced,  Gasha has tendered a humble apology to PBrodaz for clamouring before seeking the truth. “I’m sorry” says Gasha. This is evident in the screenshot below. This apology is a symbol of peace.



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Last week, Gasha got exhilarated and bitterly slammed allegations on her Facebook page against US-based Cameroonian singers P Brodaz for going on Boom Tv and criticizing her new collabo with Ugandan superstar Eddy Kenzo “Chill”.


Altho’ the  torpedo of her attack was unknown from her post which doesn’t carry any name, Kreef Entertainment owned by Ebangha Njang later cleared the putrid air by divulging the underlying truth on their page. The painful sting was that Eddy Kenzo reportedly doesn’t know who P Brodaz are and feels embarrassed.



P Brodaz reacted astutely and with maturity to the posts saying she shouldnt be quick to react when she’s not sure and declared  that they didn’t beef her.  The post came alongside a short video of Terence Dexter (one the PBrodaz) in the studio jiving to their new song with DJ Arafat.


Following the comments, it was apparent that it wasn’t a beef as such. Some who had watched the video testified.

Social media was rife with avalanches of insults on PBrodaz . The duo reacted peacefully until this video of the “Fancode” video on Boom TV popped online  to clarify the controversy. PBrodaz have said they owe Gasha and her team no apology.

Please judge !

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Gasha keeps basking in the limelight wth her tuneful and soul searching songs. The former Stevens signee is kicking it this time with ‘Sitya loss’ Ugandan superstar Eddy Kenzo on an afro pop joint titled ‘Chill’. Quite visible is the cameo appearance by fellow music star Magasco and urban music hype girl Ebangha Njang. This video was directed by Chuzih and Martin Beta. A Pazzo-produced song.


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Join Fyn Boi No Pimples (FBNP) for an exciting Red Carpet event scheduled to take place on Saturday November 1st at Dream Lounge Buea. The  event shall bring together artists and fashion designers. The controversy surrounding Jovi’s presence at the event has been interred after the event organisers declared that they were unable to pay the 2.5 million requested by the rap artist.  However, Afrimma  winning artist Gasha shall be performing at the event alongside Fluri Boyz, Askia and Ewube.  Get your swag on!  facebook-20141028-153306

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Afrimma laureate Gasha has wasted no time to hit the road with a brand  new video of the song titled ‘The date’ featuring Zegeman. She plunges our minds  into an old school feel. Unwind yourself with beautiful soulful music .

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Rapper and singer Gee Reign has released a brand nu single titled “Nkap ” featuring soulful songstress Gasha. Its a powerful jam spiced with all the ingredients of a propitious chart~topper. Gasha, The AFRIMMA winner is making a remarkable impression in the urban music scene in Africa. She recently honed a new tune with Ugandan star Eddy Kenzo. Release is impending. Enjoy this beaut piece below via this link

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Trending Cameroonian Hip hop star Stanley Enow won AFRIMMA Best New comer while Afro-soul sonstress Gasha clinched  AFRIMMA Best Female Artist from Central Africa last Sunday in USA. NexDim says kudos for making Cameroon proud .

But hey ! Stanley keeps watching torrents of  criticism rain on him as he beams with smile  as a trail-blazer in the game.

The ‘Bayangi Boy’ has been  brandishing our flag high but his career is seemingly a subject of massive criticism. Apart from having a nightmare of negative feedback  being slammed on his new single “Njama Njama cow” on Social media , Stanley Enow whose opus  ‘Hein pere’ catapulted him to continental fame last year has been having a bitter pill to swallow after thriving at MTV Music Awards in Durban and the recent AFRIMMA that took place in USA . We are now getting au fait with this saga.

Photo: Congrats to my boos Tiana Gah-Ndo aka Gasha and Stanley Enow on their AFRIMMA Awards for Best Female Central Africa and Best New Comer respectively. I am soo proud of you both. You've worked so hard and now it's time to reap the fruits of your labour. #MyVotesNEVERGoesToWaste. Ebangha Njang where are my pictures? You don enjoy sotey u forget. No try me ehh??

RnB star Banky W was the first to ponder loudly  on the choice of Stanley as the winner for Best New comer at MAMA when he said on Twitter Phyno was the better choice. He later apologized .

Stanley’s win at AFRIMMA has stimulated various moods and caprices on social media. However, some applaud his win.

NexDim was eagle-eyed on the Twitter and Facebook rants concerning the nomination and the win . We throw a spotlight on the most controversial status that ignited comments;

1. Ngwane Hansel is an intellectual comedian and he had this to say on Facebook ;

“Wow. Stanley Enow and Gasha both win at the AFRIMMA 2014 awards. And one of them is talented’.

2. Ebangha Njang is an influential Cameroonian urban music promoter on Social Media based in USA . She had this to spill out ;

Photo: Shout out to ma gurl Tina for winning Best Female Central Africa at the Afrimma Awards tonite... Go Gasha!!! So proud of u although foolish no go leave u lol Tiana Gah-Ndo

Gasha and Ebangha Njang

“So since Saturday evening I’ve been reading so many negative tweets & updates on Twitter & Facebook respectively… Yes at the Afrimma Awards, African artists making the buzz this year were nominated. U never heard Ugandans asking y Eddy Kenzo was nominated & not the other ones, or Nigerians asking y Davido and Iyanya were nominated and not Ice Prince or Dbanj, or Tanzanians wondering y Diamond Platinumz was nominated too etc… Nooo it’s always Cameroonians, but they forget that to make it in the music industry these days ain’t abt talent anymore, talent is like 10% of it. There are more talented artists in America than Rihanna, Lil Wayne or even Britney Spears, but it ain’t abt all dat. It’s abt hardwork, positive attitude, good management, business mind, faking it to make it and being humble!!! Y’all keep asking y this person was nominated and not the other, next year the same ppl gonna be nominated and still not the others if the drive doesn’t change… we need to stop the hate, the unnecessary controversy and come togeda so Cameroon’s music industry could be amongst the BEST in Africa. It’s show business, not show talent!
PS: this is my opinion and the negative opinions/comments won’t be appreciated. Write dem on ur wall, dis is my wall!!”

Photos ; Courtesy of Gasha and Stanley Enow


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