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Rapper Boy Cheez a.k.a Mr Vortex has dropped his new joint titled ‘Don’t judge me’ featuring Afrima nominee Ewube. This opus comes after “Laisse ca” which received much acclamation. 

Enjoy !

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Afrima (All Africa Music Awards) jury just churned out the list of nominees on the official Facebook page and Cameroon is dominantly represented in the Best Central African Artist categories . 

Locko and Jovi were nominated in the Best Male Central African artist category while Reggae Dancehall sensation Ewube ( Fall 4 u) , Daphne (Calee) , Mimie, Reniss (Manamuh),  Merveille, Montess (In luv wit a gunman)  mount the pedestal in the Best Female Central African artist category.  

The dust is yet to settle after Magasco’s name was erased from the list of nominees at AFRIMMA and substituted with Mr Leo and we are now facing another devastating blunder. 

The second successive nomination of Montess with the same song “In love wit a gunman” for this year’s edition of the award stirs up controversy and submerges us into a doubt of its credibility.

It’s quite evident that the judges are not meticulous in their selection , thus rendering the award debatable. 

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It’s no news the difficulties English oriented Cameroonian artists are facing getting their videos on Trace TV despite the amazing products they are putting out. Trace Tv is the most watched French African music channel and acts a big catalyst for exposure for French African artists. Statistics show that when you are 90% English in your song from Cameroon, the probability of your songs getting on Trace are very slim.

The release of Ewube’s “Fall4U” video stirred up a social media debate on how bad her management is or has been. she is the most underated international act Cameroon has and needs to change her management ” says posts on facebook and other social media platforms”. The growth of “Ewube” has not been as smooth as her music sounds, and introducing a genre “dancehall” which has not yet been accepted in Cameroon with very limited resource is a brave step. She and her management have decided to create an identity which is something very few artist understand or maintain.

Going back to Trace Tv, since every successful urban artist in Cameroon is presumed to have passed through the networks of Trace Tv, they are now the measuring rods of promotion in our industry. Ewube released “Trowey” ft Rude Bway under Best Music Inc. and the video was aired on Trace and everyone was hoping this will be the stepping stone in her career. Trace stopped airing the video two months later, same as some other English Cameroonian artists. What happen? why stop? if it was a bad video or song why play it in the first place? Are they forces working hard to reduce playtime of these artist on the most popular channel which is the height of promotion now in French Africa?

Ewube later released “Pop It” under her new label Omega Records. Great song, amazing video, this video was denied by Trace team but is airing Africa Magic Channels, same for her next video Choleh Me which had an even better video, but is airing on MTVBase. We are still to uncover the actual reason for the imbalance of airplay on Trace Tv. Ewube’s “Fall4U” is now airing on Trace Africa, great video, legendary song, lets see how far it goes on the channel hoping the ” Enlevé ca” forces don’t get her video and they want to, what is the reason?

Keep watching and sharing the video and follow;

Facebook: Ewube Official

Twitter: @Its_Ewube


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Omega Records sultry  Reggae/dancehall songstress Ewube just dropped the video of her sensual tune “Fall 4 u”. Ewube vocally outperforms herself on this sweet-sounding ballad, professing love profoundly. This is how passion is ignited. Video directed by Didiblaise and Atnurin and shot by Mr Adrenaline.

Enjoy !

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Dancehall Queen Ewube is undeniably one of the most consistent female artists in Cameroon. Her incredible charisma, vocal dexterity and sublime looks delivers a complete package to savour. With a cream of uprising female artists pursuing the same genre, Ewube seems to be raising the bar considerably high. 

After rocking the airwaves with hot radio-friendly songs like “Party All night” , “Pop it”, frontline Omega Records songstress is back with a new thunderbolt dancehall tune titled “Choleh Me”. Ewube uses a local Cameroonian pidgin parlance “Choleh me” , a semblance of saying don’t mind her business . She’s indeed on her grind and big journey to the pinnacle. According to partner blog Kamerflow Magazine, in Choleh Me”, the Canal D’or nominee is telling us how to ignore our haters, those who choose to see only the evil in us, who want to paint a dark image of us and deny to see the good maybe because we are better than them.

The song was produced by Magic Fingaz and video directed by Adah Akenji.  

Please watch, share, and comment and don’t forget to vote for her by sending Ewube (AGUF5) to 8800201 or call.

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Boy Giresse just unveiled the video of his sizzling new mid-tempo dancehall joint titled “Put it slow” featuring Omega Records queen Ewube. The song submerges you in a good party feel. With lyrical strength, great vocal delivery and a dope video as complement , “Put it slow” is a festive tune for you to savour.

Press play !

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Ewube recently got signed by Omega Records from Best Music Imprint.  She makes an emphatic come-back with a solid dancehall tune titled “Pop it” produced by Slimbeatz. After too much anticipation and buzz surrounding her return, Ewube presents the visuals of the highly acclaimed song. The video depicts a rebranded dancehall singer with much verve and charisma. A beautiful video done by Adah Akenji.


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Last week, the entertainment sphere was rife with rumours of Ewube’s end of career. This sparked off polemic and speculations. The “Party All Nyte” hitmaker broke the silence this morning on Twitter.


She posted a logo of Omega Records which strongly conveys the message she’s severing ties with Best Music Imprint.  It now dawns in my memory why his manager Didiblaise kept attaching the tag #OmegaOver Everything in his social media posts. Ewube is currently gearing up to unveil a new song. Music pundits and fans will be elated to hear this good news.

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The burgeoning urban music scene in Cameroon has witnessed a plethoric increase of record labels. MUMAK sold the dream which ignited a revolutionary movement. According to news relayed from Kamer Flow Magazine, Best music first lady Ewube is witnessing a down drift in her career.
In 2014, music junkies and friends Didiblaise, Slimbeatz and Nami Cyrus started Best Music Inc with a cream of immense talents like Mic Monsta and Ewube ,Tzy Panchak and Young Birdie.
Top-notch producer Slimbeatz brought in his protegee Ewube into Best Music in 2014.
Ewube’s debut single “Party All Nyte”, a spicy dancehall song produced by ace beat maker Slimbeatz was unbelievably phenomenal and created a massive impression This ushered her into the hall of reputable urban female artists in Cameroon.
With a beguiling voice, irresistible charm and stage charisma, delectable Ewube became highly coveted . She became highly sought-after for performances across Cameroon.

She electrified the stage during the launching of MTN EasyBooster in Limbe, performed alongside Stanley Enow and Mink’s during the MTN Campus Tour, Douala HipHop Festival and the University Games.
Her aura and overwhelming impact enabled her to clinch an endorsement deal as brand ambassador for Reaktor.
She had a brace nomination at the CAMEE AWARDS and the Urban Jamz Awards 2016 where her exceptional rendition of “Trowey” caught Stanley Enow’s attention. He couldn’t help but announce a future collaboration.
Ewube was the first female to be bestowed an award for highest MTN ZIK downloads.

According to rumours, Ewube’s career has always been scarred by disagreements over her video releases. Apart from in-house conflicting opinions over “Party All Nyte” video, the drawn-out delay of “Trowey” video release was due to the disagreement at the Best Music camp.
The label mates claimed the video was middling, substandard and hence not worthy to be released. Not impressed with the video, the strife between Ewube’s manager and the rest of the label mates was evidenced when he went ahead to release it without their consent. It took Best Music one full year to release the video for a much acclaimed song.
The public sensed a stale air when the video wasn’t shared on social media by the rest of the label members following its release.

The video however aired on Trace Africa, Boom TV, Canal 2 and other local channels in Cameroon. Seemingly, the hatchet hasn’t been buried since then between the Ewube’s manager Didiblaise and the rest of the camp.
Today, the once hopeful Best Music seems to be a phantasm as the key artists have signed to different labels. Mic Monsta moved to Kreef Entertainment, Nami Nami Cyrus was signed by Empire Company and Tzy Panchak clinched a deal with Blu Nation. The label is yet to utter any statement regarding Ewube’s future.
The much-admired prodigy has been inconsistent with her releases , quiet and unnoticed after the controversial “Trowey” video release.
It’s a pity how an incredible talent like Ewube hasn’t blown up. Can it be due to lack of investment or due to the
prolonged disagreement between the label mates and executives?
Like MUMAK, Best Music is ostensibly a crumbling record label, collapsing like a cardcastle.

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Ewube mounted the pedestal of fame after releasing her debut single “Party all Nite” produced by Slimbeatz under Best Music Imprint. Her follow up single “Trowey” ft Rude Bway was well acclaimed by the Cameroonian music-loving public . A beaut dancehall tune that has been radio-friendly and one of DJs faves in clubs.
She now unveils the hot video produced by Mr Adrenaline.
Enjoy !

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