July 16, 2024

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Cameroonian record label Stevens Music is left with just one artist Seppo, as Boy TAG announces his departure.

Steven’s Music Entertainment LLC instilled a glimmering hope in the minds of music lovers with a cream of artists like Gasha, Daphne, Boy TAG, Ewube, M-Pro and Shura

Created in September 2013, Steven’s Music made a remarkable impact as former front-liner Gasha debuted with an eargasmic song “Khaki Mbere” and continued to wow music lovers with dulcet music.

In 2014, she was awarded the best female artist for central Africa at the African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) in Dallas, Texas. Her collaboration with Eddy Kenzo in 2015 was testament to the fact that Steven’s Music was breaking new boundaries.
Gasha’s relationship with the label got stale and unpalatable, triggering both parties to sever ties.

Stevens Music signed Daphne after benching Gasha for good. Daphne rapidly rose to prominence and she has unarguably became the most successful artist under the label.

After releasing ‘La Bas’ two years ago, Daphne’s career has been on a hiatus causing worry lines on the foreheads of his fans.
Daphne probably experienced a fissure with the label, but no information has been released to the media. Her working relationship with Steven’s Music was on a shaky ground.

Shura joined Stevens music in 2016, and her song “Allez Dire” produced by CFX was a exceptional

After her career gained traction with “Allez Dire”, her fame plummeted after the follow up single “Dit moi tout”.
She left Stevens Music in November 2021 and signed a publishing deal with Wax Dey’s Calabash Music, which had no result.


Stevens Music signed Boy TAG, lured by his musical uniqueness, originality and music production prowess. Under the label he has dropped “Minogncité”, “Talla Andre Marie” , “Ca me n’enerve”, “Grand Ma”, “Poto poto” and “La fete” featuring Happy D’Efoulan.

His recent release “Paper” has no Stevens Music logo , suggestive of a severance.

In April 2019, Steven’s Music signed former Best Music queen Ewube. Initially a Dancehall artist, who rose to fame with “Party All Nyte”, Ewube completely lost her footing under Stevens Music. Maybe her creative direction was altered. It
Ewube left Stevens Music and later signed for Open Mic Production South Africa.
Ewube has still not found her poise as an artist. She is yet to unleash her potential.

Steven’s Music is now left with Seppo, an artist whose music navigates through Makossa and Afrobeats. She has dropped videos like under Stevens Music imprint like “Mon Ex”, Toquer Goutez, Falling, Sokolo, Amitié, and Compliqué .