Divine is a Cameroonian-American theatre actor based in Garland – Tx USA. He was born in June 1st, in the riverine littoral region of Cameroon. The 10th of the 11 children born from the union between Esther Genah Doh and Christopher Lea Doh, both parents hail from Baligham village North West Region . Divine successfully went through the academic hurdles that laid his way as he strove for academic achievements. After he failed to gain an admission into the University of Douala to pursue a degree in Economics, he later travelled to the USA where he continued his studies. In 2013 after a completion of a 15 months course at KD STUDIO COLLEGE in Dallas with an Associate of Fine Arts.

 Divine performed in several stage plays and featured in a theatre play called “THE CUTTER” written by Dion Cooke and directed by John S Davis, as a young boy growing. Divine showed excessive passion for music both by performing with his cousins and brothers at their father night club. Currently working with studio fifty fifty here in Dallas.Their collaborations has already yielded so many songs and the album so ready tobe release next year 2017.Divine seems to be making a name for himself after his six years in USA as he gradually builds up his fans base . He has performed at Abinthe loumge bar upon an invitation from a friend Casey Shriender and a special guest star at the opening of Spayse Studio in Dallas.The road to sustainable success might be long and rugged but the zeal ,passion expressed by Divine shows he has what it takes to reach the end.

Je dis danse” is a song written by Divine and produced in USA , he believes that in any parties no matter where in this world. So long  there is drinks,food ,beautiful ladies and a good DJ-the festival will last till dawn.

                                                                                           JE DIS DANSE LYRICS
Verse one


Wow that’s so cool

Aujourd hui c’est la fete

Dans cette fete,il ya beaucoup de choses a boire

le bonne nourriture et les belle nana Yea

Il ya aussi le meilleur MC,DJ Earl

Je te remercier avec votre excellent service Yea

Dans cette fete,nous allons danse jusque”au matin matin Yea

Tout le monde ,tout le monde,tout le monde-tous

lets go

Danse,danse-je dis danse

Danse ,danse-je dis danse

Tout le monde

Danse,danse-je dis danse

Danse,je dis danse-lets go

Je dis danse
Verse two

Dans cette fete,je suis ici avec mes camardes des classe

mon professeur et mes voisins.

Quand je dit que nous allons danse jusque’au matin

Sa pour dit que il ya la bonne musique ici avec les belle nana

Yea,nous allons danse jusque’au matin, avec le mellieur dj

Je parle seulement
Verse three

African African
Tu savior que nous l’africains aime fete jusque’au matin

parce que quand il ya les nourriture et lesboissons.La fete va continuer Yeah
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