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Born in South Memphis, Tennessee, Fred Fungwe a.k.a Young Scolla was moved to the Michigan, Highland Park area at the age of six. Born with an early blooming talent, the young Scolla got his start in music appropriately, in elementary school. Blessed with the ability to sing and dance, he added rap to his repertoire in middle school. Since then he has been connected to and seen the birth of over twenty different talented artists and multiple collaborative unions.

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Scolla has released 3 Projects (Sign Of Greatness, Prelude To Perfection & Escaping Reality). He is now working on his debut album, “Tears & Triumphs”. Hoping for a
October/November release.

Scolla needs YOU, every single Cameroonian and their friends to sign onto his
Facebook page, website, and  purchase his latest single, “If I was with
you” on itunes. Buy two, three, …ten, and distribute to friends and
family. Let’s push Scolla through the clouds, by making his latest single, “The Single of
the Week” on itunes.
His success will be our PRIDE!!

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Give me a sign video:

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PLAY-B is a Netherlands based Cameroonian artist. NexDim caught up with him for an exclusive interview.

Hi Play B. How are you?

I’m fine. Thank you.

Briefly introduce yourself to us.

I’m Play-B born Besong Stanislaus Besong in Mamfe, South West province, Cameroon. I attended GHS Mamfe before traveling to Europe (Holland).

Why are you called Play B ?

Play-B represents my nickname ”Play boy”  but I decided to use the last initial ”B” for Boy.

When did you indulge into music?

Actually I was born in a family where almost everyone is involved with music. I used to dance but couldn’t really develop my skills because I never had the means to do so till 2005.

Describe your genre of music and your targeted audience.

My music is RnB, Hiphop, Reggae,Reggaeton , Dancehall and world music.My target group should be the youths and people worldwide who love my grooves.

How many albums do you have in the market?

My one and only album is titled  ”The Birth OF A Legend” .It’s  not yet released in Africa.

Has your music career been a success so far?


Do you live large from music?

Not yet. Music is my part-time job.

Tell us about your music label.

Dr Batman Entertainment represents me and my vision of helping to shape music in Cameroon and Africa in general. We produce and  promote music and movies.

What’s your evaluation of the music scene in Cameroon?

Music in Cameroon so far has lots of problems . For example,  artists lack the proper funding and support they need to uphold the highly competitive entertainment business.

Describe your relationship with other Cameroonian artists.

Haven’t had lots of contacts with other Cameroonian artists but looking forward in doing so.

What is your impression about piracy in Cameroon and do you think can be done to curb this predicament.

Piracy is a sad sad situation in Cameroon. I don’t think they know how many people they deliberately leave unemployed and the effect to the economy in general. The government should lower taxes and help bring down the prices of original Cds. Coz I personally think those prices are a bit expensive for the people.

Which artist would you like to collaborate with in future?

I’ll like to do a  featuring with every artist within my genre of music like X-Maleya.

What are your plans ?

Coming to Cameroon to officially introduce my label and meet some people who are ready to take on this road of hard work and dedication.

Are you married?

No. I’m  single.

Tell us your best Cameroonian dish.

Fufu and Eru

What kind of music do you often listen to?

Depending on my mood, I listen  reggae, RnB, hip hop, rock,dance, Makossa, High life, dance-hall, batchata, lots…  just nice tunes and good lyrics.

Your last words to Cameroonians.

Let us come together and build a good and prosperous Cameroon and Africa as a whole . A place where everybody will have the opportunity to excel and serve his people and reach their dreams.

Thanks for your time .

Welcome. God Bless us all.


TEL: 0031642865467 (Europe) ,  (00237)75728791 (Africa)

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“Music is every moment of our lives,” says Helene Faussart, one half of the Afropean hip hop/R&B duo Les Nubians. Helene and her sister/bandmate, Celia, found that this feeling connected them with people in Jamaica, Egypt, Cameroon, Chad, London, their native Paris and other locales around the world as they embarked on the journey that led to their newest album ‘One Step Forward.’

In the time since their 1999 U.S. debut ‘Princesses Nubiennes’ (Higher Octave/Virgin) became the most successful French-language album in more than a decade of Billboard charts, Les Nubians’ singing sisters have traveled the world, soaking up the sounds of reggae, afro-beat, pop and electronica while collaborating with a host of respected musicians. “Everywhere we went, we looked for music that spoke of the local culture,” says Helene. The sisters met and worked with traditional folk musicians, as well as artists at the apex of every genre from Afro-jazz to British breakbeat to Cameroonian hip hop. In addition to working on their own material, Les Nubians appeared on 14 different recordings by an assortment of other artists, spanning the globe and crossing genres – from Towa Tei, Black Eyed Peas and Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek to the acclaimed Red Hot series on “Red, Hot & Riot” and “Red, Hot & Indigo.”

The musical summits gave way to recording sessions in Jamaica, Cameroon, London and at home in Paris, where Helene and Celia were joined by African jazz legend Manu Dibango, pianist Ray Lema, classical musician Benjamin Biolay, dancehall reggae stars Morgan Heritage, UK electronica wizard I.G. Culture, Mounir Belkhir, the poetic producer of the US hit track “Makeda” and more. For Les Nubians, these diverse sessions were a chance to work with some of their biggest influences, while bringing together the music of a wide range of cultures and generations.

Along with learning from these master instrumentalists, Celia and Helene sought to preserve their legacies among younger listeners. “This is so important, especially in Afropean music,” says Helene. “Many of the sounds of the two cultures have been separated for so long, but music can be a bridge that helps people meet.”

Multi-cultural sensibilities come naturally to Les Nubians. Born to a French father and Cameroonian mother, Helene and Celia learned how to sing at a young age. Inspired by a backstage meeting with jazz singer Abbey Lincoln (who encouraged them to “do it-the greatest thing in the world is to be a singer!”), the group pursued their music relentlessly. Their debut “Princesses Nubiennes” was a successful amalgam of the music they’d experienced during their life travels, combining their African roots with jazzy nuances, funky rhythms and a hint of British soul, all delivered in their uniquely elegant French style. A long and varied list of musical influences are attributed to Les Nubians’ distinctive sound, including Miriam Makeba, Ella Fitzgerald, the Fugees, Fela Kuti, and Jazzie B of Soul II Soul.

According to Celia, “Music is a great way to transmit a cultural background. Making this record was, in part, a way for our generation to give tribute to musicians we’ve looked up to and see that their music gets the recognition it deserves.”

Les Nubians were nominated for the 2004 Grammy Awards in the Best urban alternative R&B category, along with Erykah Badu, Outkast, Music Soulchild and Khelis.

Les Nubians are now touring and visiting new countries and territories ready to catch their afropean flavour.

Excerpts ;

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The official crowning of Miss Africa Texas pageant takes place on October 16th 2010 and Cameroon is fully represented. NexDim caught up with one of the final contestants, Verlene Forbia often called Lady V for an exclusive interview about her life and experiences during this pageant journey. She is an ideal personality and has a peculiar approach to life. Let’s meet her!

Hello Lady V


What part of Cameroon do you come from?

I’m from the Northwest province, from Ngo-ketunja Division ( Ndop).

Briefly describe yourself to us.

I’m a person full of smiles and love to put smile on people’s faces, due to my humble nature and jovial personality. I am quick to learn and accept constructive criticism.I don’t fantasize a lot but i have big dreams ( goals ). Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i shall fear no evil.This is the bible verse that strengthens me.The best thing that ever happened to my live, was when I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour.

We learned you are a Miss Africa Texas contestant.What inspired you to file in your candidature for Miss Africa Texas?

Yes, I am a contestant finalist. My loved ones around me, family, friends, teachers and even strangers have been of great inspiration to me.They always ask me if I was a model because they thought I looked like one. Special thanks goes to Nelson who encouraged me a lot to participate in the pageant.

Were you nervous before the auditions?

Nervous is an understatement Lol

What is remarkable about the contest?

The remarkable part of the pageant is amazing. You see how young beautiful women with brains come out of their nut-shell and display publicly, representing the beautiful countries of Africa.

The crowning of the Miss is approaching definitely on 16th October.Are you the next African queen?

Yes. I was crowned Queen ever since I gave my life to Christ.

What’s your definition of beauty?

Beauty is sanity. I will not describe beauty from the physical because I believe that everyone has that aspect ” We are beautiful and wonderfully made” by God. But this outer beauty is not complete without the inner personality, which comprises respect, humility, gentleness,kindness and above all love for one another.With this package, beauty becomes beautiful!

How do you cope with school and your modeling career?

It is not an easy task, trying to tackle both things at a time; school and modeling. Sometimes I find myself so exhausted that I just want to give up on one and concentrate on the other. Being an optimist, I still hang on to both.

Would you like to take this bold step the whole of your life?

Well, come to figure it out, models in fashion and hot in the market have an age limit.The older you grow, the less competent you become in some areas in physical modeling, especially if you intend to make a family of our own. Well I know one thing for a fact, I will always be a role model for my family, friends and to the nation in every aspect of my life through God that strengthens me.About Education, it is an everyday process because knowledge is wisdom, and wisdom is power.Even the oldest man with grey hair on his dying bed still has something new to learn, which is ; Learning to cope with or adapt to the fact that he will die. And even when he dies, education still continues, so will I continue to learn from the people around me.

Tell us about the negative aspects you’ve discovered as a model?

The negative aspect in modeling is that there is always a mis-judgement of identity. You might even end up losing important personalities in your life when you become a fashion show model because some people have a negative connotation about modeling. They forget that modeling is a career and not a personality. Being on stage and being around people is completely two different displays. Modeling is different from pageants. Modeling is more of advertizement, while pageant is about “beauty with a purpose”.

What’s your relationship with other Cameroonian contestants. Cordial?

Very cordial relationship not only with my fellow Cameroonian contestants but also with all the other contestants.

If you become amazingly rich, what will you do with your money?

God blesses his children according to his riches in glory. If i become amazingly rich however in the future, it is definitely for a purpose.That means i have a huge assignment to take care of. Nothing is as great as education on earth, and i will do anything to support those who are willing but not able to get the sound quality education they need.Working hand in hand with the ministry of education to help lower school fees and prices of text books, will be good. Better still, helping more orphans and the helpless to get free education is best.

Are you married?


What’s the worst thing you won’t like your partner to do?

Lies telling

What genre of music do you often listen to?

Gospel jams and any kind of music that appeals to me emotionally.

What is that you like or hate about Facebook?

Facebook keeps me and formal school maids and family in contact. It helps us follow each other daily activities. I have never been a Facebook fan till 4 months ago when I joined it. The negative part of it is that you might get addicted to

Say your last inspirational words to the world.

Hold on to your dreams and goals, never give up on them, no matter what it takes. Nothing good comes easy, take heart and be  strong.

It was nice having you on

Thank you NexDim and you have a great one. God bless.

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ZangalewaGolden Sounds or ZANGALEWA is a Cameroonian Makossa group. It was led by a career member of Cameroon’s presidential guard, Jean Paul Zé Bella. The men in the group provided comical musical entertainment, often dressing in military uniforms, wearing pith helmets and stuffing their clothes with pillows to appear like they had swollen bottoms from riding the train and fat stomachs from eating too much. The band is most famous for its song, Zangalewa which was a huge hit in Africa since its release in 1986. The song was also popular in Colombia where it was known as “The Military” and brought to the country by West African DJs. The song made their band so popular that they later changed the name of their group to Zangalewa, which means “Where are you from?”.

Shakira‘s collaboration with FreshlyGround for the 2010 World Cup, produced the song “Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)” . She shamelessly declared in a press conference that the song was composed by her.

Jean Paul ze Bella has since retired from the presidential guard in 2002 after 30 years of service but his song stands as an icon of Cameroonian military history.

The song is still used today almost everywhere in Africa by soldiers, policemen, boy scouts, sportsmen, and their supporters, usually during training or for rallying. It is also widely used in schools throughout the continent especially in Cameroon as a marching song and almost everyone in the country knows the chorus of the song by heart.

The song, music historians say, is a criticism of black military officers who were in league with whites to oppress their own people.The rest is Cameroonian slang and jargon from the soldiers during the war

According to Jean Paul Zé Bella, the lead singer of Golden Sounds, the chorus came from Cameroonian “sharpshooters who had created a slang for better communication between them during the Second World War”. They copied this fast pace in the first arrangements of the song. They sang the song together for freedom in Africa.

The lyrics, which are in a Central African language called Fang, read like this:

Tsa mina mina eh eh
Waka waka eh eh
Tsa mina mina zangalewa
Ana wam ah ah
Zambo eh eh
Zambo eh eh
Tsa mina mina zangalewa
Wana wa ah ah

Many other artists around the world have previously sampled this song as well. Some of the artists who have sampled the song are:

Some Research Excerpts from

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NexDim caught up with this flawless beauty for an up-close and personal interview. What actually swept me off my feet was her eloquence and aura. She was talking in real ”pimped” language. She is called Joyce Thellma Mbassa, Miss Littoral 2010 and more to her credit.

Hello, Joyce.


How are you?

Am doing good.Thank you.

Can you briefly introduce yourself .

Yeah, My names are Mbassa Joyce Thellma Amah.  I’m 23, a student at the university of Buea in my final year studying Sociology and Anthropology with a minor in Management. My hobbies-swimming, dancing and Modelling of course!


Like Jamaicans say ; What part a Cameroon yuh come from?

Well, I have a kind of mixed culture. My dad is from the Littoral region and my mum from North-west region but since it’s custom to take daddy’s side, I’ll say am from the Littoral region of Cameroon… Perfectly Bilingual from Birth!!

Can you describe your journey to become a model?

My journey to become a model…Well,when I was a kid, I used to be very calm and quiet but I loved attention, I always made sure people look at me at significant moments. I always used to cry not all the time like most kids do but just when I was hungry or willing to ease my self or sick…growing up, I was always very careful when I walked through the house to make sure nothing drops or stains my dress… a teenager, I used to be the smallest of the group but the one with the loudest voice…after teen, I am the listening ear, the shoulder to lean on and the helping hand to all my friends. Of course I got my own limitations like being authoritative, a lil shy, quick tempered and others…Back in primary and secondary school, on the 11th February  and 20th May match passes, I was always given either the flag or the school board to hold…I always did playbacks, commonly called “staging” on cultural weeks either alone or as a group of which I was always the lead dancer n singer…academically, I was very competitive and always strove for one of the best positions in class…You realize I was a MODEL at each stage. Now as becoming a model like runway and Billboard adverts, it all began with Miss competitions.

What was your drive , what actually inspired you?

My drive and inspiration, I cant really tell. All I know is, I have always loved watching modeling programs over TV, had many fashion magazines and I always dreamt of becoming like one of those bling girls. But, Eva Longoria Parker inspires me big time! She’s just so ”oofff”  in all she does!

Is this something you want to do for life ?

Yes! Absolutely… I will like to do this for life but alongside pursuing my studies and working in a good biz firm coz you know Modeling is not really encouraged in our Cameroon society. You cant depend solely on it here to make a living unless u travel out and me, i’ll like to live in my country so it may just remain alongside…but life reserves alot of surprises,if i happen to “fallbush”, the story might change.

What have you achieved so far as a model?

Hey… I’m still growing in the modeling world. hmm!  So far, Miss BINAM 2008, 1st runner up Miss Dynasty 2009, A Western Union Advert Bill Board contract for a year in 2009, Miss Littoral Lux 2010, Miss Beach 2010, and some pending contracts like Forever Living Products and Seme Beach Hotel Adverts…But my greatest achievement in all, is the acquisition of self confidence, respect of self and of others, alot of social maturity.

Tell us about Fredash Modeling Agency of which we know you are part.

Yep! Freddash Modeling Agency. It’s a young agency,with a bright future made up of great models both boys and girls! I have the honour to be among the 1st models in this great agency.We carry on our activities in a friendly and respectful environment.The CEO (Mr.Nemfor Alfred) and his team give us the necessary guides and advice on the field, photo-shoot  sessions are organized when necessary to keep us awake! The agency presents its models every month to varrying industries for advert propositions…I’ts good in there! Together,we all stand and we win!

What is your definition of beauty?

My definition  of Beauty…”Its the manifestation of the inner qualities of a person presented in a pleasing and attractive physical body”. Haha. Hope it’s clear!

Models are always known as ”people who give what they have to earn what they desire” . Are you a victim?

Oh! Yeah! Absolutely! “Models give what they have to earn what they desire”…They give a chance to the public to be aware of designers dresses and accessories,they guide people in their choice of shopping,they help promote business and present employment opportunities by advertising companies,they offer entertainment when they are on the runway…They desire to see people happy in the choices they make while they earn their living in a respectful way…So, am I Victim? NO! I am a Model.

That was a witty effort to escape the connotation of my question. Lol.

What do you think about the modeling industry in Cameroon.

It’s so low, the modeling industry in Cameroon. I’m just praying that one day, modeling will take a higher dimension in Cameroon because it pains me when I see foreigners on Billboards advertising Cameroon based Products when we are out here!!! Well,with agencies like Freddash Modeling Agency and others,it is promising!

Tell us about your first audition.Were you nervous?

Oh yeah… I am always nervous in all my auditions you know… It’s a feeling I cant take away but I try as much to hide it, I keep calm, drink some water and I keep on murmuring to myself “Joyce, all will be fine”…and it works!

Like magic I guess. Lol.

I learned you are a student , how do you cope with your modeling career and academics?

The Bible says “There is time for everything” I just try as much to give modeling its time and school its own…When there is a clash, I decide which is more important and urgent at that time and I carry on. One good thing is modeling sessions are nearly always on weekends and holidays! so it’s good for me!

Do you often watch America’s Next Top model? What’s your appraisal?

Oh yeah! America’s Next Top Model…I like it! It’s fun,it’s full of suspense, it reveals the girls’ real characters and their urge to win. It’s interesting and inspiring!!! It defines a model…though sometimes, my favorite is not theirs!

What african dish is your secret passion?

Miam miam…I like food! U are asking me to reveal my secret passion…It wount be secret anymore…Ok, I got 3…Ekwang,Ndole with miondo and water fufu with eru… Please don’t ask me to choose!

You may definitely like  Koki Corn or  Kwankalang. Lol. You surely have all Cameroonian dishes as your best.

What is your favourite genre of music?

I like music… all types but my favorite is particularly Old French Blues…It’s so relaxing.

What is your advice to Cameroonians who are passionate about modeling?

Bros’ and sis’ of Camer…If you are passionate about modeling, it’s good.We have some few agencies around now so get yourself into one and carry on your dream…It’s not easy though,just make sure you work hard and keep your dignity intact.It’s important.

Thanks for your time and Nexdim wishes you the best in your career.

Thank you Nexdim…It was my pleasure.I had a great time.

Do you have any last word to users?

One last word to users ? ” If you fail to check this website in any week, you must have missed some good things for that week…so you know what to do…Stay Blessed.

Joyce Thellma.

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Kukwa Anthony Tufon A.k.a DR KAPT is a Buea based Afro-Hip Hop sensation . He is currently a Postgraduate Bio Chemistry student at the University of Buea.

Dr Kapt is a hybrid of Hip Hop and afro-rap with a unique lyrical ability. His 13 tracks debut studio album ”HOT KWACOCO’‘ was released on Friday 4th  June 2010 under CHILLEN MUZIC and keeps blazing the airwaves.

His songs delve into the realities of our day to day lives with original vibes embellished in pidgin, dialect and English Language . Self-created slangs like ‘browse your folder”, ”I go wire you fire” and more are recurrent in his songs.

I bought this album during his album launch at the University of Buea and I ‘m addicted to songs like ”Disorder” and ”What If”.

Grab a copy of this album and pick your favourite.

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Petit Pays was the most popular  Cameroonian Musician in the 80s and 90s and he keeps  making hits in the 2000s. He has massively influenced the trend of music in his country especially proliferating the unique  ”Makossa Love” and enabling many artists to start a career like Guy MANU, Philippe MILOKO, Samy DIKO, NDJOREUR, NGUEBO solo, PAKITO, Sylvain NGONDI, Xavier LAGAF, XIBI de YAOUNDE, SAMANTHA, NGANDO CAIMAN, GUIZO des AMOURS, LONGO LAGRIFFE, MATHEMATIK, 007, MONNY EKA, LE MARQUIS, etc…

He was born in the month of JUNE , reason why NEXDIM decided to profile Cameroon’s biggest celebrity.

Petit MOUNDY Claude Adolphe was born on the 5th of June 1967 in Douala of a middle class family. Son of Marthe and ANDE’E Grand MOUNDY, he was brought up entirely by his mother. He was  named “Petit” MOUNDY Claude Adolphe.
”Moundy” in the Douala language literally means “PAYS” in French, linked with the man who made himself a nickname.

He has created a musical concept of his own, ”Makossa-love”  which has established him as the biggest Star of the century in Cameroon and beyond.

He  is rightly called the “King of Makossa-love, Avocat defenseur des femmes , Turbo d’Afrique, Rabba Rabbi “

Apart from Manu DIBANGO , he  is the only artist from Cameroon who has an impeccable reputation recognized throughout the entire African continent and reached his peak after 10 years of musical career.
Petit Pays  spent his entire childhood in Bon’edjan,  Bonakouamang, Bonamouti ( Akwa in Douala with his friends and brothers Alain Njoki, Geog’man (G. Dipital) Dikondo Yaba, Moundy Sword, Pepe Nde, Same-François Eyango Awa Elimby, Fanfan, Dan Issedou Kuo,  Doumbe, Jean-François Dissake (jeff) Sisaroma, and many others.

As a teenager, he was already a “phenomenon” . He was very quickly pointed out during football tournaments in cadet category as very good technician which for years earned him the nickname “Roger Milla”.

At This time, he thought of  commencing a brilliant professional football career, but his passion for music will prevail widely.  After his primary education, he continued his secondary education at CPFO II . He began seriously taking guitar lessons with  Marco Mbella  “l’homme avant-gardiste de sa  generation.”

Petit Pays stayed away from school spending sleepless nights to rehearse vocals and instrumental interpretation of popular songs and especially listening to the advice of  Emmanuel EBOA LOTTIN.

Against all odds, despite family pressure, Petit Pays  gradually abandoned his studies to dedicate himself to his future musical career. In the 80s, finding a local producer was an incredible challenge for all artists who were forced to emigrate in order to achieve their dreams, here is an additional difficulty that presents itself to him.

In 1985, with the help of his understanding mother and his uncle Bernard JABA, the future of the African music star flew to Paris, ostensibly for him to study law.

Upon his arrival, he sought for a producer.  He had a unique  musical philosophy  which was not comprehended at that time . He  started  doing performing popular songs with the aspiration of getting a  good producer: “I will show that I’m talented enough” was his goal.
In 1986, during the Chirac government,  with Charles Pasqua as interior minister, the official studies of Petit-Pays stopped. He finds himself  in handcuffs on an airplane in Roissy bound for Yaounde, Cameroon.

His expulsion from the French territory rather widely expanded his repertoire of songs , so he composed a very rhythmic song titled ”ca fait mal” in which he describes  his administrative detention and deportation. Eyabe KWEDI “EYAMB’S PRODUCTIONS”  accorded confidence in Petit Pays and produced his first album  in December 1987 and thus he began his musical career.

A year later in December 1988, he recorded his second album “Ancien Parigo” which established him as a young talented Cameroonian musician  appreciated by the majority of his compatriots from the North to South with songs like  “Mumi” and “Salamalekum” .

Very proactive, he did a lot of free services for associations and Afro-Caribbean clubs to confirm his talent and enhance his brand awareness in the Cameroon and  Paris market.He released his 3rd album called ”Trouver la vie” in 1990.
Petit Pays having conquered his homeland, had the ambition to conquer the whole of Africa, Europe, North America. He started Makossa Love and  created his orchestra the “Sans Visa”  in remembrance of the year 1986.

most controversial album cover in Cameroon music history

Manu Lima became his new music programmer, and hooked up with  Alain NDJOCKE and did his 4th album  “Les morts ne sont pas mort EYAMOYO” in March 1992 that went number 1 in music charts in Abidjan, Lomé, Ouagadougou, Libreville, Niamey …) and the Carribeans were madly in love with the song ”ca ne va pas”

His musical tour with his band became very frequent in Africa, America, Caribbean, Europe, Canada,  as the demand became more  explosive.

He  finds time to compose his 5th album “Avant Gout” in April 1993 and coronates himself as ”LE TURBO D’AFRIQUE”.

Songs  such as “Muléma, c’est bon and Mumi” were widely played. This album was top of many top radio hit parades. He exploded with  “NIOXXER” in 1994 and ”Korta” in 1995.

“Le Meilleur des meilleurs” was released in March 1995.

Even kids sang the  refrain “”A Abidjan ça nioxxe, à Etoudi ça nioxxe, nioxxer, nioxxer!
Petit Pays’ music  is unavoidable. His unique and ideal style has become a reference in African music.

He continues to help young people to develop their careers in music. Reason why he started an orchestra, ”Les Sans Visa”.

In May 1996, he released his 7th album “CLASS F CLASS M”  which was the  most mediatised of Petit Pays’ albums. In less than a week more than 50,000 tapes were sold in Cameroon, “Du jamais vu” .

He was declared ”wanted” by the Cameroonian national security because he was enacted as a “Fool” and because he violated modesty with the cover of this album. He hastily left Cameroon, and his  mother was imprisoned. All critics were desperate.

Petit Pays lets the tornado to pass away before returning to Cameroon. This time, the big news was “Petit Pays is crazy, he walks naked , tied at the Kribi market” .This became the main theme of his second album (double LP) “Evangile I and II” in September 97 and ”Le CV de Petit Pays”

Over 10 years , Petit Pays has  continued to rise producing more albums some with ”Les Sans Visa”

In 2007,he released one of his most controversial albums ”Frotambo” which has the song ”Pedes”. He literally acknowledges in the song is is a homosexual.

In 2009, Petit Pays surprised Cameroonians as he was seen at T.B Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos on Emmanuel TV. He declared to has given his life to Jesus and born again. Since then Petit Pays has released ”Caiman” in 2009 elected President of CAIMAN football club in Douala and ”God Go PAY” in 2010.


  • 1987: Ça fait mal (Eyab’s Productions EP 010)
  • 1988: Ancien parigo / Salamalekum(Eyab’s Productions EP 015)
  • 1990: Trouver la vie(TJR AT 087)
  • 1991: Les manières de la vie(Local cassette)
  • 1992: Les morts ne sont pas morts(Milan BMG France 873043)
  • 1993: Avant-goût(Melodie 08619-2)
  • 1994: Andy – Best of(Eyab’s/Melodie 08660-2)
  • 1994: Nioxxer(Local cassette)
  • 1995: Korta – les dignitaires(TJR CDAT 137)
  • 1995: Le Meilleur des Meilleurs(Melodie 08683-2)
  • 1996: Classe F/Classe M(Sonodisc 83232)
  • 1997: Le CV de Petit pays(Blue Silver 50654-2)
  • 1997: Evangile I & II(Sonodisc 83211/83212)
  • 1998: Le son d’amour(Septocam/Sonodisc 83218)
  • 1999: Esuwa(Eyab’s Productions/Melodie 08980)
  • 1999: Coup d’État(JPS Production CDJPS 053)
  • 2000: Bisou sur la tomate(Fotso Kamgue FK510)
  • 2001: Ya pas match(Sonima)
  • 2002: Maestro(JPS Production CDJPS 188)
  • 2002: L’amour dans l’avion(Omega Production/Sonima SMCD 1414)
  • 2003: Ennemi Public(Omega Production/Sonima SMCD 1441)
  • 2003: Dieu le père(B.Mas BMP000176)
  • 2004: Embouteillage(Omega Production)
  • 2005: La Monako(RTM Prod)
  • 2006: Ekamofock(Omega Production)
  • 2007: FROTAMBO(Lavisa Productions)
  • 2008: FIKO FIKO(GB Productions)
  • 2009: Caiman
  • 2010: God Go Pay

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When she arrived in the world of  ”Hip Hop Kamer” in the early 2000s, some saw her as the “Cameroonian Diams” .

This is necessarily because she is talented and her irresistible skills  has  influenced  the trail of Rap music in Cameroon tremendously:

‘Diams is  a big sister that I respect a lot, I like what she does”.

She however imposes a strong charisma like Diams.

Lady B’s  first album was titled ”ma colere”.

She is best known in Cameroon for starring in a PMUC Advert and a face of Le 6, a PMUC option. ”je vais win, je ne vais pas loss … il ya le dor agogo” .Hope this rings a bell.

Obounou Rosine Mireille aka Lady B was born,  March 11th 1984 in Ebolowa, South of Cameroon. With a grandfather who was a songwriter, a guitarist father, her path was virtually mapped out. Before reaching the age of 15, the young Obounou was already a solicited hip hop dancer  in the nation’s capital, where she studied;

She stopped secondary school prematurely for lack of funds.  With her PEBC she started doing music. She began working with hip-hop groups of Yaounde in 2002, competed in the ” Coca Cola Dream” which aimed to identify young talents in Cameroon. Her talent was immediately recognized and she was among the five winners of the competition, and part of  the Dream compilation released in 2003. This opened the floodgate of her showcase and adventures.

She took part in the Hip Hop Summit in Johannesburg and Soweto (South Africa) in 2004 -2005,  in Dakar, Senegal for Hip-Hop award, Benin for Hip Hop Kamgpe and Gabon for the  Gabao Hip Hop festival where she was best Female Hip Hop artist in Central Africa.

In 2007, she returned and participated in a musical workshop alongside the Nubians, Naneth … The same year, 2007, she was invited to represent Cameroon atla nuit de la musique  in Gabon, an event organized by the Fondation IBISS Bongo with 72 artists participating, including Viviane N’Dour, Medhy Custos, the rapper Lord Kossity and  Eve.

Asked why she does rap, Lady B responds ”it is the surest way to express what I have inside me.” influenced by  Erika Badu, Lady Lesty,  Sally Nyolo and  Annie Anzouer.

Rap and nothing else

The Beti lady’s  second album was released in December 10, 2008, two months before the birth of her second child, a boy whose father is the makossa singer Eriko who was involved in a ghastly accident.

The album was released under her own label, created in 2006, K ‘Intertainment,9 songs for a musical revolution that was much needed and where we note the participation of artists such as  Kazam la Flamme and the group Kunde Yala.

In addition, the group consisting of  Aristy B, Ralim S, Soun and Lady B, are preparing for a November release of a new album entitled “Renaissance,”

While awaiting this album, Lady B will perform live in Bangui (CAR) on October 25 and a tour of the CCF and Alliance Franco.

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Salatiel is a music producer/sound engineer, pianist, singer and songwriter. Born on 26th December 1987, Salatiel Livenja was born in a musical family. His mum, Pastor Mrs Celine Kwede is a music composer and singer. Salatiel started as a young songwriter, penning lyrics at home. Meeting with artists like Dominik, Joel Alex, Guy Michel, in Yaounde changed a trail and stirred up his career. In Buea, he hooked up with a well-commended producer, Cornelius, and Emile Ngumbah of M1 Studio where he currently works as  producer. He has produced artists  like Dr Sley, Bobby Nguime, Achalle, Big G, Denzyl, Tata Kingue and some gospel artists.

He was member of ”Breakthrough Voices” with Blaise B.

Educational Background

Salatiel is an undergraduate Zoology student in the University of Buea. ”I intend to complete my university studies and considering an Audio Engineering career.

Inspirational words

”Dream and pursue your dream.Release believe in what you do and God. Jesus is coming soon”


Born on 7th May 1988, Carine was born in a music family, her mum was a chorister at Christ The King  Choir and her late dad encouraged her positively. ”I know he must be proud wherever he is right now’‘. Her younger sister, Nkamdem Noratine is an upcoming singer and Carine’s personal adviser.
She started singing as a teenager in primary school and later continued in secondary school. In Saint Joseph Catholic Comprehensive College, Mbengwi, she was outstanding with her talent and later enrolled in REPACOL, Mutengene,where she was best female singer .
As a member of the group ”Mega First” they released a gospel album which was supported by the Bishop. Recording the album at M1 Studio, she was solicited  by Emile Ngumbah of M1 Studio to be a back-up vocalist.
With other singers, she started at weddings, funerals and other ceremonies.
Carine has been a back-up vocals for BAAM, Dr Sley and other artists.
In 2008, Chillen Muzic sought this sublime singer to be part of the group ”Electrik girls” and recorded an album.The group dissolved later that year.
She featured in Dr Kapt‘s album ”Hot Kwacoco’‘ and was also part of the ”Stand Up for Haiti” project.

Carine Nkamdem an undergraduate student of the university of Buea studying Sociology and Anthropology. She pursues her academics passionately.

”Everyone has an endowed talent.Young people should get educated  so that  if the talents fail at one point, you can have a back-up. Do not give up, keep pushing and get to those who have been there before you to seek advice.
Try to be humble and put God first. Be hard-working too as the Bamileke say ”La vrai magique c’est le travaille”



Rude Boy was born on the 7th of June 1988. He is a songwriter, performer and an aspiring Radio/TV presenter and VJ.
Music is part of his family, his older brother was a member of the acapella group ”Victors of Glory” with two members now  Kora Nominees; ” Bright Phase”.
He got musically influenced by his brothers. In secondary school, he started a group called  ”New generation singers”. He later met Larry (The male singer of BAAM) and formed the group ”F-DENEL”. Two albums were released by the group; ”Don’t loose faith” and ”Judgment Day” in 2005 and 2007 respectively.
I had a reggae and dancehall influence in my neighbourhood by artists like Brown Pilot, Pon-Tiff, and Holy Man. I started performing in shows with DJ Sampler.
He has worked with artists like Dr Sley, MC Zas, Achalle, BAAM, Fallon Boys, Bemo Zinnia, and Le Cle son of God. He was one of the singers in the ”Stand up for Haiti” song.
Educational Background.

He is a final year undergraduate student in English Language at the University of Buea.
My prospect is to be a renown reggae dancehall artist like Samini, Collie Budz, Brown Pilot, and DJ Sampler.I’m also an aspiring Radio/TV presenter and VJ.
Inspirational words
”Obey your parents, always guan a school and leave de smoking fi di elders. Jah Bless.’

Blaise B is a songwriter, singer and producer. He was born on the 24th of December 1988. He started singing in Secondary School like an ordinary singer influenced by Michael Jackson,2 Face and Wyclef Jean. He is a vocal teacher, producer and video editor at  Favoo Studio in Limbe. He was the lead singer of  Break-through voices” with Salatiel.Released a single ”Lord I’m sorry” which received airplay on STV, Equinox TV and Canal 2.
He has worked with Charles Rock Ahoudou and produced his album ”Am free”.
He has been composer and vocal coach for Full Gospel Choir, Mile 4, Limbe, PC Botaland, Baptist Church Limbe.
Email: or contact FAVOO STUDIO: (237) 77802692

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