June 17, 2024

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Born in South Memphis, Tennessee, Fred Fungwe a.k.a Young Scolla was moved to the Michigan, Highland Park area at the age of six. Born with an early blooming talent, the young Scolla got his start in music appropriately, in elementary school. Blessed with the ability to sing and dance, he added rap to his repertoire in middle school. Since then he has been connected to and seen the birth of over twenty different talented artists and multiple collaborative unions.

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/youngscollausr

Scolla has released 3 Projects (Sign Of Greatness, Prelude To Perfection & Escaping Reality). He is now working on his debut album, “Tears & Triumphs”. Hoping for a
October/November release.

Scolla needs YOU, every single Cameroonian and their friends to sign onto his
Facebook page, website, and  purchase his latest single, “If I was with
you” on itunes. Buy two, three, …ten, and distribute to friends and
family. Let’s push Scolla through the clouds, by making his latest single, “The Single of
the Week” on itunes.
His success will be our PRIDE!!


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