March 2, 2024

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Born on September 10th 1969, in Yaounde , Albert Tjamag a.k.a Menelik is a French rapper of Cameroonian descent. He immigrated to France together which his family in 1979.

In 1990, at University of Paris VIII (Saint Denis) he met renown rapper, M’Barali Claude, a.k.a MC Solaar. A year later,  MC Solaar released the track ”Bouge de la” which marked the beginning of his recording career. Menelik joined him in the “posse 501” to participate in the greatest compilation of his time by DJ Jimmy Jay. The compilation produced was released under Philippe Ascoli’s label.
Menelik’s  song titled “Un petit rien de Jazz” enjoyed enormous  success and was aired on Radio Nova.

He gained the attention of  British DJ, Gilles Peterson. Menelik became very popular on the jazz rap scene at the time and worked with many international artists like RPM, English band from Brighton; and No Sé, Cologne, German group .

He released his first album in 1995 titled ”Phénomenelik” at Jimmy Jay Records, which was licensed  at Sony Music. Menelik became the first signing of the label “Soul Circle” by Philippe Desindes which became “S.M.A.L.L ”

With songs like  ”tout baigne” and “Quelle adventure” he was an opening act for  MC Solaar followed by  a tour in over 10 countries in West Africa , Europe, the United States, and Canada. In 1996, he was  crowned  Best Male Newcomer of the Year .

His second album ”Je me souviens”  proliferated  in stores in 1997. The first single “Faut se lacher” did not get much attention as the previous release.

Menelik  portrays his strong lyrical abilities in “Je me souviens” . In this song, Menelik recounts his arrival in France and the integration problems in adolescence. This song became a miracle.
Thierry Chassagne, marketing director of the label had the idea to get Menelik’s song  ”Bye Bye” remixed by Lone and Joe (guitarists of the Fugees). The single was released in late June 1997 and the success was  immediate .

In the fall, the label boss ,Philippe Desindes was surprised to see the single still topping t