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EQUINOXE TV closed by Government Tax officials

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Following a non-payment of 22 million to the CNPS, the Channel  has been sealed.

Since yesterday afternoon , according to some sources, the sales department and the newsroom of Equinoxe TV has been closed.

For failure of a payment of 22 million to the CNPS, tax officials were forced to seal the media house.
Some sources reveal that officials of the media house reportedly promised to pay an advance of one million of the 22 claimed by the tax authorities.

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The Cameroonian midfielder George Mandjeck is a product of Kadji Sports Academy. He played for Kaiserslauten during the 2009/2010 season before being  transferred to Le Stade  Rennais FC. According to Frederick Antonetti, George Mandjeck possesses the athletic qualities to play alongside Yann M’vila.

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”Ayo oh ,Ateh,Ayo ohoh ateh”

The 1990s Duo; Sergeo Polo and Njohreuh who both created the ”Zingue” dance have not been in good terms. Both are claiming copyrights for the song ”le mari d’autrui est sucre”. The song has been re-performed by Njohreuh in his new album which is not appreciated by Sergeo Polo.

Sergeo Polo declared on ”Disons tout” on Equinox TV that the song belongs to him.

Njohreuh had this to say;

“Do I need his approval to repeat the song? I have always said that the song is as much mine as his. ” Njohreur reveals that  ” Sergeo Polo comes and collects royalties for this song, and the  single” Zingue tonik ”

Since their separation,  Sergeo and Njohreur have been cold.

“I do not know what this man wants from me.” laments Njohreur.

It his rumoured that their enmity is more deep than the music polemic.

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The Cameroonian community in Capetown, South Africa has been in serious crisis since the 24th of June when Cameroon lost to Holland 2-1. The center of discussion is the 2 million CFA and 61 tickets that was given to the president of the Cameroonian community , Ashu Lucas for the support of the Indomitable Lions and celebrations in case of victory. He is blamed for the violence that ensued in Capetown that night which left many wounded and mass destruction in a club belonging to a Cameroonian; Lotin Ebai.

According to information gathered from other units and within the Cameroonian community in Cape Town, the acts of violence recorded in the night of Thursday 24 to Friday, June 25 between the Night Club are the result of  the President of the Community Ashu Lucas and his collaborators Epie Ivo EPAM and Esther Kunya not  being transparent in the management of money given to the Cameroonians in Cape Town by the Cameroon government.

“From the start, when they receive this money and tickets, they did not tell  anyone. They did not give us the tickets at the stadium, they said they will present 61 priority to the presidents of associations in each area. It is when we went to the authorities that they told us that they have given this money to our leaders.  Lucas Ashu admitting in embarrassment, told us that his followers have decided that this money will be used for food and drink from community members after the game in the nightclub of his younger brother Lotin Ebai. We accepted anyway. But when we arrived in the night club, we were informed that food and drink are to be sold. Asked about the 35,000 rand received from the government, Lucas Ashu said nothing good. We asked him to provide money for sharing as it was not used to buy food and drink. He started resisting as everyone revolted and there was  violence, ” explained the a Cameroonian.
Many of these Cameroonians portray that  their fear of the mismanagement of funds by Lucas Ashu and his collaborators  is based on deeds recorded in the past. On several occasions, they argue, Ashu Lucas and his cronies have not accurately reported the management of funds raised for the funeral of any fellow Cameroonian who is killed in Cape Town and for rejoicings on national holidays in Cameroon. Regarding the 35,000 rand given by the Cameroonian government Thursday, June 24, Cameroonians in Cape Town are determined to bring Lucas Ashu to share the fairly.

“We’ll have that Cameroonians in Cape Town also believe that the damage caused in the nightclub Lotin Ebai must be repaired by this money,” says Lucas Ashu .

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The food is now sour !.

There is no doubt about the excessive presence of Paul Valeri in clips and video recordings of the artist Clarisse Valeri commonly known as ”WOPSO”. The two lovebirds who were inseparable for some time, each chose to part ways. Sources reveal that Clarisse who was happily and with great pride bearing the name of Valeri, has not accepted to share her husband with another fellow Cameroonian lady.

Reached by telephone from the city of Paris where she resides, the artist is bitter and does not hide her anger.

“I just passed through a very difficult time, indeed fatal. My husband Paul Valery almost killed me. He is not happy that I made him  a star in my country, only rewarded by going to flirt with a fellow Cameroonian who does not even reach me in the ankle. God is great and thanks that this flirtation did not last.  I could not endure the betrayal, I actually divorced him. I ended our relationship… He did not think about my career, on the contrary, he humiliated me, despite what I did for him by presenting him to some great personalities in Cameroon ” says Wôpso.

According to her, her now ex-husband has dangled the illusion of a fortune in his new conquest, when he is nothing.

“I realized he was jealous of me precisely because I had a lot more money than him. He was unhappy and not at ease to know that I never asked anything from him, I did not need him to  regularly pay for my album promotion, my album recordings and my vacation at home. He has never given me anything financially. I have always proclaimed loudly and in newspapers, through radio and television  that I could afford many things because of what I inherited from my first marriage in Belgium “says  Clarisse Wôpso.

The artist has wasted anytime to  get a new “white” who now shares her bed. “My new boyfriend is Italian and he is called Mucho.He is  a cute, young computer engineer in a big Club here in PARIS. To shock Paul, I did not even wait. For God quickly gave me a ”handsome white “


To show that she has definitively turned the page with Paul Valery, the “Soucouper Wôpso” who speaks of betrayal, lies and deception has changed her name from ”Clarisse Valeri” to  “Clarisse Wôpso.

She is  currently recoding her new album ”La chicote de Dieu”

She changed about 100 outfits in this video.

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The former player of Olympique Marseille and PSG midfielder who now plays for the Spanish Club  Almeria ; Mbami Modeste has been approached by the Turk first division side Galatasaray . The Cameroonian international has been out of the Cameroon squad during Paul Le Guen’s regime despite  a commendable performance in La Liga.

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salut à tous!
ACH4LIFE présente THE COME BACK premier concert officiel du plus grand groupe de RAP Camerounais AKSANGRAVE à Douala

Ach4life revient après la trêve observée pendant la coupe du monde avec l’un des plus gros événements du hip hop kamer, le retour sur la scène du groupe aux 03 albums à succès régnant depuis plus de 10 ans sur la scène hip hop du Cameroun avec plusieurs prix, AKSANGRAV. Dans le cadre de la présentation de son nouvel album dont on peut voir le clip en boucle sur trace tv et nos chaines locales, le groupe dans sa nouvelle configuration (EBOO et REEZBO) vient communier avec ses nombreux fans de Douala. Signé sous un nouveau label Français, nous dégusterons avec eux quelques tubes des albums précédents mais surtout les titres du nouvel album qui suscite tant des curiosités car on avait jamais imaginé Aksangrav sans Dar x. C’est donc un spectacle inédit que ACH4LIFE vous offre à travers cette nouvelle édition des soirées hip hop URBANIZ.

AKSANGRAV sera accompagné des artistes venant de Yaoundé (JUDDAH la dernière signature de Mapane Records, AYRIQ AKAM le virtuose et VINEY DANECAM à découvrir), de Douala ( J MALO, LES 4 SALOP’ARTS, ENER J, et 2 ladies KELY FLORE ET WINNERDIE). la street dance sera assurée par “LES FOL’ FURIEUZ” amenées par JOYCE et TRISH. un clashartistique et thématique sera donné par FRANKO et TUMEUR HEROÏNE pour le show.

Douala et Yaoundé réunis pour un show de grosse facture;
C’est le must en matière de hip hop au kamer!!!

Date: vendredi 23 juillet 2010
Heure: 18h00
Pass: 1 000 FCFA
Infoline: 00 237 99 44 55 29

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John i Ray, born by Cameroonian parents started music in his father’s church as a choir singer and guitar player, In 1994 he represented his region in a music star competition. In 1996 his first Album tittle,”John The Baptist” came out, And he went on tour to tour, travelling from one country to the other promoting that debute album with his band. John i Ray later decided to move deeper into the music career by chosing to study music production and sound engineering but could not stop writing and singing songs. John i Ray today is a sound engineer, a music producer and a sole proprietor of a music recording studio in Dallas Texas, United States where he is signed to Dream Safari Music. His newly released album of August 15th 2009 tittled “Life Too Short” is now in stores and signed by Dream Safari. John i ray has also recorded and produced a good number of singers who are now breaking through. When we Talked to John i Ray, Listen to what he had to say, “My mum taught me Rhythm even when I was still in his womb and my Dad challenged me to discover that African Traditional music and co-exist with spiritual and world music”. And he went further saying that, The palace family of Taku and Tallah village in Cameroon a west African country inculcated the early principles of music and rhythm into his being from a very early age. John i ray believes that, without music this world would not be a better place to live.

Nja-ngi money [audio:]

Tina [audio:]

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Petit Pays was the most popular  Cameroonian Musician in the 80s and 90s and he keeps  making hits in the 2000s. He has massively influenced the trend of music in his country especially proliferating the unique  ”Makossa Love” and enabling many artists to start a career like Guy MANU, Philippe MILOKO, Samy DIKO, NDJOREUR, NGUEBO solo, PAKITO, Sylvain NGONDI, Xavier LAGAF, XIBI de YAOUNDE, SAMANTHA, NGANDO CAIMAN, GUIZO des AMOURS, LONGO LAGRIFFE, MATHEMATIK, 007, MONNY EKA, LE MARQUIS, etc…

He was born in the month of JUNE , reason why NEXDIM decided to profile Cameroon’s biggest celebrity.

Petit MOUNDY Claude Adolphe was born on the 5th of June 1967 in Douala of a middle class family. Son of Marthe and ANDE’E Grand MOUNDY, he was brought up entirely by his mother. He was  named “Petit” MOUNDY Claude Adolphe.
”Moundy” in the Douala language literally means “PAYS” in French, linked with the man who made himself a nickname.

He has created a musical concept of his own, ”Makossa-love”  which has established him as the biggest Star of the century in Cameroon and beyond.

He  is rightly called the “King of Makossa-love, Avocat defenseur des femmes , Turbo d’Afrique, Rabba Rabbi “

Apart from Manu DIBANGO , he  is the only artist from Cameroon who has an impeccable reputation recognized throughout the entire African continent and reached his peak after 10 years of musical career.
Petit Pays  spent his entire childhood in Bon’edjan,  Bonakouamang, Bonamouti ( Akwa in Douala with his friends and brothers Alain Njoki, Geog’man (G. Dipital) Dikondo Yaba, Moundy Sword, Pepe Nde, Same-François Eyango Awa Elimby, Fanfan, Dan Issedou Kuo,  Doumbe, Jean-François Dissake (jeff) Sisaroma, and many others.

As a teenager, he was already a “phenomenon” . He was very quickly pointed out during football tournaments in cadet category as very good technician which for years earned him the nickname “Roger Milla”.

At This time, he thought of  commencing a brilliant professional football career, but his passion for music will prevail widely.  After his primary education, he continued his secondary education at CPFO II . He began seriously taking guitar lessons with  Marco Mbella  “l’homme avant-gardiste de sa  generation.”

Petit Pays stayed away from school spending sleepless nights to rehearse vocals and instrumental interpretation of popular songs and especially listening to the advice of  Emmanuel EBOA LOTTIN.

Against all odds, despite family pressure, Petit Pays  gradually abandoned his studies to dedicate himself to his future musical career. In the 80s, finding a local producer was an incredible challenge for all artists who were forced to emigrate in order to achieve their dreams, here is an additional difficulty that presents itself to him.

In 1985, with the help of his understanding mother and his uncle Bernard JABA, the future of the African music star flew to Paris, ostensibly for him to study law.

Upon his arrival, he sought for a producer.  He had a unique  musical philosophy  which was not comprehended at that time . He  started  doing performing popular songs with the aspiration of getting a  good producer: “I will show that I’m talented enough” was his goal.
In 1986, during the Chirac government,  with Charles Pasqua as interior minister, the official studies of Petit-Pays stopped. He finds himself  in handcuffs on an airplane in Roissy bound for Yaounde, Cameroon.

His expulsion from the French territory rather widely expanded his repertoire of songs , so he composed a very rhythmic song titled ”ca fait mal” in which he describes  his administrative detention and deportation. Eyabe KWEDI “EYAMB’S PRODUCTIONS”  accorded confidence in Petit Pays and produced his first album  in December 1987 and thus he began his musical career.

A year later in December 1988, he recorded his second album “Ancien Parigo” which established him as a young talented Cameroonian musician  appreciated by the majority of his compatriots from the North to South with songs like  “Mumi” and “Salamalekum” .

Very proactive, he did a lot of free services for associations and Afro-Caribbean clubs to confirm his talent and enhance his brand awareness in the Cameroon and  Paris market.He released his 3rd album called ”Trouver la vie” in 1990.
Petit Pays having conquered his homeland, had the ambition to conquer the whole of Africa, Europe, North America. He started Makossa Love and  created his orchestra the “Sans Visa”  in remembrance of the year 1986.

most controversial album cover in Cameroon music history

Manu Lima became his new music programmer, and hooked up with  Alain NDJOCKE and did his 4th album  “Les morts ne sont pas mort EYAMOYO” in March 1992 that went number 1 in music charts in Abidjan, Lomé, Ouagadougou, Libreville, Niamey …) and the Carribeans were madly in love with the song ”ca ne va pas”

His musical tour with his band became very frequent in Africa, America, Caribbean, Europe, Canada,  as the demand became more  explosive.

He  finds time to compose his 5th album “Avant Gout” in April 1993 and coronates himself as ”LE TURBO D’AFRIQUE”.

Songs  such as “Muléma, c’est bon and Mumi” were widely played. This album was top of many top radio hit parades. He exploded with  “NIOXXER” in 1994 and ”Korta” in 1995.

“Le Meilleur des meilleurs” was released in March 1995.

Even kids sang the  refrain “”A Abidjan ça nioxxe, à Etoudi ça nioxxe, nioxxer, nioxxer!
Petit Pays’ music  is unavoidable. His unique and ideal style has become a reference in African music.

He continues to help young people to develop their careers in music. Reason why he started an orchestra, ”Les Sans Visa”.

In May 1996, he released his 7th album “CLASS F CLASS M”  which was the  most mediatised of Petit Pays’ albums. In less than a week more than 50,000 tapes were sold in Cameroon, “Du jamais vu” .

He was declared ”wanted” by the Cameroonian national security because he was enacted as a “Fool” and because he violated modesty with the cover of this album. He hastily left Cameroon, and his  mother was imprisoned. All critics were desperate.

Petit Pays lets the tornado to pass away before returning to Cameroon. This time, the big news was “Petit Pays is crazy, he walks naked , tied at the Kribi market” .This became the main theme of his second album (double LP) “Evangile I and II” in September 97 and ”Le CV de Petit Pays”

Over 10 years , Petit Pays has  continued to rise producing more albums some with ”Les Sans Visa”

In 2007,he released one of his most controversial albums ”Frotambo” which has the song ”Pedes”. He literally acknowledges in the song is is a homosexual.

In 2009, Petit Pays surprised Cameroonians as he was seen at T.B Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos on Emmanuel TV. He declared to has given his life to Jesus and born again. Since then Petit Pays has released ”Caiman” in 2009 elected President of CAIMAN football club in Douala and ”God Go PAY” in 2010.


  • 1987: Ça fait mal (Eyab’s Productions EP 010)
  • 1988: Ancien parigo / Salamalekum(Eyab’s Productions EP 015)
  • 1990: Trouver la vie(TJR AT 087)
  • 1991: Les manières de la vie(Local cassette)
  • 1992: Les morts ne sont pas morts(Milan BMG France 873043)
  • 1993: Avant-goût(Melodie 08619-2)
  • 1994: Andy – Best of(Eyab’s/Melodie 08660-2)
  • 1994: Nioxxer(Local cassette)
  • 1995: Korta – les dignitaires(TJR CDAT 137)
  • 1995: Le Meilleur des Meilleurs(Melodie 08683-2)
  • 1996: Classe F/Classe M(Sonodisc 83232)
  • 1997: Le CV de Petit pays(Blue Silver 50654-2)
  • 1997: Evangile I & II(Sonodisc 83211/83212)
  • 1998: Le son d’amour(Septocam/Sonodisc 83218)
  • 1999: Esuwa(Eyab’s Productions/Melodie 08980)
  • 1999: Coup d’État(JPS Production CDJPS 053)
  • 2000: Bisou sur la tomate(Fotso Kamgue FK510)
  • 2001: Ya pas match(Sonima)
  • 2002: Maestro(JPS Production CDJPS 188)
  • 2002: L’amour dans l’avion(Omega Production/Sonima SMCD 1414)
  • 2003: Ennemi Public(Omega Production/Sonima SMCD 1441)
  • 2003: Dieu le père(B.Mas BMP000176)
  • 2004: Embouteillage(Omega Production)
  • 2005: La Monako(RTM Prod)
  • 2006: Ekamofock(Omega Production)
  • 2007: FROTAMBO(Lavisa Productions)
  • 2008: FIKO FIKO(GB Productions)
  • 2009: Caiman
  • 2010: God Go Pay

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In the year 1992,  Xavier-Lagaf ‘s father  lost his job at the BATA as accounting manager. Obliged to pay for his studies alone, he decided to begin with small jobs from neighborhood to neighborhood.
He trekked about ten km each day from his  place of residence to Lycee Deido where he was student.
He loved to sing in class  which was much pleasure for  his classmates.

In 1993, Xavier saved money and bought Petit-Pays’ album titled ”avant gout’‘ .His aspiration was to sing like Petit-Pays while improvising.

In 1994, Xavier craved to expose his talents. He decided t0 be part of the Music Club in Lycee Deido.

In 1996,  Xavier became the interpreter of Petit Pays’ songs in the school cycle together with Monny Eka.

In 1997-1998, Xavier not seeing a possibility of joining Les Sans Visa de Petit-Pays decided to continue pursuing his studies until SAMY DIKO released his debut album which made waves in Cameroon. He was lucky to meet Samy Diko and became his back up vocalist.

1999 was his year of glory, Xavier decided to audition at Makepe to become a member of  Les Sans Visa which turned out positive.

He released ”Je vais me remarier” which had enormous success around Cameroon.

Songs composed by Xavier Lagaf

WALLA’A(malondo magoulè)




L’ HYMNE DE PETIT PAYS performed by LES SANS VISAS before the start of every show.


BONGOLO- BONGOLO improvised during a concert and included in the album by public demand.







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