March 1, 2024

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John i Ray, born by Cameroonian parents started music in his father’s church as a choir singer and guitar player, In 1994 he represented his region in a music star competition. In 1996 his first Album tittle,”John The Baptist” came out, And he went on tour to tour, travelling from one country to the other promoting that debute album with his band. John i Ray later decided to move deeper into the music career by chosing to study music production and sound engineering but could not stop writing and singing songs. John i Ray today is a sound engineer, a music producer and a sole proprietor of a music recording studio in Dallas Texas, United States where he is signed to Dream Safari Music. His newly released album of August 15th 2009 tittled “Life Too Short” is now in stores and signed by Dream Safari. John i ray has also recorded and produced a good number of singers who are now breaking through. When we Talked to John i Ray, Listen to what he had to say, “My mum taught me Rhythm even when I was still in his womb and my Dad challenged me to discover that African Traditional music and co-exist with spiritual and world music”. And he went further saying that, The palace family of Taku and Tallah village in Cameroon a west African country inculcated the early principles of music and rhythm into his being from a very early age. John i ray believes that, without music this world would not be a better place to live.

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