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Jay N, whose real names are  Jean Noel Menyanga was born in Yaounde on the 14th of December 1985.Having a great passion for music,Jay N began writing R n B,SOUL,dancehall and reggae songs in 2003.

He is now gaining recognition and admiration for his style and charisma around Cameroon.He blends English and French in his lyrics  with well conceptualised videos.His new album ”ROCKSTAR” is already blazing a trail.Hmmm!! girls can die for him.

Jay N was recently won the Mboa Hip Hop Awards as Revelation of the Year.

This video was directed and produced by NS Pictures.

Keep rocking!!!



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NexDim:Hey Myra.

Myra: ‘hi’

NexDim: Can you tell us about yourself?

Myra: ‘’Well, well, Myra is the short form of Mirabel. My friends call me Myra but my full names are Mirabel Fonyuy. I come from the Northwest Province of Cameroon. I grew up and studied in Bamenda before leaving for Germany where I presently study’’

NexDim: When did your music career begin?

Myra: ‘It started off when I was less than 4 years old in nursery school. I had to sing on special occasions in school, something I loved doing. This continued through primary school and secondary school when I joined The St Paul’s College school choir.

From then, I have been writing songs and poems. I totally adore music and know it is a lifetime commitment for me. Though my specialty was the sciences, arts has always been my passion and it is a pleasure to live that passion now’’

NexDim: Which producers or record labels have you been worked with so far in your career?

Myra: ‘I believe one must not work with a label to make it big time. Of course, a label would have more contacts and therefore more chances to hit fame and the rest. I do music because I want to reach people in a positive and different way. This is something a label will not allow me do: that’s be my own person and do music the way I imagine it. I need the freedom like the air I breathe. As concerns producers, I’ve work with Mbachi Halle, Andre Manga, Valentine Lah and some other artists in Cameroon’

NexDim: What inspires your music?

Myra: ‘A lot. For example, people, my experiences in life, lessons learnt along the line or life itself. The most important inspiration is God. God’s love for us is unending even when we do not deserve it. This is a constant reminder and inspiration to me’

NexDim: How will you call your style or genre of music?

Myra: ‘It is a mixture of Afro Jazz, Afro beat and Neo Soul. I also do a lot of acapella and spoken poetry. I would say that I cannot classify myself under any genre because I mix my style with other genres’

NexDim: Do you have an album in the market?

Myra: ‘I am working on my first album which will hit the stores late in autumn. However, I have done background music for many artists both in Cameroon and in Germany’.

NexDim: What message will you cut across in your album?

Myra: ‘My album has a lot of themes: God, pain, encouragement for the youths and the African girl especially. Love! That’s very important’

NexDim: How will the album be marketed?

Myra: ‘It will be sold online on iTunes, Amazon as well as in stores in Germany, UK, USA and Africa’

NexDim: Have you been doing gigs and shows around Europe?

Myra: ‘I’m the lead singer in an African Student’s choir in Germany. We perform very often in churches, concerts etc. We organise concerts and I have personally performed in many concerts. It is also not easy to combine studies and a musical career. There are times when I have to forgo concerts because of exams’

NexDim: Which artists will you like to work with in the future?

Myra: ‘I would love to work with John Legend, Richard Bona, India Arie and Jill Scott. They have so much talent and a passion for soul and jazz. They might not be on the billboard but they do good music, music for the soul and that’s exactly where I am heading’

NexDim: What’s your impression about the future of the Cameroonian music industry?

Myra: ‘There is one thing I know about Cameroon: we got a lot of talented singers and musicians. I think of Sydney, Yomo, Emkal, and many others I have had to work with and all I can say is “wow!” Nevertheless, it is not enough to be talented. We all need exposure and that unfortunately is not the case in Cameroon. The young talents should be promoted or at least given a platform to grow and to give life to their innovative ideas.We need innovative ideas and to maintain our original rhythms’

NexDim: What’s your favorite Cameroonian dish?

Myra: ‘Fufu, Huckleberry & Kahti Kahti. That is my traditional dish. I love our Cameroonian dishes and I prepare them as often as I can out here. What is your favorite Cameroonian dish?

NexDim: LOL. Fufu Corn,huckleberry and kahti kahti.I also love Achu. It’s finger-licking good. It sounds funny as you might be surprise to know that I’m not a North West indigene.

NexDim: Are you married?

Myra: ‘No, I am not married and not single either’

NexDim: Your last words to Cameroonians.

Myra: ‘I love you all; always trust in God and yourself. We can achieve anything we want to, we only need to work for it and be patient for when it is your time to shine. There is nothing anyone can do to change that.  One love and Peace!! Watch out for my album coming out in late autumn coz it’s going to be a blast!!’

NexDim: Enormous thanks for according us your time and we wish you the best in your career.

Myra: Thank you NexDim for the cool interview. I laughed a lot. It was a pleasure talking to you.


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bright_phaseThe countdown for Kora Awards 2010 is on and NexDim is proud to announce that Bright Phase has been nominated as best group in Central Africa at the level of the quarter finals.



Bright Phase perform live in Benin

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104_2818Its incredible!!

This song was conceptualised,arranged,produced and the video shot in 2 days.It was performed live on the 12 th of February 2010 at the Grand Charity Concert dubbed ”Stand Up For Haiti”  held at the University of Buea Street.The song was recorded at M1 Studios and the video directed and edited at Bluedrops Studios,Buea.Special gratitude goes to the sponsors CocaCola,MTN,BlueDrops Studios,M1,AfroVisioN, IAMS and the University Of Buea.


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JPS a.k.a Just Plain Sick is a London based African Hip Hop trio consisting Henry “Cally P” Edet, Victor “Jay-Vic” Johnson and Valentine “Baby Africa” Ashu.Valentine ”Baby Africa” lived in Kumba,Cameroon for 13 years before immigrating to UK in 1999.In 2004 while studying for their ‘A’ Levels at Newham College,they were is inspired to carve a niche for themselves in the music industry.
Blending various musical flavors of their African origin, the group set about creating a hip hop sound ideal and distinctive from many of their peers at the time. In just over six months, the group had gained popularity locally and went on to perform in cities such as Sheffield, Hull, Bournemouth and also getting the opportunity to showcase their music in Italy and Germany.

Their marketing and promotional skills saw them achieve a slot on a Ben T.V show in 2005 dedicated to emerging urban talents in the U.K. Despite the widespread acclamation and promising future, the boys took a break from making music together as academic challenges became a priority.

babyafricaKick starting their resurgence in December 2008 was a Jay-Vic appearance on the widely popular M.T.V Hugo boss urban competition followed by an appearance at the Miss Cameroon UK 2008 competition supporting established Cameroonian artists. Currently promoting singles ‘E Dey’ ‘Bad Girl’ and ‘Crazy’ the trio have already gained radio play and supported popular Nigerian artists such as Olu Maintain.

Work on the forthcoming debut album “JPS: Home and Away” has already began and is set for a summer release. Blending the vast musical styles that have influenced the group from Hip hop, soul, R n B, Makosa, High Life and Dancehall, Salsa and many others. The album threatens to establish JPS as African hip hop artist finally capable of conquering the global as well as home entertainment industry.

wuna feelam!

JPS Performing ”E dey”

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Satellite Brown




“I’m Satellite Brown Chick…I’m a Satellite Brown Chick”….I can go on and on!!! Meenosha’s new album “Satellite Brown Chick” is an excellent blend of Rock, Hip Hop, Electronica, R & B & Afrofunk with an 80s flavour!!

Menoosha is known in Europe for the release of three songs:

– “Givin it up” which appeared on the successful sampled “Mercedes Benz Mixed Tapes” in 2007
– “African Boy”, a reprise of Estelle and Kanye West’s “American boy”, featuring Ghana-born MC M.anifest,which was critically acclaimed especially on Youtube,
– “Movin as one” as Skoda’s promotional song for their new car creation in 2008. Besides being active with studio work, she was also one of the lead vocalists in Funk/Soul bands, US2U and LABANA in SouthGermany.

Produced by Dario Allegra, “Satellite Brown Chick” was recorded and mixed at POWW Studios in Altlussheim, Germany and will be released independently through Daraja Recordings on February 27th, 2010.

“We definitely wanted to release something almost genreless”. The album carries the spirit and expression of what Menoosha feels as she sings on the Rock’n’Roll flavoured album titled track.


Pentecostal Blues (Intro)
Satellite Brown Chick
X Thousand Miles
Talk to Me ft Dario Allegra
Crumbs of Love
Don’t Touch My Stereo
Get By
Superhero ft. Manifest
Sweet Beulah Dreams
Order a Friend
Giving it Up

The album opens in a pentecostal atmosphere that Menoosha enjoys in her private life. While Dario Allegra demonstrates the true talents of a Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer, Arranger, and Singer (on “Talk to me”) on this album, Menoosha displays her vocal versatility. On “Get by”, “Don’t touch my stereo”, “Superhero” or “Satellite Brown Chick” she showcases the grittiness of her vocals. This earned her comparisons to Mother’s Finest’s “Joyce Kennedy”and En Vogue’s Dawn Robinson. “Talk to me”, “X-thousand miles”, “Order a friend” and “Sweet Beulah Dreams” show her softer side. On “Crumbs of Love”, Menoosha whines about an abusive relationship, almost like a “female D’Angelo” ( Finally she returns to her West African roots in an upbeat celebration with “Woyoo” and “Chamukuana”.

A “Satellite Tour” is planned for this summer 2010. Starting off in Germany, France and United Kingdom. Check her sites below for updates!!

5 June 2010, 23:00 – Housepacific Club Tour
Kemer, Turkey




You can get Satellite Brown Chick on Amazon MP3


You can get Satellite Brown Chick on Amazon MP3

Let’s support our CAMERBORN Star

Superhero feat. M anifest


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sema inlay finalNexDim: Nice to meet you Limo. Can you tell NexDim about yourself?

Limo Zin: ‘I was born in Victoria, Rio dos Cameroes on the 6th of April 1985’

NexDim: When did it all begin? I mean your music career.

Limo Zin: ‘’ It all began way back in the mid 90s; I was so fun of poetry, had a boom box and listened to a whole lot of 2 Pac and Biggy.1995 was my first year in secondary school. We all had this thing about ‘October rush’ and crap. So I had to start writing lyrics and doing my beats, hitting a pen on a bench just to impress them mammies’’

NexDim: what genre of music do you do?’

Limo Zin: ‘I do commercial Hip Hop and I’m very versatile. So I kind of mix hip hop with reggae and afro Caribbean flavour.’

NexDim: what inspires you?’

Limo Zin: ‘my inspiration basically comes from exciting night life. It is all about living large and all that, you know good life, you can call it ‘money music’

NexDim: Have you got any albums in the market?’

Limo Zin: ‘not really. My album ‘HOT LIKE STEAK’ is done. So far, I’ve got my single ‘hot like steak’ on YFM, and ‘stay low’ video on Youtube’.  I also did my ‘Street Evolution’ album in 2003 at Street Thugs Digital studio with DJ Hopkins Molyko-Buea that sold over 3000 copies in Johannesburg in 2005’’

NexDim: What is your Relationship with  South African MCs?

Limo Zin: ‘My relationship with MCs? I would say everything is good; we’re all in a business. So we understand ourselves. SA artists are very collaborating and like working with artists from other African countries. So I’m good with them’

NexDim: Meaning there is no discrimination like you are Cameroonian?

Limo Zin: ‘No! I left Cameroon at the age of 19 and Cape Town, South Africa has always been second home for me. South African people really love Cameroonians and my friends intend visiting Cameroon when I’m coming home. They eat fufu and eru when they come with me to the Cameroonian restaurant’’

NexDim: what is your impression about the hip hop industry in Cameroon?

awfraerLimo Zin: ‘’I don’t really like it because there are less business men who invest in young talented Cameroonians. You, being talented in this genre of music except when you are French speaking is so wack! It really socks I Google ‘hip hop Cameroon’ and only see Krotal who doesn’t even do hip hop’’

NexDim: so what do you think is a solution?

Limo Zin: ‘with the arrival of NexDim Empire, things are looking promising. I encourage young Cameroonians to travel overseas, gain experience and make a change in future. Because that’s what I’m doing’’

NexDim: Does your talent pay off now?

Limo Zin: ‘’I’m happy so far, it’s paying over off good. I do gigs almost every weekend’

NexDim: Meaning you are living large?

Limo Zin: ‘you could say that. I’m so cool, living fresh, clean, so fly and doing ma job right’’

NexDim: Are  your songs having airplay?

Limo Zin: ‘’Like I said earlier, my single ‘hot like steak’ is playing on YFM South Africa’s most popular radio station, Good hope Fm, 5Fm and Metro Fm’

NexDim: So what do you promise the Cameroonians?

Limo Zin: ‘’Life is too crazy and I hate making promises. But I’d like to say, I’ll make Cameroon (Anglophone Cameroon) proud of me’’

NexDim: why the name LIMO ZIN?

Limo Zin: ‘Limo Zin? Sometimes I ask myself why my friends gave me such a nickname. I like the name. I mean it represents one of world’s luxurious cars. I guess my childhood friends gave that name because I love luxury’

NexDim: Nice having you.

Limo Zin: ‘’pleasure man, anytime’’

Hot like steak by Limo Zin


put ya swag on by Limo ft Thando,Khumalo,Habibi,Dingo




Limo Zin: +2778 391 7337

Producer: Leo Large: +2771 253 1880


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This video is what you won’t be tired of watching,coming out straight from the hottest girls in the music business in Cameroon: Belle,Adele,Zinnia,Mabel.The song is a club banger ,the instrumental is smoky produced by M1 Studio and the babes are hot!!

But wait a minute.Is this not BAAM?Is Zinnia now in a group?Thought she had a recording deal with  Brasseries Du Cameroun.No ”congosai”.Check ’em is just another group with members of BAAM.

I’m Coming BY CHECK ‘EM

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Cameroonian RnB,Hip Hop artists are working hard to upgrade the standards of their audio and video production quality to measure up with international standards.

sleyDr Sley Reggae, Rn B artist is one of the Cameroonian artists who is taking his music to a different level.He has recently been working with Edwin,a prolific Cameroonian music producer from Denmark.

Despite the fact that this album has been awaited for close to 3 years now without any fixed release date, recording of this same album has moved from Street Thugs Studio to DJ Hopkins,re-recorded at M1 Studio,to Chillen Muzic and finally re-programmed and recorded by DJ Edwin,Dr Sley vehemently believes in his potentials and the kind of standard he desires to achieve.

He is a very talented artist with a powerful voice and also a ground-breaking performer.

Dr Sley recently took a flight to neighbouring Nigeria where he hooked up with renown video producer Akin Alabi who has worked with artists in the light of Timaya.

The video is off the hook.

enjoy !!


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Nana Ralph also known as Da Venom (Mr KT) was born in Yaounde.He
attended  primary school in Mvogbetsi and later moved to kumba for
secondary education at CCAS Kumba and CCCHS where he is presently doing
high school studies.Talking about his music career,he declared to
NexDim ”i wasnt really a musician from birth like others say, instead
i just found myself in it by 2005 when some of my friends and i were
just freestyling”He got seriously got involved doing gigs and by 2007  recorded his first demo.He became a member of K.Town HIP HOP and also The White Doves.Da Venom is an up and coming rapper who has no album in the market but presently working on his first mixtape and videosNana Ralph also known as Da Venom (Mr KT) was born in Yaounde.He

venom 1Nana Ralph also known as Da Venom (Mr KT) was born in Yaounde.He attended primary school at Mvogbetsi and later moved to Kumba for secondary education at CCAS Kumba and CCCHS where he is presently doing high school studies.Talking about his music career,he declared to NexDim ”i wasnt really a musician from birth like others say, instead i just found myself in it by 2005 when some of my friends and i were just free-styling’‘.

He  seriously got involved doing gigs and by 2007 recorded his first demo.He became a member of  K Town HIP HOP and also The White Doves.Da Venom is an up and coming rapper who has no album in the market but presently working on his first mixtape and videos.


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