June 15, 2024

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RELATIONSHIPS: How would you deal with the ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend factor ?

One of the most herculean tasks in a relationship is dealing with the ex-boyfriend /girlfriend factor. The simple weird inkling that ‘’once sexed can be re-sexed’’ instills constant paranoia in love relationships . Girls are always scared of leaving their boyfriends loose when their exes are around and likewise. ”Even you get nkong na how” . The fear is that the dead embers of the ex-relationship can be reignited like ABC.

Yea! This is quite true. A majority of girls have testified to me that their boyfriends have always had scores to settle with their exes. Some lay claim to their partner that they are just friends now and nothing can happen. To me, a possible reconciliation will largely depend on how fatal the break up was. If the cause of the break up was due to a mediocre reason like ‘’He wasn’t giving me gifts’’, what if he pledges to start giving her gifts.

When a girl starts receiving gifts from her ex-boyfriend, it’s simply a signal of imminent disaster. Girls are naturally soft-hearted to forgive their ex-boyfriends once they are apologetic. Of course a girl can easily stick to one partner which is quite a hard thing for a man to do. Boys are often hailed by their peers for dating many girls but a girl is reprimanded for that. If you ain’t jealous when your boyfriend receives gifts from his ex-girlfriend, then you truly don’t love him. Or will you just act like an ‘’I don’t care lady’’ and play cool? You fit loss that battle !

Jude and Loveline have been in love for a 2 years and it’s been smooth and flourishing. Jude and her ex-girlfriend broke up because she suspected him of cheating on her without any concrete evidence. 1 year later, she starts making advances to Jude for reconciliation after discovering Jude wasn’t guilty of cheating on her. Unfortunately for her, Jude just had a new flourishing relationship with Loveline. Jude has been receiving calls and love text messages from her which he doesn’t find dismal or repellent in any way. Jude’s ex-gir­­­­­­­­­­­­lfriend has been apologetic and offers him an iPhone as a token of ‘’I am truly sorry for all what happened in the past, let’s please turn a new page”. IF NA YOU?