April 25, 2024

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RELATIONSHIPS: Do girls prefer rich and famous people ?

His girlfriend's dream !

A vast majority of girls have voracious appetite for affluent and famous people. For instance, your girlfriend might dump you if Samuel Eto'o approaches her for a love affair. The more famous you become, the more your chances increase of getting more girls hanging around you , beeping for you to call back or getting anonymous calls from admirers. ''Money don cam'' . Girls always associate themselves with people who have already made it in life or have prospects of success in the nearest future. That future should n't be too far else you lose it. Your girlfriend must be Heaven-sent to be able to persevere with you when you are wretched. Reason why most of them in Cameroon love scammers. Some may have the mind to endure but peer pressure always induces them to bite more than what they can chew; ''my friend , you di chop na love?'' They find no value in a boy who is in rags or struggling to succeed in life. What then do they always want ? Money and Flattery ! .You should be able to impress her with money and gifts ,the way you carry yourself and sometimes tell lies for you to sway her mind to fall for you. If you don't do that, her friends might influence her to drop you. 

Catch the drift of this story!

My friend James took his girlfriend Irene out to a nightclub to have fun. Arriving at the club, Irene spots the presence of an international celebrity at the VIP corner ,a movie star. After settling down with her boyfriend, she keeps throwing her eyes at the VIP corner, momentarily losing concentration , distracted by the splendour . She later gets out of control and tells her boyfriend that she 'll like to go and take a pic with the celebrity. Her boyfriend tells her to go but warns her to spend few minutes there. Irene walks to the VIP corner, and after taking the pic, the celeb appreciates her gorgeousness and tells her to sit down and take a drink. Carried by the appreciation of her beauty by a celeb and craving to taste fame, she abandons James under the air conditioner . James gets annoyed and leaves the club quite disappointed. They later break up due to her act. How do you feel ?